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  1. Mild sprain, small swelling on outside of ankle, can walk on it OK, but feels painful and weak when put in certain positions if I lie down and rotate my foot around. Anyone had a sprain like this before?
  2. Good documentaries lads?

    Seen any good ones recently? They don't even have to be new as long as they're good. No body building ones though, i'm not into that lol.
  3. How about this cheeky chappy?:
  4. Abu Hamza, honest as the day is long that lad:
  5. Sprained ankle jogging - how long to heal?

    When you were my age you'd be straight back on the horse to go to work in the coal mine.
  6. Shamima Begum is a national treasure:
  7. Here's some skinhead lads you'd get along with @vetran
  8. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    Do you even read what you post? Jesus Christ Cheech.
  9. That's blatantly a fake moon photo, it's probably a close up of a golf ball or something.
  10. Any lawyers on here?

    Why would you want to contact your old clients? What industry do you work in?
  11. Conspiracy theories

    How much skunk have you smoked this week @wylde99? Be honest now.
  12. Good documentaries lads?

  13. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    If you get earphones with lots of bass you won't be able to hear the rest of the sound so it will make the songs sh1t.
  14. Covid - long term plan

    So what's the long term plan for the UK and the world? We can't do social distancing forever. We have to go back to normal at some point.
  15. Gross veins

    Why do you have a tattoo on your penis bro?
  16. Anyone know wtf this is?

    They usually grown on the wing, it's a bit like a tumor.
  17. Anyone know wtf this is?

    Shark trotter.
  18. Conspiracy theories

    No we are not being depopulated you Skunked up moron. The population of the Earth is increasing by 10s of millions each year. For fvck's sake.
  19. Covid - long term plan

    Which one are you? If you're camp 2 you're saying the virus is real and then in you're next post your impying it's not. This is what happens when low IQ people smoke Super Skunk.
  20. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    The Sun are notorious liars. Never get your info from them.
  21. Covid - long term plan

    I hope you get banned from Tesco for not wearing a mask and are reduced to standing outside asking people about to go in to buy bread and milk for you, like a kid asking grown-ups to buy him cigs from the shop.
  22. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    OP is a friggin mutant with super forearm wanking powers. Be glad OP. God gave you a gift!
  23. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    He's ponced around the ring before for an exhibition match. He's not some animal with a stop and go switch. If they both agree to a chilled exhibition match, that's what it will be.
  24. I don't bench. I might hurt myself or have someone's eye out.