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  1. A better question probably would be how long does it take for estrogen to drop once going on a cruise. Any idea @swole troll?
  2. I wasn’t taking one weirdly that’s why I’m confused lol. I’m hopeing things level out themselves at this point. Thanks mate
  3. The only problem I have really is the bacne thing and I have previously existing gyno that I occasionally get paranoid is being irritated. I don’t mind taking tamox or AIs on a blast but I like to give my body a break cruising so just looking for a way to get that ostrogen down to match the test. If you got these results you probably wouldn’t bother with adding anything in then? Do you have any idea how it would still be so high compared to the test? as with the prolactin no there’s no real symptoms there either just looking for optimal really. thanks mate
  4. Hi all, just some blood work back after being on a cruise for 6 weeks. 1. Test is where I’d expect it, just a touch above range on 125mg a week so will lower that for next cruise. 2. My Estrogen is actually 5% higher than it was when I was on 500mg test a week and we’ll out of range, this may explain why I’ve been getting a lot of acne recently but would anyone know why this would still be so high? And if I took a couple aromasins would that drop it back down permanently as I believe this is a suicidal AI? 3. My prolactin is also high just out of range I haven’t used an Nor 19s in years so just wondering what people’s opinion is on this. Is this normal with elevated T or E? And what would be the best way to go about this without caber or bromo? Thanks @swole troll Hope you don’t mind the tag mate just know you know your stuff with this
  5. Did I find high dose vit a or b5 work?
  6. Thanks mate really helpful. I definitely am sensitive to changes in hormones that’s for certain
  7. I would say more greasy but I’ve used ais and find they make it worse!
  8. One thing I just can’t seem to shake is the bacne especially when going from Blast to cruise and vice versa. Got a couple questions for those who have had similar. 1. I thought Test E and test C half life’s where similar but recently I’ve heard different. Has anyone noticed improvement switching from E to C? 2. When switching from Blast to Cruise I’m tempted to run accutane for 2/4 weeks. Not a fan of the stuff but better than scars I suppose. Any other tips?
  9. Cheers mate will have a read
  10. Thanks mate really helpful.
  11. Cool mate cheers. It’s just that I cut on only about 300mg of test a week with an oral.
  12. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one pal
  13. What does against what amount of rest do you run mate?
  14. Does it help with the sleep tren wise?