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  1. Sex a no go after test

    Everyone knows mine is £150 now
  2. Best labs currently

    Only the fit ones
  3. Best labs currently

    And stop talking about trannys Because non of you got a fu**ing idea of whst you talking about Peace
  4. Natty only

    Lol Any active teenager would look like that
  5. White lives matter

    Im going to buy some weed And a stolen bicycle from my black neighbours Im doing my part
  6. Virtual DJ software

    You lost the train mate That was 10 years ago Nowadays every kid wants to be a rapper
  7. White lives matter

    Blackpoundday today Do i paint my money black or is that racist too
  8. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    Lets fu**ing go
  9. White lives matter

    l shut up After 1 am is all fu**ing drug dealers and prostitutes without teeth lol
  10. White lives matter

    f**k off mate Its a proper shithole I was just there drinking high on k
  11. White lives matter

    I live in london If i get stop and search everyday to stop my people killing each other So be it i wont mind Only police can stop the killings Black people doing nothing about that
  12. Steroids can cause schizophrenia

    Dont do drugs kids Leave them for the adults
  13. White lives matter

    £115 fine probably Like the c**t in Reading
  14. White lives matter

    Blacks lives matter dont matter in chicago Only if a white person does it? In 2017 two thirds of knife crime offenders under 25 in London were black or minority ethnic, according to the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime.