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  1. Extremely smelly farts

    How much do you charge for an enema?
  2. Maximum weight loss in 2 months?

    How did you get through plateaus?
  3. Maximum weight loss in 2 months?

    How did you arrive at 1800 cals?
  4. Maxs vegan training and diet

    What do you do for work out of interest? Most people would s**t a brick opening the door to you.
  5. January holiday ideas

    Just got back from the Longleat one - feckin great!
  6. Going back to basics....

    I don't doubt the quality of the routine as Quackerz knew his stuff, I just wonder why main press movements fall into 5x5 whereas all back moves are 3x10.
  7. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Well played sir!
  8. Got mrs #1 a new T shirt

    Shes looking more and more like a rubbery sex doll all the time. I can only imagine you'll take that as a compliment.
  9. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    I've just surprised myself. Focused more on your mouth rather than ass. I don't know myself at all
  10. Whoa whoa whoa sweet child of mine... We all know @Jordan08 is India's most notorious Instagram bodybuilder.
  11. Blood pressure meds

    He's back!!! Praise be!!!
  12. You doing upper lower? Thought it was ppl? Food looks good. How you tracking meals out?
  13. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Ass looking top notch but what size feet are you?! @AestheticManlet bout to get excited.