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  1. Any Whippet owners?

    My parents have a greyhound lurcher. I know its not exactly the same. She's absolutely bloody nuts, but a hell of a lot of fun. Also a really good breed for those who like running.
  2. Well the nurse/doctor asks what you do , but if they cant find your company on their 'database' they just continue with the vaccine regardless & all of this happens while you're about to get the vaccine. When I called to make an appointment I was not asked my profession, only age, and name.
  3. Had the vaccine on Saturday. Had flu like symptoms last night which kind of sucked. Same restrictions still apply. I was surprised how loose the backgrounds checks were for the vaccine.
  4. Would you sell?

    Sell. Buy Calls in Nio. Or cover calls with that amount of capital. Alternatively yolo it all. People have made tens of millions on EV stocks amongst others this/last year. This guy would've made at least another $1 million since this screenshot was taken.
  5. According to that article Greece have been out of lockdown for 3 days. I'd happily swap.
  6. Mental Health

    marriage hasn't ended officially. Situation is still ongoing . Trying my best to find a way to make things work. Thank you all for suggestions thus far.
  7. Mental Health

    Thought I'd turn to this site as its less embarrassing than having to talk to people in reality about depression and other mental health problems. Been battling with depression for some time, partly as a result of my marriage falling apart, partly as a result of undertaking a great many changes in my life as of late. Obviously covid lockdowns haven't helped. I don't know how best to deal with it? I find talking about it with people near impossible. Just feel paralysed. Lost the ability to focus on anything. Even temporarily moved in with my parents. To those of you that have; are dealing with mental health problems. What have you found helpful? Any suggestions? Any feedback will probably be helpful Thank you
  8. My family own a care company in London. 95% of our carers are non-European, the other 5% are European. None are English. Most other care companies in London operate on similar demographics. The care sector is 'riddled with them' because English people refuse to do lowly paid jobs -because they are self-entitled. Population rates are set to peak this century, globally. There are plenty of green spaces out of densely populated urban cities- where house prices are disgustingly high. The low paid jobs that many foreigners take up certainly do not allow them to afford such high priced houses. Such houses are snapped up by large corporations, or rich individuals as investment opportunities - further driving up prices. I fail to see where lowly paid immigrants are to blame. The eternal strain on the NHS? English people have less children; less children means an ageing population; fewer working individuals providing tax; older people cost more to NHS; increased strain on the NHS. Foreign people have more children; more children equals a greater working population; greater working population provides greater tax; younger individuals cost NHS less; less strain on NHS. I could address all the points you raised but I'm a lazy englishman.
  9. It's these damn muslamic ray guns. They're trying to set up their Iraqi Shariah law on us. The muslamic infidel. We won't stand for it! Brexit means out! Oh wait...
  10. I'll raise a glass when he passes.
  11. What did you workout today?

    gyms closed
  12. divorce papers. probably.
  13. Tier 4?

    3 days later.
  14. Tier 4?

    stormzy or boris
  15. Tier 4?

    Where do you draw the line with that? Sounds like opening a dangerous can of worms. If you get sick because you chose to eat unhealthily then surely the same applies? Accordingly us steroid users would have to pay for our treatment too.