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  1. RIP The Labour Party

    This country is historically and remains to be - largely Conservative. Keir Starmer is never going to win an election. The man's forgettable.
  2. First attempt at decking!

    would thoroughly recommend getting a jet/hot tub-ish bath instead. Easily fits 2 large adults. Decking looks good though mate. Nice job
  3. what do you guys do for work?

    Must be hard owning half the accounts on UKM.
  4. Governments have never cared for the people

    Is it any wonder people prefer to watch mindless content, when the world is a wretched place to be for most humans. Poverty stricken, mindnumbing existences filled only with poorly paid work, and the occasional glimpse of happiness - just enough to delude oneself that things are improving. Though various studies on peoples' "happiness" over the past few hundred years have not charted any major change. We have instead created stuff to distract ourselves from the toils of life. Polluting and butchering mother nature in pursuit of the ultimate thing. Human existence is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all.
  5. Need a new series to watch

    disclaimer: haven't read all of this thread so these might have been previously suggested. Band of Brothers -Now tv The Pacific -Now tv Greatest Events of WW2 in colour - Netflix Chernobyl -Now tv Mindhunter - Netflix Narcos & Narcos Mexico- Netflix They're all critically acclaimed, top rated shows. Now tv you can get a free 7 day trial. then opt to cancel and I think it's £5? for a month.
  6. I can get about 20 bodyweight pressups for 1 set and about 14 with 50kg on my back. Not a major difference. Pressups when your bw is 300lbs+ will always be a lot harder than at a much lighter weight.
  7. What does arm-wrestling prove?

    I'm with @G-man99 Never again.
  8. Anyone been to university

    I'm doing this now. 27 and graduating in 2 months. Bit of a weird one with covid
  9. AstraZeneca and blood clots

    looks great but sporting a bit of cancer on his upper left pec?
  10. Bucket list , the one thing.

    visit Mars. possibility in our lifetime Would love to have be born during an era of commercialised interstellar travel
  11. Harry and Megan TONIGHT 9PM ITV

    Entitled people criticising other entitled people
  12. Anyone else studying?

    Went back to university 2 years ago. Will graduate in May
  13. Yeah I agree. Have to risk money to make money. Actually lost $11k in a single day 2 weeks ago. Which was painful.