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  1. How has Gymshark done so well?

    ASOS sales £3 tshirts and tank tops. £20 shoes. Tracksuit bottoms off eBay for £12. Gym outfit cheaper than a gymshark top
  2. 7200m Climb. New goal

    'Beer my hold. I do that could' snorted Tekkers
  3. 7200m Climb. New goal

    We booked through someone we met on our previous trip so it ended up much cheaper. But if you're starting off I would throughly recommend exodus. They're an adventure travel company, you pay for experience, our lead guide had summited 3 8000m peaks.
  4. 7200m Climb. New goal

    Everest base camp is at 5300m K2 base camp is 5100m Annapurna base camp is 4130m - 130 have summited and 53 have died. Probably one of the most ignorant things you've said.
  5. 7200m Climb. New goal

    I started last year with the trip round the three passes and everest circuit. For this behemoth we've gotta get some more experience.
  6. Bodybuilding and sustainable weight

    Feeling wise pre-weightlifting. I used to be a cross country runner up until the age of 18. Light as a feather, 6'3 and under 12 stone. I was noticeably cold a lot of the time, but other than that felt a lot better. Clothes in shops would always fit too and the food bill was tiny. Fast forward 5 years im currently 19 stone (121kg). Sustainable as I've been cruising for 13 weeks and not lost noticeable muscle mass or strength at 250mg e8d. Cardio is getting better, aim to go back down to 117kg or so, food wise its still pretty crap, if there were a pill you could digest that gave you all the macros you would need I'd happily give up food. I snore due to my weight, I'm nearly always warm and in the summer always hot. And that's at only a little over 120kg. I dread to think how @swole troll felt at post 130. My BP at my current weight is usually around: 130/60 with a resting heart rate of 54.
  7. Jordan Peters - transformations

    Don't I know it. & that was from doing seated rear delt raises
  8. Jordan Peters - transformations

    Photo of me at 125kg https://ibb.co/hjj8TR
  9. Jordan Peters - transformations

    Sex was where I really suffered. I could kill my miss for about 5 minutes, then I'd need a rest.
  10. Jordan Peters - transformations

    @I'mNotAPervert! @Dead lee @Ross1991 lads how do you post up a photo directly onto this forum without it remaining a link?
  11. Jordan Peters - transformations

    I know the feeling, recently was 125kg at 6'4 and so unfit. Cutting back down now. Won't let me post a fu**ing photo
  12. Best dating sites?

    I met my misses on tinder. We've now been living together 5 months, and together a year and a half. I know of 3 other couples who have all met on tinder. One of them is married.
  13. Surely a barbell is a piece of squatting apparatus or am I just being pedantic