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  1. If you have life insurance or intend to get some in the near future, I'd avoid coming clean with the NHS on your AAS usage. If you don't want to self blood let or come clean with the NHS then come off for 3+ months to drop your levels. My HCT was 59. RBC 203. Ive came off for a break as I normally do when levels rise. Personally I've been researching HCT, etc normal ranges at altitude and these can be upwards of 62%. However, its always worth taking breaks, particularly if you B&C and your cruise isn't a true TRT dose. lipids will never get a chance to drop. Stay well hydrated, get some baby aspirin in you and take a break. Too frequently letting blood can actually make matters worse as there's some evidence your body adapts and raises levels quicker to compensate.
  2. PCT for women...

    Good stuff.
  3. PCT for women...

    Just try and keep the sensible head on. I find once you get a cycle or 2 under your belt you tend to want to do longer and longer with more and more stuff. Same with men too. You can make big changes to your physique with just 10mg Anavar per day or 50mg Primo if you training and diet are spot on.
  4. PCT for women...

    It varies depending on her goals. I would say 12 - 16 weeks is the average time but she is currently around the 6 month mark on her current cycle but about to come off. 8 - 12 weeks will be fine for you on a first time basis. If you need any advice just let me know as I've worked with various women for a number of years now whilst cycling.
  5. PCT for women...

    Personally I'd stick with the micro fine + slin pins. Always IM too as sub-q will likely give irritation if not immediately, then over time. My partner has cycled for many years which I monitor. My advice is once the voice deepens it's time for a break or reduce dose. It can be irreversible. Low dose test will likely have much more pronounced masculine side effects. There is also no need to be stacking primo and test together for a non-competing trainer but that's entirely your own personal choice. 100mg primo per week is a high dose. My partner begins cycle on 50mg pw and gains extremely well from that. Upping to 75mg towards the end of the cycle. She also carries a lot more muscle than most females who train. PCT has never been required as the menstruations return to normal after 8 - 12 weeks. Regular blood work is recommended as are decent length breaks. You can do 6 months on 6 off sides depending. The enlarged clit and sex drive are bonuses but just closely watch for fascial hair growth as this can be persistent once started and may not subside fully once off. No woman likes that!
  6. RBC

    I think RBCs have a life span of 90 - 120 days and I always run high HCT and RBC even when I've ran a prolonged true cruise dose. The only thing that drops mine significantly is coming completely off for 3+ months which I'm currently doing just now. It's beneficial for BBs running AAS to donate as regularly as needed and I would certainly do it every 3 or 4 months. I also run a low dose Cialis and baby aspirin daily to prevent the risk of clotting, etc.
  7. RX Labs

    Haven't used them for a good while now mate but their stuff seemed decent enough when I did. Still have a few bits of theirs like aromasin, sdrol, etc.
  8. Just turned 30 or just about to mate.
  9. The guy is in insane condition just now and I'll be shocked if he doesn't obtain his pro card in the coming weeks.
  10. I am coached by JP. He does not advocate high doses IME. His focus is on training intensity, progressive overload and increasing food all before increasing the drugs. People would be surprised just how far they can take their physique just by nailing the basics and training hard. I see almost no one training a max or near max effort in any of the gyms I visit.
  11. Most dimensions oils are spot on IME mate.
  12. I put copious amounts of sea salt on my food and also use mustard and soy sauce daily. I definitely notice a difference in performance, vascularity and pumps in the gym when sodium intake is higher.
  13. Diet adivce

    As Sparkey has said, keep dieting. You have mostly abdomen and pectoral fat. The rest of your body is relatively lean in comparison. This is quite common for many men. It takes time but you'll get there if you persevere.
  14. Essential Supplement stack

    I'll be honest and say that most of what you are taking there is useless with no scientific backing on benefits of use. If you eat a balanced diet you could omit all of that stuff tbh mate.