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  1. Chinese tonight

    A too young dish. You sick sick man.
  2. Yes, let's nuke an entire nation of people because we dislike the handful of elite who are in power. Seems reasonable. Nevermind the fact that many of them don't like those in power either. Nor to mention, those in power would probably survive the nuke by means of their resources, while those that share your views would undoubtedly perish. This entire thread should be retitled: how to shoot yourself in the foot.
  3. Armed police shut down gym

    Honestly, low body/ high body fat can drastically change the shape of someone's face. This is coming from someone who looks like an absolute lard when bulking.
  4. Armed police shut down gym

    If the guys appearance is being questioned, definitely looks better than you lad.
  5. After Life

    I wish I could believe life or existence was eternal. For this belief goes against almost every fibre of science and is definitely impossible. I do believe over the next few hundred years or so, people will be living till around 120 - which studies have suggested is the maximum end of our biological clock. I also believe should the human race colonise another planet, we as a species, will become as close to eternal as the universe itself.
  6. Stocks

    Thanks bud, I already trade though, was just curious to see if my fellow meatheads do as well
  7. Stocks

    who trades?
  8. Cineworld goes pop!

    Buncha grumpy old men on this forum! Love the cinema.
  9. Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    Yeah, no idea what he was thinking. Interesting the papers didn't disclose his skin tone. I'd imagine they would have had, if Matt were white. That's the world we live in today, death threats have become a normality while messages with racial undertones are vehemently outlawed.
  10. Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    Happen to know them personally, all members of staff are receiving death threats.
  11. Clothes rant

    just buy larger sizes I wear 4XL tops off of boohooMAN which are like £4.
  12. about £430 a month for myself. Wife pays for her seperately because hers is like sub £100.
  13. Best Joke ?

    I'm getting subliminal messages that there's a raging homosexual inside you trying to break out.
  14. Business ideas

    @Baz-- @M.I.A @Youdontknowme He's "warrior trading" on YouTube. Does a 30 minute premarket watch everyday, and explains clearly. Also usually does a market recap. But you would want to start by looking for one of his courses. I managed to find his "warrior pro trade" course online for free by torrenting it, it's usually $3500 or so, but if you pay you've direct access to his chatroom and 'paper-trading' simulation software. I'm about 25% through and the content is very thorough so I'd say its worth the investment. The guy is transparent and a good teacher. Alternatively you could watch all his YouTube videos and you'd probably pick up quite a lot, but it'd be best learning step-by-step. Set aside the time, treat it as a job, invest in the right tools and equipment and you will make money. Below is a link to one of the full days of trading he published: start to finish. That day he made $25k
  15. Business ideas

    Good luck! Can't lie I know next to nothing about forex trading.