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  1. Anna 's log

    Test-e likes this. In4pics & progress.
  2. Thoughts? Honestly I'm not happy, black cabs are a rip. I use uber frequently -4 or so journeys a week and have never once had and problem with anyone. Drivers have all been good natured, curtious and polite. Cabbies on the other hand... 40,000 potential jobs. 3.5million customers. Bullshit.
  3. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    oh do f**k off, faceless troll.
  4. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Back shot from yesterday -from a video. I train at pure gym
  5. Does it come in 3xl mate? Glad you're out the woods.
  6. Based on only these two photos, and what I've seen on live casts on instagram. 1. Cbum 2. Breon 3. Arash Cbum's genetics/muscle bellies are in a class of their own, plus his height makes him a spectacle. The amount of hype arash recieved I honestly expected better.
  7. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    I believe you can fly, I believe you can touch the sky. Thought about it every night and day, spread your lats and fly away. Is that how you ended up in France mate, did you just wing it?
  8. Heart liver kidneys a nightmare. Biceps look good though so tren on.
  9. I post on maybe 1 in 15 that I read
  10. Big Lenny hospitalized.

    It pissening
  11. 2016 Prep Log!

    Looking stellar mate. Best of luck with it, I do have one suggestion though... Tidy ya damn kitchen !
  12. fu**ing hell mate, this made my day Fair play you crazy bastard
  13. It's a toss up between the expensive Pfizer aromasin or dimension labs. Found some older promising posts but things change so are dimension labs g2g still?
  14. Listen to the call to 911, Josh mentions it
  15. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/4308313/harrowing-911-call-from-pal-of-wwe-star-dana-brookes-bodybuilder-boyfriend-dallas-mccarver-after-he-was-found-blue-and-not-breathing-on-the-floor-of-his-home/amp/ Insulin killed him.