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  1. Good Horrors you have seem

    True , just remembered the shining and the Omen trilogy
  2. Good Horrors you have seem

    Hahaha . It must have been worse than" Jason in space " edit that .. it was Jason X where Jason actually goes to space
  3. Good Horrors you have seem

    It was better than the first Anabelle thats all . First one was so bad I wanted to track the director down and slap him around .
  4. Good Horrors you have seem

    True , but we were also a different audience back then . When I first saw the exorcist I couldnt sleep for a week now I cant see what scared me so much . But yes , at least there was an interesting plot I also liked Turistas and Hostel if you like splatter thrillers . the original Oldboy was pretty harsh too
  5. Good Horrors you have seem

    I must have seen a megalodon movie that must have been much lamer than that one will look it up Morgan was kinda nice , though not real terror
  6. Good Horrors you have seem

    Yeah but its so bad it gets funny
  7. Good Horrors you have seem

    Yeap , theres an angry goat involved as well
  8. Good Horrors you have seem

    Drag me to hell
  9. Im back, had rep-lapse :(

    Screw da bench I want pics of Da lifter .
  10. Thanx ! ( I think .. )
  11. Can anyone tell me what this steak is called in english ? Thanx !
  12. Where's the male animal forum

    I can imagine . If gen con gets this bad I dont wanna see whats up there
  13. My name is UK-M; why are you here?

    Wat ??? Never mind , I dont want to know ..
  14. I'll have to agree with you on that one , law is here to protect the righteous supposedly . When it doesnt , you feel the need to take matters into your own hands a cross between the peado thread and this one , couple years back someone was caught at a village in greece trying to abduct a boy . he was caught just in time , villagers took turns beating him and after they were done they threw him in a pit . I dont thing he ever crawled back out of there . I am totally cool with that . People like that have no place in our society
  15. Where's the male animal forum

    Its probably just slug talking to himself ... you cant ruin whats already damaged