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  1. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    Anna this isn't helping PMSl!!! We will go with it's a push
  2. I should have done this 30 years ago - part deux

    Bent over rows are good, can do them seated on machine or I prefer with a bar and lift one end, most squat racks have a slot the bar can fit into ?
  3. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    I thought if weight was going away from you then it's a push but km not sure lol
  4. Seated rear delts, push or pull?

    Hi guys, would you say the seated rear delt machine or bent over side raises was a push or pull exercise? I moving towards it's more push than pull? Cheers
  5. Calories Burned per Workout?

    Buy a Fitbit or I use my galaxy watch, things awsome I burn around 350-400ish with weights then do some incline walking to 500ish
  6. Maintenance Calorie calculator

    I used that calculator, it's pretty much bang on, I used a different one before and it was almost 700calories out lol..
  7. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Yeah bank would only give me 60k morgage and 3% fixed over 2 years, if now got a 90k morgage, 1.8% fixed over 5 years
  8. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Deffo... mine got me a extra 30k amount and saved me 1.2% over 5 years, also get £500 cashback with the morgage do that paid his fees ???
  9. Needing mass workout

    As above guys, been using ppl for about 6 months, wanting to change it up a bit.. good mass routine idears would be great, I cant really do squats Diets on point just now and thinking of running 75mg winny for 8 weeks.. Any advice welcome. Cheers
  10. When to drop cals/add cardio

    15min Incline walk after each session is what I do but I train 1 on 1 off.. I dont do cardio days, I will if I need to drop calories really low or weightless stalls
  11. Putting too much fat on - belly!

    What's lean bulk cals?
  12. 2 weeks in and need to stop

    Been off a few days of, feel absolutely floored, struggling to stay awake.. I'm booked into the doctors for a blood test, coming down with the cold too which isn't helping...
  13. Hey guys, if been running 50mg winny with 50mg anavar, im 2 weeks in but I have a medical for a new job coming up so i want to stop. Will I need a pct run or will I be ok to just stop the cycle being it's been only 2 weeks. Thanks
  14. I just think I'll be more willing to inject, I want to read up and watch a few videos on how to pin.. scares me if I'm honest, I hate needles..
  15. I'm not ready for injectable, just what iv been reading up on, the winny ooks like a good combo for building some mass without the water retention, helps get more ripped with the anavar.. I would like to run test but as I said I'm not ready to inject yet ?