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  1. What needles to use ?

    I haven’t used gear in awhile and seem to have developed a phobia with needles. I’m lean, which is the 25g? I’ve always went by colour. 27g I will have to look into aswell
  2. Which preworkout?

    I like strong, but mood elevation and focus are what I mostly look for. Hows the one you suggested for them?
  3. Which preworkout?

    Haha I have a tub but have been putting it off trying, you rate it?
  4. What needles to use ?

    Alright mate, you still doing this? Oranges is that the 29 gauge?
  5. Injection - Rotating Sites

    What’s the work around with scar tissue, or is it simply down to changing site as a result? what happens if you jab scar tissue, I’m guessing it’s painful? I’m sure I read somewhere mate that certain pin sizes help mitigate scar tissue build up
  6. Injection - Rotating Sites

    Which size pin you use for various parts of the quad mate?
  7. Which size pin are you all using for different sites?
  8. Talk of a third wave next year?

    I’m not big into conspiracies, but I don’t believe the official Covid narrative at all. Pfizer are set to make a lot of money. I’ve also see they are trying to get a legislation in which if anyone has any ‘side effects’ of this new vaccine they will not be liable and we won’t able to sue, and they want us to take a vaccine with no long term research... Yeah, I agree with you mate. Child Pedophilia sadly exists amongst the rich and powerful. Not sure it’s the right forum mate
  9. Talk of a third wave next year?

    im interested in these you mentioned. F*ck Covid. The cure is worse than the ‘virus’ that’s for sure.
  10. Nice stack, which lab you using mate and how’s this going?
  11. Magnus pharmaceutical legit?

    Is that a good or bad result mate? Just with you mentioning the clen, I’m not sure
  12. Test and Mast

    I like the ratios mate. You feel with lower test it is better as most run 1-1, I was debating doing what you have (2-1 mast to test or thereabouts
  13. 300mg primo worth it

    Sounds like a great addition to any cycle. Especially if wanted slow maintainable gains and low sides and impact on health parameters. Have you used it with Masteron? Or what do you usually run out with aside from test (obviously). Which labs you have experiences with mate?
  14. Galenika test e

    I’m no expert with bloods but that seems a little on the low side? Then again it’s 36 hours post which might impact it. Have you ran similar doses of UGL test to see where that puts you at in the range when using 125mg mate?
  15. Galenika test e

    Can you post them mate?