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  1. Ganja!

    Weed is for rappers and 12 year olds. Avoid it.
  2. Man trapped in lathe (NSFW)

    At least he didn't suffer...well apart from the bit where he suffered horribly.
  3. He beat me up outside the pub once. Trust me, he's an evil t**t.
  4. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    I've got a personalised yes plate.
  5. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    No, but I saw one on a Youtube video once. Looked scary.
  6. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    The biggest squat OP ever did was picking up a curly wurly he dropped on the floor.
  7. As soon as the average Londoner steps outside the house, they get stabbed by a 12 year old gang member. So covid is the last of their worries.
  8. Moncler & sizing

    Gilets; for when you want a warm chest and cold arms.
  9. Surely if we executed everyone over the age of 60 the chances of anyone dying of Covid would be virtually zero? Just trying to think outside the box here.
  10. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Personally I hope they open up all the gyms but ban anyone from lifting more than 10kg at a time. We don't need any injuries on top of this whole covid thing.
  11. i want GYM

    OP yells at bananas til they turn into oranges.
  12. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Family meal I hope (depends on what other people want ) . The government can fvck off if they think they're going to stop me seeing my family and and close relatives on Xmas day, I won't listen to them if they say I can't do it.
  13. Any helicopter pilots?

    Isn't it super expensive to learn to fly a helicopter?
  14. PS5

    Wow, They tried really hard when they named that.