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  1. Advice x

    Should I ask what MTFU is or will I regret it ? yes , he’s a grown man but he thinks like a toddler x
  2. Advice x

    Bite me Gary xx
  3. Advice x

    I can actually visualize this happening and I cant see why he doesnt , its so frustrating. But I guess when one is emotionally envolved they cant see clearly . We are very close with my brother but still I dont like to lecture him .will give him a piece of my mind though . she even tells him off for that . Scolding him for spending too much time with me . I guess she wants to cut him off from his family as well . x
  4. The MEME Thread

    For @Sasnak Happy holidays naughty boy
  5. Advice x

    Ohhh ! That will help me remember the difference ! Thanx for that
  6. Advice x

    Well I am thinking about renting it off of him haha
  7. Advice x

    I did get a restraining order . It was a bit more complicated than that . My only worry at the time was to settle the most important legal matters ( custody , divorce ) and leave the country I was in at the time . A different person might have handled this differently but at the moment my priority was ( and still is ) our peace of mind and our security x
  8. gimmi a reply to this chick

    I’ not sure this is a new thing or maybe its too much “in your face “ now that everyone’s online. Last time I was out in London I was shocked with what I saw women that had” lost” their coats and shoes walking about p”ssed I was in this club and in the way to the bathroom two girls were passed out , saw underware lying around on the stairs , a mother had been locked drunk in the bathroom and her teenage daughters were banging the door cursing to get her out and anyway everything was chaotic . Have never seen anything like that and this was a “posh” place if you have no respect for yourself how can you respect others ? Dont mean to sound like a prude but that was just too much . Dont know what has brought this on
  9. Advice x

    just radicalised x
  10. visit from the local po-po

    I dont get this , if I had to “contribute” to the police I would do it “on the side” so they always keep an eye out . Am I getting the meaning of the thread right ?
  11. Advice x

    I’m liking the rapid italian course taking up italian after the holidays by the way ( irrelevant) x
  12. Advice x

    Yeap , I know . He’s a great provider thats all . And a dump”ss or dumb”ss haha damn it I ‘ll never get it right x
  13. Advice x

    I couldnt agree more . All couples fight . But she started a big deal about it , her family calling my parents , screaming at them that they should be embarrassed for their son , how dare he ask for a divorce etc etc I am trying to refrain myself and not blow the b”tch up cause I know she’s no saint . In short they mingled third parties in this and they really shouldnt have
  14. Advice x

    Thank you hun ! I told him already to rent it out instead at least until he sees how things play out since he will now be burdened with bills from two properties cause she doesnt really contribute much with her own salary . And yeah , that job is convenient for her somehow since he has suggested she quits but although she keeps complaining she doesn’t seem to want to quit either Dont know what else to say . I have to admit he’s just plain stupid x
  15. Advice x