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  1. I use my galaxy watch buddy, I record from the moment I start lifting, usually around 350ish cals burnt and finish with a slow incline walk, usually logs around the 500 calories mark..

    I was more interested in weither I should be consuming any burnt calories on workout days ?



  2. Hey :)

    Iv been on a 3700 cal bulk for around 4 month and added about a stone in weight, I'm away on holiday is 8 weeks and I'm looking at doing a 3 week cut before I go. What cals should i drop down to?

    I'm 5ft 9, 13 stone, 39 years old... i have a active job and currently doing a ppl routine 4 days a week.. currently doing no cv at all.



  3. 24 minutes ago, monkeybiker said:

    An extra 30k and do you mean interest was less by 1.2% like it went from 3.6% to 2.4% for example?

    That seems a massive drop, what were you comparing it to?

    Yeah bank would only give me 60k morgage and 3% fixed over 2 years, if now got a 90k morgage, 1.8% fixed over 5 years

  4. As above guys, been using ppl for about 6 months, wanting to change it up a bit.. good mass routine idears would be great, I cant really do squats :(

    Diets on point just now and thinking of running 75mg winny for 8 weeks..

    Any advice welcome.



  5. Hey, been talking to a personal trainer at my gym, big guy and hes been on steroids since he was 21, hes in his late 30's now.

    He recommended a anavar/winnie cycle for oral, has anyone any advice as I'm seriously considering it after abit of googling. I cant do needles and obviously I will have good liver protection.

    He said the dosage should be 100g of each per day, broken into twice a day.

    Any advice would be great.