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  1. Tren base pre workout??

    Yeah I did the orals, same thing once it's in your body. Still has to pass through the liver when injected into your bloodstream. You can avoid potential digestive issues if you tend to get those from tablets though. That's the best way I can describe it yeah. Just everything felt light and training felt awesome. You get those days when you just cba with training and every rep you just want to put the weight down and go home. Those days didn't exist when I was on that cycle, I could have happily trained hard twice a day every day and loved every minute of it. As I said though the side effects are something else, it's literally roid rage in tablet form
  2. Tren base pre workout??

    Yeah, I did an actual 4 week cycle of it while rebounding off a cut. 4 weeks after I'd finished cutting and was in a caloric deficit the whole time, I was leaner than when I'd started and full as f**k 24/7 (see avatar, best condition of my life). Definitely wouldn't recommend using it in that fashion though. As an actual cycle I'd probably have gotten similar results off an acetate cycle. After 4 weeks I was a mess, I felt like I was losing my marbles, having panic attacks nearly every day etc. I've used it since just as a pre-workout on PR weeks and it's incredible stuff for me as a PWO, just seem to have endless energy and a very notable strength boost with keepable strength gains.
  3. We all know there's the potential for serious side effects down the line, which makes them not advisable. Only you know whether or not you want to try them and take that risk. What I would advise is, to anyone considering trying them, do your research - and I mean properly, not just reading one page of information and being done with it - and make sure to monitor your health stringently. The amount of times I've seen people say s**t like "I don't get my bloods done often because it's expensive" is baffling. That money you saved isn't gonna be much good to you if you die young because you didn't catch a potentially serious health problem in the bud. Ignorance isn't bliss in this case.
  4. Dating someone much younger than you

    I approve of this post for reasons many users here won't know
  5. What song is this?

    When it takes more effort to make this thread than it would have to just punch it into Google Also:
  6. As cliché as the saying is, time will be the best healer, here. Don't contact her at all, try to keep yourself busy.
  7. Grime music is sh1t

    Lemme know how many of the references you catch Second one might go over your head a bit as there's loads of references to music production and Drill producers.
  8. Grime music is sh1t

    Great analysis. I get the impression the majority of users here are over 40 or at the very least late 30s. So they won't "get" it, like how the music the average person here swears was the best thing ever when they were younger was loathed by the previous generation who thought it was the worst thing to happen to music. I'm 31 so I grew up listening to Grime music, Drill has its similarities so naturally I'm a fan of Drill too. It's not supposed to be "catchy" or have interesting choruses. It's more about the vibe, the flow, punchlines, references etc. The verses are actually supposed to have more significance than the hooks. People that say there's no depth to the lyrics or skill in the writing are missing the clever wordings, double meanings etc. in the lyrics.
  9. A thread about bacon butties

    Margarine is the pengest munch.
  10. A thread about bacon butties

    You prefer white bread to brown as well??? Nah nah nah.....
  11. A thread about bacon butties

    Brown bread, marg and ketchup. Not arsed about the rind, I keep everything.
  12. Why is white bread so popular

    Yeah exactly. It's just a lot more chewy than brown.
  13. Why is white bread so popular

    The older I get the more I prefer brown bread. White just feels doughy to me and the texture when it's all chewed up is a bit bleh.