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  1. Online dating sites

    Online dating no f**k this x
  2. Well his hair got stupider so that’s a plus x
  3. Don’t really care for swears unless it’s meant to be abusive It’s abusive behavior that bothers me and that can come from the most soft spoken people x
  4. Yeah , that wasn’t nice your mother in law could be as sweet as they come but if she were anything like mine I would have fled the country as well lol
  5. Without telling her ? It’s wrong but having a mother in law over for 3 months without knowing is also hellish
  6. You both made some bad decisions It would freak me out to have my mom stay overnight, let alone 3 months , even worse for mother in law lol you were wrong to book holidays away it’s freaky that financial criteria is keeping this together at the moment. All marriages go through rough patches just try to remember what brought you together in the first place Don’t know what else to say as I don’t know all details but I hope you have some great make up sex.
  7. Don’t understand you were explaining separation to her and what she’d be losing out ?
  8. Glad it’s sorted reminds me of my brother’s story she decided to take off for holiday with her mom without telling him or inviting him , leaving him alone on his birthday he goes away for a day to celebrate his birthday with a friend as he thought he should, separated 6 blissful months so far. x
  9. CoronaVirus - predicted death toll on UK

    All antiseptic benefits of a hand satinizer come from alcohol anyway
  10. Cleaning up my act for my missus

    Please don’t x
  11. CoronaVirus - predicted death toll on UK

    Alcohol will do just fine
  12. CoronaVirus - predicted death toll on UK

    Don’t know your market there but surely every supermarket or pharmacy offers them haven’t you ever bought one before?
  13. Non-monogamy - could you do it?

    Couldn’t be in a relationship like that it’s not a relationship at all in my eyes , you’re just [email protected] buddies which is ok if both parties agree x
  14. Show her what she can achieve with a few steroids too and ask her to join you x