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  1. Exactly. My bank use the title question as a security question on my account.
  2. Free and single

    I'm single but I only f**k women who are aesthetically at least a 9.233/10.
  3. Many schools in the health and medical sector are evidently behind on some things. Nutrition typically tends to be one of them. Recent studies show that diets equal in calories lead to similar levels of fat gain regardless of their macronutrient composition. This study for example shows that hypercaloric diets made up of 5% protein led to similar levels of fat gain to one made up of 40% protein. Some of the participants would have been consuming in excess of 200g of protein per day and presumably not under an intense weight training regime, so invariably there was excess/unused protein being ingested. Worth noting, though, that more overall weight was gained in the higher protein groups due to more lean mass gain, though lean mass on scans can consist of glycogen and water in the muscle.
  4. We're jumping straight back into another potentially worse one, you do realise that?
  5. Kobe Brynt.....

    It's for the same reasons, though. If someone had some sort of influence on your life, be it someone you personally knew or someone famous you never actually met, you're going to feel something upon hearing the news of their death. Celebrities just happen to affect the lives of people around the world to some degree, therefore the world gets to hear of their passing. In this particular case, I was hugely into basketball as a young teenager, was on the school team and Kobe was basically my hero for a while. So hearing of his death, though I've not followed his career for over 15 years, was still mildly saddening. For the millions of basketball fans worldwide, this was likely really sad news. Whereas if you told me some celebrity I've never heard of just died, I'd shrug my shoulders, because they had absolutely no place in my life at any point.
  6. I wonder if the women had any idea they'd be sitting there for so fu**ing long before they agreed to be a part of this
  7. Ever wonders into a gaybar

    Have you ever attended English classes?
  8. If you push to total failure with it then it'll be enough stimulation to create gains.
  9. One night stands

    Ain't that for old people?
  10. Favourite aftershave?

    Paco Rabanne 1 Million Armani Diamonds Issey Miyake Intense Milton Lloyd Colour Me Gold - this is so cheap but smells really good and lasts, I wear it very often because of the price. Twisted Soul Black - another cheap one that actually smells really good, kinda similar to Paco Rabanna 1 Million but doesnt last as long, but if I'm popping out for half an hour I use it then.
  11. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat.
  12. Been asked numerous times. Just deny it, it's none of their business and no good can come of them knowing. If it's people at the gym I talk to and I reckon they're on as well and they ask me, I'll be truthful with them and they are with me in return, I'm not on social media and they have nothing to do with my life outside the gym so I don't mind them knowing, particularly if I know they're on as well.
  13. Rear and side delts

    Exercises like lateral raises show the highest level of deltoid activation in EMG studies, so they're going to work for most people. They're crap for progressive overload though which of course is the main driver of continued progress, so use them, but as a secondary exercise after your heavy pressing for side delts, and rows with the elbows flared out for rear delts and upper back. With isolations, go with high reps, to failure and with short rest periods.
  14. Seasons Greetings to UKM

    Chocolate orange is shite. There, I said it.