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  1. Good documentaries lads?

    "A Private War" - On netflix right now. Follows the life of Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin and her experiences in various war zones. " Once upon a time in Iraq " - BBC iplayer series. Someone else recommended on here. -- Not so much of a documentary as a film but Clint Eastwards two-part-true-story of the WW2 battle on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima from both an American and Japanese perspective is quite worth a watch. "Flags of our fathers" - American perspective "Letters from Iwo Jima" Japanese.
  2. Anyone know wtf this is?

    Shellfish gave me hepatitis A a few years ago. AVOID!
  3. Agree with most of what you've said. But having studied history, it most certainly isn't written by the victors: narratives are fluid. It is so fluid in fact, history is categorised into different, sometimes opposing narratives: traditionalist, revisionist, post-revisionist, post-revisionist-traditionalist etc. A notable example would be Genghis Khan who had the largest empire of his time, yet in historical narratives is usually portrayed negatively.
  4. Silver?

    If you're selling them as singles they can do. If you're selling them in sealed tubes - you wouldn't know if they had milk spots or not, so no. Silver is more useful than gold, and according to some less plentiful, though markets don't always work based on logic alone, one only need to look at stocks like Tesla to see that. I'm not sure if silver-to-go have a min order because they're a bulk reseller. Personally I'd look at investing at a minimum a few hundred w every purchase.
  5. Silver?

    Canadian Maple leafs always ended up with what looked like milk spots; think the silver oxidised? Cannot remember the exact industry terminology. Though they were at the time the cheapest, so if you're just looking to hold silver coins- buy them in sealed tubes and don't open them. If not, any coins in capsules. Finally, if there's any special edition releases I always went for them: provided when they're released they're not overly expensive. If you're planning on holding them, they'd seem to go for a nice premium a couple years later. Just remember, if silver goes down so too does the value of the coins and they're a lot harder to shift than stocks.
  6. Silver?

    https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ For vat free silver bullion coins from Germany. I had a side business selling these coins on eBay for a number of years. When I was buying them, this site was the best place to go. But honestly it's easier to just invest in mining companies.
  7. Conspiracy theories

    Neanderthal brains were indeed larger but they were thought to be less capable intellectually. Evidenced in a lack of innovation in tools, compared to Sapiens, and their inability to adapt quickly. In any case; larger brain size does not directly correlate to increased intelligence. Otherwise short folk would be pretty dumb. Anyway, like you said, can of worms!
  8. Conspiracy theories

    There are far more interesting things than conspiracy theories - which are often dubious at the best of times. Historical truths can be far more fascinating. A notable historical truth: Homo-Sapiens interbred with hominid species such as Neanderthals and Denisovans as well as other as yet unidentified species. Resulantly, homo-sapiens outside sub-saharan Africa contain upwards of 4% Neanderthal DNA. I'm thankful and somewhat surprised this has not been capitilised on by racists to delineate 'pure' homo-sapiens species from 'Mongrols'. Perhaps because it would be the oppressed - Africans who in many cases are the 'pure' sapien, and Europeans amongst others, the 'Mongrol'. Further, imagine another hominid species had not been wiped out by our ancestors. Would we have enslaved them? Neanderthals for example are far hardier than Sapiens and with less capacity for intelligence. In a sadistic way, they would have made the perfect slave.
  9. For once god has smiled on the shorter man.

    The Trend exists across most species : smaller, lighter individuals seem to live longer. Being 310lbs at 6'4 I'm somewhat f**ked. Maybe chop off your legs, or something.
  10. Once upon a time in Iraq

  11. Once upon a time in Iraq

    Once upon a time in the region we now call Iraq, the first recorded text was written.
  12. Nigella Lawson's best dish :
  13. Nigella Lawson's best dish :
  14. Decent lifts?

    I was lifting 200kg when I was a 11 year old girl.