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  1. I’ve messed up need help

    Are your , and . buttons broken??
  2. I cut on cruises. Never noticed significant muscle loss. If I'm blasting I wanna milk it for all the gains I can get, cutting is counterproductive to that goal.
  3. Lets not forget that this is all coming from the same place as the initial advice of "it's all going to be fine if you just wash your hands".
  4. Voltarol any good?

    Voltarol gel has been around for a years.
  5. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Sweet & sour pork balls. Oh, and probably like half the electronic goods you own.
  6. Train your brain

    Ohh, don't ya just love confirmation bias and taking correlation as causation Lets just conveniently ignore the fact that more viruses are present in the modern world due to international travel and shipping being more prevalent, cheap and easily available than previous decades, greatly increasing the amount of viruses that come into the country by people travelling to and from, thus prompting the need for vaccines in vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly
  7. Natty only

    People claiming natural means literally nothing. Many of these "athletes" are sponsored and will lose their deals if they admit to steroid use.
  8. Natty only

    He dwarfs Kai Greene in photos of them together and has stats akin to Mr Olympias of past eras, all of whom have admitted to steroid use (as if it wasn't obvious anyway). He's a natural liar, I'll give him that.
  9. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    Exact same numbers for me
  10. Jenna Marbles- Gone !!

    She used to play/dress up as a character as a comedy channel. Even putting on a bit of an accent. Over the years she slowly turned the channel into a blog channel about her real life rather than pure comedy.
  11. Who wears a cap ?

    Snapback worn backwards usually, or a "baseball cap" as the old f**kers here might call it.
  12. For anyone wondering https://www.instagram.com/kasiabielecka_/
  13. Anadrol is my fave hands down. Feel great, good results and look full as f**k while on it. Least fave is Superdrol, just makes me feel like absolute s**t and can't be arsed to train on it which is paradoxical.