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  1. I don't think you understand what a chicken is actually like my friend.
  2. I got a chicken dinner at my local restaurant for 29 quid. How's about you find a similar place near you OP?
  3. Decent laptop for 400 nicker?

    Bit cheap and nasty, I need a good one.
  4. So I need a laptop for work. I will be typing and making video calls. Willing to spend up to 400. Any suggestions lads?
  5. 5 covid G

    That's when the zombie apocalypse begins!
  6. They're pretty much tied to the BTC price I think. The price of XLM has doubled since a month ago though.
  7. BTC 19000 usd

    Is XLM any good?
  8. Get signing n pass it on. Gym

    Sorry lads. Gyms aren't necessary. They're a luxury, so they're not a priority.
  9. BTC 19000 usd

    When is the crash going to be so I can invest again lol. That's what I want to know.
  10. BTC 19000 usd

    Is that legal? How does that work? Cheers.
  11. I have a theory.

    25% of the population had been vaccinated. Different situation.
  12. I'm now gold.

    Have a song to celebrate bro:
  13. These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss

    You might not get a taxi to your house again.
  14. These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss

    Then your daughter owes you a tenner, and the taxi driver a fiver.
  15. These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss

    If you agree to a price before you take the taxi journey you should pay since you already agreed to it.