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  1. Worlds strongest man 2021

    Until they include women and change it into "World's strongest person" I ain't interested. It's a little thing called "equality" lads. Let's have a bit of it in this world for once eh?
  2. I want one of those electric scooters: So, which are the best? Has anyone got one? What features should I look out for? Cheers.
  3. Fishing post Brexit

    Pretty sure there's a pub in Grimsby with that name.
  4. How often do you call in sick at work?

    Self-employed. I have days off very rarely.
  5. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    Fear Factory Fleetwood Mac Lynyrd Skynyrd Mainly Fleetwood Mac though
  6. Got my first jab yesterday

    That's what chronic wanking in the park at night does to a person. Be careful out there lad.
  7. At about 4pm. Last night had flu like symptoms, woke up from feeling cold, headache, aching joints. Still have a headache now, and don't feel right. I suggest if you have your jab, don't bother with work the next day, it might be a terrible experience for you.
  8. Why am I the only one that says s**t

    OP says fiddlesticks at the dinner table so he doesn't offend anyone. I have video evidence.
  9. Mid walk surprise

    Do you think that was real? Lol.
  10. Why am I the only one that says s**t

    In a sexual way?
  11. I'm saying Canelo to win by knockout in the 7th. He hits too hard for it to be a points decision.
  12. derek chauvin Is going...

    The American police are unnecessarily brutal. Why would you do that to an old woman? The police in the USA need to start getting charged every time they cause an unnecessary injury to someone. Too many bullies in the police.
  13. Conor Benn vs Eubank Jr

    No it's don't, since we're talking about multiple nouns.