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  1. Millionaires of UKM

    Remember as a teenager when the guy you knew who had an XR2i or a Peugot GTI was the man? Lol.
  2. Eddie halls new house

    Consultants can make 100 grand a year.
  3. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    6 pepperamis and a rollup for after.
  4. Eddie halls new house

    There's probably more money in being one of the top faces in X fit than WSM. X fit is big business: all the gyms and all the events they put on.
  5. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    Yeah but some people seem to get genuinely angry when talking about people they don't know. I don't get it. Nevermind, it's not a big deal.
  6. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    So you get angry when you think about him? I don't see the point. I know of lots of famous people who are probably cvnt's. There's nothing I can do about it, so why care?
  7. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    I don't know how people can dislike people they never met so much to be honest.
  8. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    No weirder than the shower of lunatics on this forum ( myself included lol ).
  9. Eddie halls new house

    Looks like the sort of house a doctor or solicitor would own. Just goes to show, the WSM money isn't that huge. Fairplay to him though, He has worked hard and deserves a nice house.
  10. Larry wheel's opens up about porn addiction

    He comes across as a bit of a w**ker in this video to be honest.
  11. Should i sneak out?....

    OP needs to start taking his anti-psychotic medication again.
  12. None millionaires of ukm

    I just sit on my food till it warms up a bit.
  13. White lives matter

    God bless you Lenny Harrelson!!!!!
  14. Millionaires of UKM

  15. Nah, prefer a bit of techno personally.