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  1. Training to "failure"

    If you feel like you can manage a full body session then by all means go for it, I personally prefer something like an upper/lower where the frequency is still high but the volume is more manageable. If you can only train twice a week then full body is the only way to go though, really, but if you can train 3-4 days and want a high frequency routine then upper/lower would be my choice. 3x10 to sub-failure is totally fine
  2. bulk to cut on same lgd cycle?

    Mine are typically very aggressive, aiming for 3lbs of fat loss per week at the very least so it's gonna be a deficit of 1500 minimum. I don't just do this on my basal TDEE, though - I tend to run T3 or DNP to boost my metabolic rate so I'm not eating like a catwalk model. As for my actual approach, I never cut during a blast. Blasts are for building muscle, for me. I always cut during my cruises, normally for a few weeks at the end of them and then I transition straight into a rebound bulk to start off my next blast. I cruise on 200-250mg of test which seems to be enough to prevent muscle loss even at high doses of T3, though if I'm running DNP then I run it at low doses as I'm sensitive and I stick to a sensible dose of T3 (75mcg) along with it. So if I can drop all the fat I gained on my last cycle during my downtime without losing muscle, then it makes sense to do that and then save my blasts for making some gains. Most productive way to go about things IMO. Could of course start a slower cut during the middle of the cruise and run it right up to the end, but tbh, atm my cruises aren't very long Just pushing full steam ahead until I get to 230+lbs lean at 6'2'' and then I'll ease off the gas pedal.
  3. Training to "failure"

    Pretty much methods in which light weights and short rests are used in conjunction with a high number straight sets, so the sets start very light but as you progress through them they get more and more difficult due to cumulative fatigue. German Volume Training is possibly the most extreme example of this type of training but pretty much all of these types of routines are based on methods invented by Vince Gironda. His 6x6 and 8x8 methods are the most well known and GVT was based off his 10x10 method, plus several incarnations have been implemented into routines like Fortitude Training's muscle rounds, FST-7 sets. Serge Nubret was also a huge proponent of this style of training and would mostly perform 6x12 with 50-60% 1RM. Cluster reps is another name for this sort of training.
  4. Training to "failure"

    Re: the "training to failure or not" debate, there are a few factors to consider. Should start by saying that as I pretty much said above, training to failure does not equal form breakdown - if you start cheating i.e. using other bodyparts to get the weight up by any means, you not only risk injury but also take work off the muscle you're trying to work. No matter what the exercise, you can maintain good form even upon a rep to failure, it's just that the rep tempo slows right down. With that said... Volume and intensity & RPE need to be balanced. As Mike Mentzer famously said "you can train hard, or you can train long - but you can't do both". So if you're going to train to true muscular failure, you're not going to be hitting failure on 3-4 sets and then still have energy left in the tank for a bunch of other exercises. 1-2 sets are all that are needed. Some who prefer the low volume/high intensity approach prefer to ramp up to a set or two to failure, while others like to use styles like Dorian Yates HIT or DC and use just one set to failure (after warmups) and extend those sets with an intensity technique. Just FYI, some people argue that intensity relates to percentage of 1RM, while others argue that it means the amount of effort you put into your sets - I however say that both of these are relevant. If you're doing a set of 6 reps with a few reps left in the tank while another guy is doing a set of 6 reps to balls-out failure, the intensity of his set is higher - you're likely using somewhere around 75% of your 1RM whereas he's using somewhere around 85%, thus his set is performed at a higher intensity. Is it a necessity to train to failure to get results? Absolutely not. Does is work? Definitely. Again, it's all about balancing volume and intensity. Say you're doing a session with 6 exercises. You could train low volume, no more than 15 sets during the entire session, including all warmup sets in this total - if you were training to absolute failure and beyond during your worksets a la Dorian Yates HIT (a tried and proven method of low volume training), this workout would stimulate growth adequately because the low volume was counteracted by fu**ing hard work. Conversely, you could also train under Vince Gironda's 8x8 principles (again, a tried and proven method of high volume training) and total 48 sets for the whole workout, which would also stimulate growth adequately and seems like a lot of sets, but failure is never reached and at least 75% of the sets are pretty low on the RPE scale, with a low intensity in terms of weights used applied to every exercise. So again, whether you want to train to failure or not, it works but isn't a necessity and comes down to trail and error to see if it works well for you as well as personal preference. Indeed, many, myself included, like to do stints of either, or even combine both high and low volume to different exercises within the same workout. Just have to consider that the harder and closure to failure you push, the less sets you should require to stimulate growth, and you should never get sloppy on form (apart from controlled cheats where applicable and safe) as a means of training to failure.
  5. A broader bodybuilding section?

    I agree, some sections are pretty much dead and I think lumping them together might bring more attention to threads that otherwise aren't getting looked at.
  6. bulk to cut on same lgd cycle?

    Recomping is a waste of time IMO, sub-optimal when compared to a bulk-cut approach. If anything, throw in a short, aggressive mini-cut at the start or end of a cycle. If you've got a lot of fat to lose then dedicate a cycle to cutting.
  7. Training to "failure"

    More a case of working on not letting your form break down when you're grinding out your last reps, really. You should be able to pull out a few slow-grinders at the end of your set while still maintaining good form.
  8. Last song you listened to?

    Wonder how many people noticed the guy on the vocoder at the beginning saying "Ha ha ha ha, you are a fu**ing ugly w**ker. f**k you, fu**ing c**t!"
  9. Yeah, if you run it without test then you'll feel like s**t tbh, I've read on several info pages that it's being considered for an alternative to test replacement but it sure as hell isn't fit for that purpose Where it's selective it doesn't work on the receptors that test works on that make you feel like a man, I guess. If you've got a test base though then it's no problem.
  10. Ramy vs Phil vs Bonac Mr. Olympia 2017

    I genuinely think Ramy would have Phil beat if it was a contest with no politics... but it isn't.
  11. Is Olympia 2017 Really Close??

    Nope, Phil will win again. Not because he's got the best physique, because he hasn't.
  12. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    I've seen it totally the opposite tbh. As soon as a female posts a thread asking for help, the threads are a lot busier than your average question thread I do think you've got a bad rep on here tbh so maybe you wouldn't be helped as readily as other women might (just an observation, got absolutely no problem with you myself), whereas on other forums you're just a woman nobody knows anything about asking for help and you've not pissed anyone off. Granted, but that's the internet. People are free to say what they want, and you see bad advice on EVERY forum you go on. I just notice that the more knowledgeable guys on this forum seem to be ahead of the most knowledgeable guys on most American forums I've been on.
  13. bulk to cut on same lgd cycle?

    Definitely don't be cutting during PCT mate. Sounds like muscle-loss hell to be cutting while your test levels are recovering.
  14. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    The guys here are incredibly helpful generally, I never see you on here asking for advice tbh so how can you really judge that? There are some good American forums out there of course, but even then they seem to be very behind and "by the book" if that "book" was written 30 years ago. Just seems like the knowledgable guys here are more willing to not just accept info that's been regurgitated on the internet millions of times and instead do their own research and testing.