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  1. What makes a simp?

    what's a simp?
  2. Did anyone try short term trading?

    eToro is decent for noobies Copy function allows you to automatically replicate trades of successful traders. The system works fairly well.
  3. I'm guessing some are more willing than others. This is just what I've been told anyway
  4. A lot of London pure-gyms won't be reopening if it's later than July. Can't afford expensive rent with no cashflow. Coming from someone that is a PureGym 'group' manager. No idea how the muscle gym I train at will handle this.
  5. Is Boris for real?

    Luke Sandoe committed suicide a few days ago. While it would be very insensitive to draw concrete conclusions, one can only wonder. Weight training is a specific form of exercise. Speaking for myself, I 100% suffered mentally not being able to train as I have done for the past 6 years.
  6. Is Boris for real?

    We are a minority of a minority. Given 37% of the population in the UK NEVER exercise, and 56% of the population exercise less than 20 minutes per month. It really isn't any wonder Boris hasn't mentioned gyms. I'm going to invest in some quality home gym equipment. I don't foresee gyms reopening before september.
  7. Luke sandoe dead at 30

    who's saying this?
  8. Mr olympia cancelled

    update for anyone that gives a damn. Asked curry if it was cancelled, assuming he's more clued up than me:
  9. Mr olympia cancelled

    Just read this
  10. Had spent a tonne on front row tickets and a 3 week road trip. First world problems eh.
  11. Ketosis Question from a woman

    Brilliant response mate -thank you so much.
  12. Hi, asking this on behalf of someone: She is planning 2 high/higher carb days to spike her metabolism. Need some information as per how many carbs per lb/bodyweight she should be having roughly for her two high carb days. Stats: 5'5, 64kg, 32% bf Gym: 4x weekly Been on a strict Keto diet for 8 weeks. Keto Macros: 22g carbs 75g protein 100g+ fat per day - 1600kcal daily Help would be greatly appreciated @swole trollnot sure if you could weigh in?
  13. Brexit views still the same?

    Okay there Captain Spock! Don't trust reputable news websites, instead trust a random guy off the internet. With that in mind, the UK economy will soar to new heights following the covid virus, and the cost of Brexit, as Britain finds a $1000 trillion oil field buried beneath the centre of Bradford. You heard it here first folks. Bradford is the new Abu Dhabi.
  14. Thor 501kg deadlift

    Best song for this situation. Misses found it and I thought it was hilarious 'dickhead - kate nash' https://open.spotify.com/track/7u95BOHdjoMU6RU2TtWQXq?si=F2reJBQ7RpeS9ufengEmFg 'Why are you being a dickhead thor Stop being a dickhead Why are you being a dickhead thor You're just fu**ing up situations' Tried to get Eddie to put it on his story
  15. Do teared tendons come out stronger

    Healed bones do not come back any stronger, you can just as easily have a fracture in the same spot twice.