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  1. Was a bit weird watching him rub his belly like a pregnant woman... but some interesting comments from the coach when he's reading out his stats!
  2. Public perception of bodybuilding

    When people hear "bodybuilding" they think meatheads with body dismorphia and massive she-hulk (old school female bb) he-shes. Other than that, people don't know anything about bodybuilding therefore their perspective is based on the aforementioned limited information. Although I did see some recent documentaries on Netflix but didn't watch them, not sure if they provide any value in showing people what it's all about...
  3. A good film you watched recently?

    The BEST movies I've watched recently: The Accountant (BADASS plus it's got Ben Affleck hellyeah)... The Highwaymen - Kevin Costner And Woody Harrelson (Bonnie & Clyde) - needs no words.
  4. Pj Braun Blackstone labs charged

    Oops sorry, no problem at all, understood!
  5. Pj Braun Blackstone labs charged

    Yep, 100% agree!
  6. Pj Braun Blackstone labs charged

    I've recently gone off the high stim pre-workouts, personally. I don't know why but I used to be completely obsessed, loved that feeling. Nowadays I don't like the sensation at all anymore, so I'm veering more towards the pump products instead. Maybe abused them too much in my time...
  7. These are brilliant! I also have pics of my dad when he had a full-on 80s 'tache!
  8. Tropicana Fitness

    Looks like it, although I didn't even realise they had a retail page, I've only ever had a wholesale account...
  9. Are there any women around here?

    That's the best thing I've read today. Amazing!
  10. Are there any women around here?

    Yep spot on! That's the main stuff, not sure where the bow and arrow part is (don't know if it'd different on DVD or maybe in a different clip). Such a shame that most of this was dark and obscure...
  11. Are there any women around here?

    Ahhh the main characters, I'll tell you something, wherever they CAN, they don't film with the stars (if they have a decent body double). The majority of scenes where we had Gal in the same scene, most of it was filmed with a girl who was the spitting image of Gal (you'll notice when movies have very fast moving scenes or for instance the character is facing to the side or from behind.. likelihood it's not the movie star). Both Gal and Henry Caville; we were hanging out and filming most of our scenes with body doubles (really weird because they look SO alike!). (However seeing Jason Momoa training alongside us in the gym was ...) Another thing they did was take photographs of all of us; we would go into this 360 degree 'dome' of cameras (literally a sphere made of cameras) that take pictures of you, in order to create a 3D life-like model of you, which they can then use for continuity and if they happen to want to create something without you having to film it. For instance, if you die and can't finish a scene, or if they decide to change the way a scene goes at any time in the editing process, they literally just use a digital version of you! Some really interesting stuff during this project, was a great experience! It was a shame because I was due to do more of them, I think one of the Wonderwoman movies they're making now, but at the time I had been pregnant (just before I lost it) so I didn't get involved.
  12. Are there any women around here?

    Great to see you herc! Awh hope all goes well if you're still trying, I always think everything happens for a reason so the right time will come.
  13. Are there any women around here?

    Ahhhh well movie star is very generous haha, did some stunt filming as one of the Amazonian warriors or Justice League. I say stunts but there wasn't very much real stunt stuff as much as fighting, falling about dying and weaponry. I was also one of the main 'hammer girls' (don't know if you've watched it) who smash the pillars of the cave before getting squashed by the final door as it fell, whilst they're trying to trap the queen as she's running out of the cave. I was also one of the bowwomen, I shoot one of the main arrows around that same time when they're running outside of the cave on the grassy area. That's pretty much it, for a month or two of filming from 5am until 7/8pm, I was on screen possibly 3 seconds max! We filmed it during my contest prep at the time, I think it was and IFBB show I did (was my last competition I decided I'm done with competing), so I was is the perfect shape for the role! We would come into the Warner Bro's studios gym about 3 times per week and did INSANE full-on intensity training; all sorts from squats and deadlift marathons, pull ups and press ups, to strongman stuff, for about 2 hours non stop. Probably the fittest I've ever been!
  14. Are there any women around here?

    Yeah I'm a bit sexist against my own kind. Only because I'm different! Like I can drive, and park etc.. *LOL sorry girls just messing*
  15. Are there any women around here?

    Haha, yeah I just noticed! Gotta love a tin of pilchards, any day...