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    Test-e got a reaction from M73 in Any Whippet owners?   
    My parents have a greyhound lurcher.
    I know its not exactly the same.
    She's absolutely bloody nuts, but a hell of a lot of fun. Also a really good breed for those who like running. 
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    Test-e got a reaction from ILLBehaviour in When you’ve had the vaccine jab do you still have to wear a mask   
    Well the nurse/doctor asks what you do , but if they cant find your company on their 'database' they just continue with the vaccine regardless & all of this happens while you're about to get the vaccine.
    When I called to make an appointment I was not asked my profession, only age, and name.
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    Test-e reacted to swole troll in Government responds to Petition “Keep gyms open during Tier 4 lockdown”   
    I was talking to a gym owner the other day and he said that most people arnt aware of the extent of how damaging this entire situation is to the industry (particularly private owners) 
    Not only have they lost their golden months that typically will fund most of the year
    but also this has been going on for so long now that the avid gym goers have invested in expensive, overpriced home gym gear. 
    So once the government relief is lifted he forecasts a lot of cancelled memberships on top of missing prime sign up months.
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    Test-e reacted to Sasnak in So it turns out this so-called Brexit deal is incredibly retarded   
    Im afraid we’ve managed to impose economic sanctions on ourselves with brexit.
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    Test-e got a reaction from Diggitydog in And we thought uk had tough restrictions   
    According to that article Greece have been out of lockdown for 3 days. I'd happily swap. 
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    Test-e got a reaction from Diggitydog in And we thought uk had tough restrictions   
    According to that article Greece have been out of lockdown for 3 days. I'd happily swap. 
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    Test-e reacted to EpicSquats in Paying taxes on profits from crypto currency?   
    Do you have to declare the profits you make from trading crypto currency, or can you just deposit the money you make from trading straight into your bank account and just leave it?
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    Test-e reacted to Bensif in WhatsApp no longer encrypted from Feb?...   
    We’re still in Europe mate. The continent didn’t change. 
    Our data privacy laws don’t permit WhatsApp to do this and although derived from the European Union, they will remain in place.
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    Test-e reacted to Sasnak in Mental Health   
    I hope you feel better soon @Test-e you’ve written about your marriage problems before and from what I can see your problems may well stem from this. I cannot offer any advice over what’s already been mentioned. You are one of the soundest most level headed guys on the forum so I know you of all people will be able to work through your problems 
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    Test-e got a reaction from Chicken_Boy in Mental Health   
    marriage hasn't ended officially. Situation is still ongoing . Trying my best to find a way to make things work. 
    Thank you all for suggestions thus far. 
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    Test-e reacted to YB81 in Mental Health   
    I’ve struggled with this for a couple of years now  and although it doesn’t seem much help you have to find what works for you and try different things .  personally I find talking only made me feel worse and midulfuness/finding head space  just didn’t work for me .  As Kazza says drink and drugs definitely don’t help in the long term,  they take the edge off temporally but wreck with your head and make things worse , I try to keep Myself really really busy and have a goal or whatever to work towards l, I find it takes  my mind away from feeling like s**t and thinking about the things that get me down.  I always tell myself  on the bad days that it’s its all temporary, days and years fly by and your not going to feel like this forever,  you’ll be good mate try different things and keep battling through. 
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    Test-e reacted to Chicken_Boy in Mental Health   
    i simply havent gone forward into a relationship
    been single 3 and half years
    soul is still destroyed over my ex
    not sure if or when i'll be interested in partnering up again
    just fine on my own, for now
    (wouldnt lie to anyone though. you dont start any relationship with lies... thats just asking for trouble)
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    Test-e reacted to Chicken_Boy in Mental Health   
    im pretty guarded these days, because like Fors said, sometimes you really open yourself up to someone and become vulnerable by letting someone in, and then they let you down.
    when this has happened over and over again, you start to have a permanent guard up. its a self-preservation mechanism. i've developed one after a lifetime of being hurt / cheated on / let down, etc etc. I guess we are all different.
    I know there are good people out there, but oftentimes you cant tell who is good and who isn't. Most aren't, so its a gamble everytime you let someone into your life
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    Test-e reacted to OptimumPT in Mental Health   
    Before you look at possibly taking anti depressants there are lots of supplements to add which may make a difference in elevating your mood. Basic ones like Omega 3, Magnesium & then Ashwagandha & 5 HTP all have some sound studies & readily available without breaking the bank.
    I have assisted a family member since May in similar circumstances to yourself with Supplements & maybe it’s mainly down to the passing of time but they are in a much better place now with the only intervention from their GP being a phone consultation & some material sent as a download with a possibility of CBT waiting list. They haven’t needed to follow up with the GP. 
