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  1. Ronnie Coleman

    Apparently he could squat 4 plates at the age of 5. True or bullshit lads?
  2. Best movie you ever seen!

    I watched that in the cinema as a little kid. Couldn't get my head around it. I think it was mildly entertaining though.
  3. Maybe the government will eventually have to work out a way to teach students from home. The real problem with that is helping the kids who don't understand the lesson and need things explained to them. I think it's probably easier to help kids in a classroom setting.
  4. I always knew you were weird bro.
  5. MRI Scan.. Today

    Doctor @wylde99 what useful information have you got for the patient?
  6. Are you sure she didn't say "I'm actually a geezer"? If so, she's an Indian tranny. The rarest and most precious trannies of all!
  7. Would you snitch?

  8. I am a rabble rouser

    I don't read his posts, I just reply to them. No time to read novels on here.
  9. Major dilemma!

    Plot twist: OP is on the ketamine and hasn't even left his living room.
  10. Best sleepers on the NHS

    UKM; the place to go when you want to know how to bullshit your GP into giving you prescription medication.
  11. I never cracked one off once thinking of a female teacher while I was at school. That shows the shocking state of how unattractive the teachers were back then. Unbelievable.
  12. 9/11 an inside job?

    Irrelevant to the debate.
  13. Best Childhood Console Game

    Gran Turismo on PS1 got hammered.