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  1. Corona virus news channels busted

    Nothing new for me.
  2. Corona virus news channels busted

    After seeing Ken's post, showing fake footage, I declare this virus a fake. Who's coming to Tesco with me to lick a few door handles?
  3. The drive in

    Nothing to do with exotic bread. Stop being racist.
  4. Day 10

    Shop to get food. Back garden for 5 minutes of fresh air. #Wildman
  5. Let's say 300 out of a population of 33,400. It's actually 0.9% of the population. I doubt it would get that high though. I hope not, anyway.
  6. San Marino a country surrounded by Italy. Population 33,400. Has already seen 25 people die from Covid so far. Can this be used as an example of what the death rate will roughly be all around the world eventually, or will certain areas have a much lower death rate?
  7. Who's got a drone?

    I was gonna ask the same thing. Why would someone buy one?
  8. Covid 19 2 weeks isolation here we come

    So have these people tested positive for the virus?
  9. It's sad that some people have died but it's a drop in the ocean. Even if you times 1200 by 100, it's only 120,000 out of a country of 66.4 million. And a lot of them will have had existing health problems and be close to dying of old age anyway.
  10. How long until thousands are dying everyday?

    In the grand scheme of things I don't see this virus doing much damage to the world. At the moment 3.9 people per million in the world have died from it. Let's times that by 1000 3900 per million. That's only 0.39% of the world. It's nothing really, and that's if the death rate increases 1000 times.
  11. How long until thousands are dying everyday?

    It's not really a proper lockdown though is it? I just fvcked off to the petrol station to buy chocolate and Diet Coke. I can go to the shops 20 times a day if I want, and go for a walk just as much. Not as if anyone's going to question me. It's an over-statemement to even call it a lockdown, more like a "please don't go out too much".
  12. How long until thousands are dying everyday?

    I hope so. I'm bored of this virus bullsh1t now.
  13. In each country? I mean, at the most only 919 have died in one day, which sad as it is, isn't as bad as thousands. I'm wondering when it will really turn into a massive amount of death.
  14. What do you think? I think it's probably much worse than what they're admitting to.