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  1. New sust lab needed

    Ok thanks guys, I'll give rohm a go then! Thanks for the help, D
  2. Hi guys, help please; I've been using Pharmacom sust 300 for trt for a while. Blood test have been spot on, totally happy with it. My source is great and very reliable.. but they've run out.. and ran out of all other Pharma grade sust.. the only sust they have in stock is; Pharmaqo, Rohm , dragon Pharma, and optimum biotech. I'm not hugely experienced with this stuff and I've had dragon Pharma orals that seemed legit.. effective anyway.. but I've had DP injectable that I thought were bunk (different source). Does anyone have any experience with any of these labs??? I'm confident my source sells things in good faith, I just dont know about the labs.. Cheers
  3. Levels

    Thanks, as a once weekly dose how much arimdex do you use?
  4. Levels

    Yes, 500iu x 2 a week. I used cheap little fixed needles for insulin, they're really fine and you can go either IM or subcutaneous, thigh or belly. The only thing with them is they often blunt a bit drawing up and need a bit more of a stab.. which is nice...
  5. Levels

    Pez, I forgot to add that this blood test wasnt totally on a trough day, I normally pin on a monday and this was taken on a Friday morning, so it was maybe 2/3rds of the way through. I'm using sustanon. Would you say I'm a little over replaced given that its dropping a bit by that point in the week??
  6. Levels

    Yeah, keeps your nuts functioning, not just for aesthetics but also so that if you have to rely on them again in the future theirs a better chance of natural T recovering. They also do more than just make testosterone so with hcg they're not totally shut down and they back fill with other less obvious hormones and things (the details are lost on me, but it makes sense) to give a more complete/normal biology. Fertility isnt an issue for me as I have 3 nippers already and have been snipped. But I found that just using testosterone alone for a couple of months would make my nuts ache quite a lot for a couple of days after shots and they atrophied quite quickly, adding hcg stopped the ache and brought them back to pretty much normal size. It works out about 25quid a month with 2 more pins weekly, but I think it's worth it I feel good on it. Libido is full on the morning after hcg shot ?. .. infact it's pretty full on most of the time at the moment, maybe eases up a bit towards the end of the week.
  7. Levels

    Sorry, I replied re trt above, 150sust plus hcg 500iu twice weekly. 43years old. I feel pretty good, sometimes slightly volatile but nothing bad. Also seriosuly horny! I haven't felt like this since I was 20... and my chest wig is getting pretty intense..?
  8. Levels

  9. Levels

    Thanks both, trt 150mg of UGL sust once a week and 500ui of hcg 2 weekly.
  10. Levels

    Hi, I just got my blood back from medchecks. It all looks ok, estradiol is the higher end of normal but still in normal range. Can someone more experienced than me cast thier eye over these for me please. Many thanks,
  11. Hi, No judgement please. I started on the trt path when I didn't really need to. I know this. My wife had had an affair and I was depressed and in the worst physical shape of my life... Looking for a magic bullet.. my pre trt bloods were actually ok, healthy mid range testosterone for a 43yrold guy (cant remember the exact numbers but my gp was definitely against the idea of trt). Anyway, I bought some testogel, and it did definitely help, after a few months of expensive gel I started using weekly sustanon injections instead, self prescribed. Also my nuts had atrophied a fair bit by this piont and it annoyed me so I start on 500iu of hcg twice weekly. Again all self prescribed via online sources. My nuts came back, I think they're slightly softer now but they are a fairly normal size. My wife thinks they look pretty normal. Anyway...roll on a year; I feel ok, depression gone, libido is amazing, like I'm 20 again and my body is a better shape.. it has definitely helped and helped my marriage despite it not being clinically indicated.. So, I'm contemplating stopping and seeing whether my natural levels recover and to see how I feel about natural life again. I know it can be brutal for some men and I might just cave and decide to carry on. But eitherway I'd like a protocol to get my head around incase I try. I figure that because of the past 7+months of hcg my bottom end wont be totally asleep, but in total I've been on either 2pumps of testogel daily or 135mg of sustanon for nearly a year now so my top end hasnt had to ask for anything for a while.... What sort of pct protocol would I need if I did tackle this?? Many thanks in advance for any advice
  12. Be careful and do anything you do with open eyes. You can't top up natural testosterone with exogenous injections or topical gels. It's not that simple. You'll shut yourself down. I am also 43. I have been pretty fit for most of my life, half decent cyclist. I was still stronger than most in my mid 30's but started slowing down nearing 40. I did a couple of really low dose cycles of anavar in my late 30's which definitely made me stronger on a bike and made my body feel /look younger, but only on cycle. Around this I really struggled with my mood and consistency in fitness. I got checked a couple of years ago, my total test was actually pretty good, 18nmol/l. But I was obsessing about it and convinced that it feel better if I "topped it up". I was also recovering from a knee injury and after months of physio still had alot of pain and muscle wastage... I was depressed really.. so in my stupid depressed logic I started using a small amount of testogel everyday to 'top up', felt a bit better initially, presumably because it did actually sit ontop of my endogenous test, but then over a few weeks, not much different, and then actually worse, as I was incrementally shutting myself down. Got a blood test after 3 or 4 months and my total test was 9.9nmol/l...!!! It had dropped massively!! Lh was on the floor, estrogen zip.. and my balls were noticeably atrophy'd.. I'd basically shut myself down with a tiny dose..so then I had to double my testogel and add in 500iu of hcg everyday 3 days. On this I do feel pretty good, better than I have in years, my libido is great, lower body fat, more motivation and my wife really likes the confidence and assertiveness that's comes back for me... so it's good.. but, I'm fully replacing my testosterone with daily gel and jabbing everyday 3 days... I'm not topping up.. topping up isnt really an option.. so it's an all or nothing commitment and although I do it on the cheap using Pharma grade bought from steriod sources, it's still about 70quid a month.. forever... So based on my experience, I think you need wiegh it up, have you exhausted non trt options for feeling better yet? If you do do it, you have to do it properly and realise that it's a long term faff and financial commitment, and stopping will be tough. Good luck!
  13. Hi all, I've been using 2 pumps of testogel plus 500iu of hcg every 3 days for some time now...this is diy trt as funds are limited.. I feel pretty good on it, my last blood test was all good. I've been doing this for about 7 months, I also did 7weeks of 20mg of winstrol that ended about a month ago. So at the moment my body is settling back into just the test. I've been thinking about switching to sustanon to save messing around every day with gel and stop the risk of transmition to my 5 year old daughter. Can anyone advise me on ; A). A starting dose that will likely give me high normal test (I will blood test, I just need a starting piont) ... B). will I experience much in the way of peaks and troughs on weekly shots? C). If I ever try and cycle off , what's the elimination time before pct? Cheers in advance, O
  14. Hcg and clomid - PCT

    Ok cheers!
  15. Hcg and clomid - PCT

    I've been on trt for about 8 months, just low dose to give me a boost. I'm using hcg 500iu every 3 days along side to keep me functioning. Right now I'm 3 weeks into 20mg oral winny ontop of it. I'd like to cycle off in a couple of months time. I'll finish the winny, then have a month on just test and hcg. Then I have clomid waiting. What's the best way to transition? My test is as a topical lotion, so as soon as its scrubbed off my skin it's pretty much gone a few hrs later. But what about hcg to clomid? Do I just stop and then give it 3 days to exit and then use clomid? Or is it worth overlapping? Or should I do a big boost of 1500iu before starting clomid?? Any advice is welcome, Cheers