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  1. UFC 254

    Told you, easy.
  2. UFC 254

    Khabib would have destroyed Ferguson the same way he mauled and destroyed the rest. This is going to be an easy win I think it's almost time
  3. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Oh no! There's a kneegrow in my daughter - Scene 2
  4. UFC 254

    Anyone here have a link to stream the UFC tonight? Who do you guys think will win? I reckon Khabib will smesh Justin like he has with everyone else.
  5. Inone ?

    Back when my old source used to sell inone dirt cheap I used their test and tren e, was no different than any other lab I tried
  6. Natty or not?

    Obviously natty. 100%
  7. Itchy skin

    It's horrible, I just finished eating and now can't stop itching
  8. Has anyone experienced itchy skin whilst on test and tren? Feels like there's ants all over my body at once.
  9. Best labs

    Currently using SG test e and tren e, so far so good.
  10. Training every other day?

    Who cares? Just go to the gym. Stop making it so difficult
  11. New triumph

    This. I'm doing 300 test and 400 tren. No need to go crazy high with doses, 400 tren is plenty
  12. Worst video on the internet

    To top it off her husband recently passed away as well hence why the son was depressed (as well as splitting with his ex). Very heartbreaking, no mother should have to go through that. She's probably in a mental hospital now.
  13. New triumph

    What dose of test and tren are you running?
  14. Manlet holds his own against big lad

    At least Chris had his back