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  1. Should I be eating burnt cals?

    I use my galaxy watch buddy, I record from the moment I start lifting, usually around 350ish cals burnt and finish with a slow incline walk, usually logs around the 500 calories mark.. I was more interested in weither I should be consuming any burnt calories on workout days ? Cheers
  2. Should I be eating burnt cals?

    Hey, I log everything I eat, record workout and steps daily, so say my maintenance cals are 2500, I add 500 cals to bulk.. I burn 500 calories from my workout, should I be eating another 500 calories on trading days? Cheers
  3. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Up the carbs and lower the protein
  4. Cutting calories

    Ok buddy, keep protein to 1g per lbs of bodyweight? I'll add in 15mins of inclined walking after each session too.
  5. Cutting calories

    Hey Iv been on a 3700 cal bulk for around 4 month and added about a stone in weight, I'm away on holiday is 8 weeks and I'm looking at doing a 3 week cut before I go. What cals should i drop down to? I'm 5ft 9, 13 stone, 39 years old... i have a active job and currently doing a ppl routine 4 days a week.. currently doing no cv at all. Thanks
  6. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    Anna this isn't helping PMSl!!! We will go with it's a push
  7. I should have done this 30 years ago - part deux

    Bent over rows are good, can do them seated on machine or I prefer with a bar and lift one end, most squat racks have a slot the bar can fit into ?
  8. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    I thought if weight was going away from you then it's a push but km not sure lol
  9. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    Hi guys, would you say the seated rear delt machine or bent over side raises was a push or pull exercise? I moving towards it's more push than pull? Cheers
  10. Calories Burned per Workout?

    Buy a Fitbit or I use my galaxy watch, things awsome I burn around 350-400ish with weights then do some incline walking to 500ish
  11. Maintenance Calorie calculator

    I used that calculator, it's pretty much bang on, I used a different one before and it was almost 700calories out lol..
  12. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Yeah bank would only give me 60k morgage and 3% fixed over 2 years, if now got a 90k morgage, 1.8% fixed over 5 years
  13. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Deffo... mine got me a extra 30k amount and saved me 1.2% over 5 years, also get £500 cashback with the morgage do that paid his fees ???
  14. Needing mass workout

    As above guys, been using ppl for about 6 months, wanting to change it up a bit.. good mass routine idears would be great, I cant really do squats Diets on point just now and thinking of running 75mg winny for 8 weeks.. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  15. When to drop cals/add cardio

    15min Incline walk after each session is what I do but I train 1 on 1 off.. I dont do cardio days, I will if I need to drop calories really low or weightless stalls