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  1. WTF?!! Twitter suspended my account!!

    What did she do ?
  2. Is Dianabol 10mg okay for ladies?

    Well , I’ve never used it but I wouldn’t touch it either . depends what she’s trying to accomplish I suppose but there are better options for women @KatieX88 have you used anything else before or will this be your first cycle ?
  3. Verbally abusive relationship

    Just awful is she like that with friends as well ? Do you tend to insult her like that when you get mad ? some people don’t realize that verbal abuse is actually abuse . I wouldn’t even sit down for lunch with someone that’s insulted me , let alone try and get past it and live with them take out your phone and film her next time and make her listen back to herself. She probably doesn’t realize how bad she sounds
  4. Should i sneak out?....

    Catfishing for sure . go and come back with a story we can use to laugh at you for years x
  5. Really? That’s weird I had to give mine away , I couldn’t handle them
  6. Anavar and primo and I was happy with both
  7. Camping

    I had a tent too but never had to use it lol
  8. Millionaires of UKM

    I take taxis x
  9. Anavar

    I’ve used advar and keifei and they were both great x
  10. Hi everyone

    How do you manage with the lockdown? Home gym ? welcome by the way x
  11. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Ha thanx . They’re all yours
  12. Other forums for men

    You can talk to us here hun what’s the matter ?
  13. I have to cut their clen in quarters and still can’t use it lol . But I don’t have much tolerance for stims
  14. Camping

    Loved camping but only ever did that in a motorhome Some of those pics posted above look great but rough lol x
  15. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Haha seriously though, in my view , anyone with a cock should stick to the boys ‘ powder room . Would be more fun for them over there anyway x