    Main success with gradual increasing dosage of 5 HTP & Ashwagandha with addition of probiotics, vitamins etc due to mind body connections 
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    Test-e got a reaction from Chicken_Boy in Mental Health   
    marriage hasn't ended officially. Situation is still ongoing . Trying my best to find a way to make things work. 
    Thank you all for suggestions thus far. 
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    Test-e reacted to AnimalLifter in Mental Health   
    I was in this state the other Month?
    Remember me asking lads on here for a hug? ... I was depressed as hell bro (its a Side of my Meds) 
    Felt forced on me... couldnt shake it.. i lost track of time... didnt give a f**k about anything, didnt give a f**k about eating either... just sat there and rotted away.
    My last real attempt of getting out of that cycle was to come on here and talk to these lot... it helped distract me from thinking about death.
    If i laugh - Even Manically - its still a laugh! ... i feel instant sadness and emptiness after the laugh (10 seconds) ... coz i know its just me manically laughing at nothing.. but it still made me happy alil 
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    Test-e reacted to SuperRips in Mental Health   
    Dont let it eat you away mate, get yourself someone to properly talk to and there is no shame in the way you feel so don't feel embarrassed about it at all, what have you got to be embarrassed about? Because you are a human being with real emotions?? 
    You need to get things straightened out in your head and thats best done by talking to someone about it rather than let it spin around in your head else you'll just go round in circles feeling up one minute then next minute down again. 
    Find someone you really connect with and express yourself exactly how you are feeling pal, thats a start.
    ....oh and ffs block wylde asap else you'll be beyond repair 
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    Test-e reacted to Chicken_Boy in Mental Health   
    Suffered with bad depression since returning to UK. Mine seems to come in waves. A few months I'm OK(ish) and then a few months I just feel like I'd be better off dead. The winter and the dark nights never help. Have been through a lot of troubles and hardship in my life, so can totally relate. Hang in there, brother.
    Things you can do:
    Antidepressants have helped me. I would only recommend them if youre in a really bad place though, as they do slightly increase estrogen and fat gain - which is not ideal if youre a bodybuilder. But they have definitely improved my overall outlook by about 30-40%. It's not life-changing, but it can stop you from doing anything stupid... if you know what I mean. Exercise is great. Never stop. When you stop, you feel worse. Exercise every day, and make it challenging. Get those "feel good" hormones pumping - even if just for an hour. Talking to people can help. But you have to be very selective. If its someone who is "in the picture" then you may feel worse, because they will start to have their own opinions and start to give out unwarranted advice, which can make you wish you'd never bothered opening up to them. Choose someone you don't know. A new friend, a therapist, or samaritans over the phone. Write down your worries. Then write down ways you can address each one. It gives you a series of goals. Meditation and chillout music. Find a quiet place, put your headphones on, and listen to some chillout vibes. Will put your mind in a better place for a few hours. Worst case scenario, if you are suffering terribly, PM me and we can chat. Don't like to hear about another bro struggling. Best wishes
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    Test-e reacted to todai in Mental Health   
    I also used an app called headspace. Initially it took will power to even turn it on, I had in my mind better things to be wasting 10 minutes on.  In the end I started looking forward to doing them. 
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    Test-e reacted to a.notherguy in Mental Health   
    @Kazza61 reply is a good one.
    My wife is heavily involved in both mindfulness and CBT and has had a hand in pushing that kind of treatment ahead of the more traditional medicated treatments as the results can be much better.
    There are services out here for you.  You do not have to deal with this alone.  Should you choose to see a professional, you will need referring by a gp. and waiting times can be high at the moment due to covid but you will be seen so do it sooner rather than later.
    If things get bad you can reach out to an NHS crisis team at any time. Google will give you the contact details for the area you live in.
    All the best to you.
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    Test-e reacted to safc49 in Mental Health   
    Talk to someone close to you. That will lift a huge weight of your shoulders. Other than that, it's about your way of thinking. I'm not convinced anti depressants actually work or just a placebo 
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    Test-e reacted to Kazza61 in Mental Health   
    Accessing talking therapies is also very useful and there is some good advice here:
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    Test-e reacted to Kazza61 in Mental Health   
    Sorry to hear that. Aot of people I come into contact with tell me Mindfulness has proved very helpful. There's a free app you can download to your phone. It's basically meditation but in a really accessible way. 
    I guess you're already training but if not exercise has a very positive impact on mental health. Even a 45 minute brisk walk, run or cycle every morning can have a significant impact.
    If you find things are so bad you feel incapable of doing anything about it then do make an appointment to discuss options with your GP. 
    For now avoid alcohol and drugs - they just amplify depressed thoughts and block you seeing a way through.
    Good luck getting sorted.
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    Test-e got a reaction from Robbie in Time to raise a glass to Nigel farage your work is done   
    I'll raise a glass when he passes. 
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    Test-e got a reaction from Robbie in Time to raise a glass to Nigel farage your work is done   
    I'll raise a glass when he passes.