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  1. Anadrol is my fave hands down. Feel great, good results and look full as f**k while on it. Least fave is Superdrol, just makes me feel like absolute s**t and can't be arsed to train on it which is paradoxical.
  2. Mine was TM mate, not about anymore.
  3. Just about high pitched enough, would bang.
  4. The second one looks a bit blokey as well. The first one... I'd have to hear its voice before considering.
  5. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Watched the first minute of the video just to get the gist of what it is. Basically says we just believe what we're told. Well, we don't. This cannot possibly be true when it comes to the sort of things being discussed in this thread, because there are so many conflicting opinions, views and statements. We all believe what makes the most sense to us as an individual. Some people of course have poorer judgment than others, or a poorer understanding or ability to analyse what's being presented as facts or evidence.
  6. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Yeah, and they'd definitely expose their hidden agendas by way of a movie plot based on their own hidden agendas
  7. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Imagine using a fictional movie plot as a means of shaping your entire outlook on life
  8. Didn't know you were a P.E. teacher vet
  9. Anadrol. Perhaps not in a technical sense, but in the sense that I can run it for 8 weeks and not feel like s**t on it, motivation to train is always through the roof and therefore the cycle is always productive. I CBA to train on Superdrol even though it's probably the stronger anabolic.
  10. Bojo announces the lockdown

    These of which, unfortunately, the world is full of, judging by peoples' attitudes towards panic buying so far. One of my mates works at Tesco and he literally had some bloke squaring up to him threatening him to let him through the till with more than one pack of toilet roll Security were informed and the bloke was escorted out of the premises with no toilet roll after queuing for an hour to buy it.
  11. All the more reason the buy equipment then! Needs must mate. You've probably heard the following saying: if you want it enough, you'll find a way; if you don't, you'll find an excuse. When I first started training I was out of work and couldn't afford a gym membership, my bedroom was a 7x7ft box room with a single bed and a desk taking up most of the space. I was left with about 4x5ft of floorspace in that room. I made it work, with a small fold-out bench, a pullup bar, a short barbell, dumbbell handles and a bunch of weight plates which I added to as I progressed. I used that setup for about a year and a half and gained about 20lbs of muscle in that time. Surely there's some bit of furniture that you can temporarily push aside while you train?
  12. I'm just so glad I chucked all my old equipment in the shed and never got round to selling it. Dragged it all back out into the cupboard under the stairs, the dining room is my gym once more
  13. How will I live without training

    I'm training at home again, still got all my old equipment. You really don't need a lot of room to train in. I've gone back to what I used to use - a fold-up bench with squat stands with safety bars, a pullup bar and a load of freeweights. All stored in the cupboard under the stairs and I push the table up against the wall and train in the dining room. If you have a garden then the weather's not been bad for training ourdoors if you have to. If you get a good set of dumbbell handles and a barbell you can still train heavy and get a highly productive workout.