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  1. Which Rocky movie is the best?

    When I was younger it was 4 then 3 now am older the first one is the superior film in every way.
  2. help find work continued.

    That's some seriously good money, tight fuks no paying digs eh lol. I assume as its a boiler all welds need to be 100% pressurized. Genuinely interested why you try to avoid aerospace I thought that would good money. I never really got started on the tig last week but will be right back on it tomorrow would you say that's the right distance for the tungsten?
  3. help find work continued.

    Congrats on new job mate is it local to you? they welds look good, why the radiography is it to do with the industry such as nuclear, aerospace? Also what kind of money is in that? Had a hectic week in house and work thats why i never updated. It was a slow week at class last week had to prep my mig pieces for marking so not much welding done only got a couple pics one of the distance of tungsten out and some mig welds as I had to do some more t fillets
  4. What do you do with your money?

    I got into it as I am getting to an age where I need to start planning for retirement and the banks pay fuk all, yeah sure you do the regular savings but they limit the amount you can put in. It is a fund that i invested in its more diversified meaning more protection to some extent would take a huge economic disaster for the fund to collapse plus it has low fees and I don't really need to do much else, no shares can guarantee a return, you could lose it all but if you can hold onto them long term riding out the bad times generally you will get a good return.
  5. What do you do with your money?

    First direct regular saving only allowed up to 3k, it runs for a year and then need to see if they continue it, if not there are a few others offering the same or close to it.
  6. What do you do with your money?

    Currently put a small amount of £50 pm into shares returning just under 9%. Also put £80 pm into a regular savings account returning 6%. Just about to pay off the car finance that will free up £240pm was going to buy another buy to let but will use this money to pay down flat and buy more shares. We are also in the middle of a refurb on our own house so that is taking up about £500pm. The rest is spent on usual stuff.
  7. A good film you watched recently?

    Imperium OK but not very memorable 5/10 The road, one of the most dark depressing films ever, fallout fans will love it. I'm a huge fallout fan. 8/10. Bleed for this, pretty good 7/10
  8. samsung smart tv browser

    For what you pay for a stick or a pi it's definitely worth it, especially being portable other than in the living room they are ideal for using in the bedroom or if you travel a lot.
  9. The Good People of Scotland.

    I could not give two fuks what that dour faced cow or any other politician has to say, they will try and rape you of every penny you have worked for regardless of whether the UK is whole or broken up or split from the rest of Europe.
  10. samsung smart tv browser

    The thing with smart tv's is they are not very smart,as has already been said buy a dedicated box such as a fire stick or a pi.
  11. help find work continued.

    That's how I was holding it last night but wasn't resting my pinky on the bench. I think I was maybe trying to weld like mig or stick when it needs a whole new approach to it, if that makes sense.
  12. help find work continued.

  13. help find work continued.

    I see in that video they hold the gun differently to what I was doing last night so would I hold it that way the majority of the time.
  14. help find work continued.

    Great advice mate, I thought it was high as I burnt through one the plates the tungsten got blunt due to me touching down or the rod hitting it this could be down to me not have enough tungsten showing. I kind of get what you are saying about the angle but if you could link a video it would be much appreciated.
  15. help find work continued.

    The amps were set at 90 for a single plate, 100 for a double plate, 108 for a t fillet was also told to have tungsten at about 6-8mm does all that sound about right. Defo agree with you about all the variables, feeding the rod, your angles, speed, distance of the tungsten. The tungsten kept getting blunt so that was maybe a factor in the sh!t quality p and obviously being a noob. Cheers mate.