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    I lift bro !
  1. Total Mass Construction

    Hi mate, how many shots per week do you do, running the cycle your doing ?
  2. Used neuro last year also Have np changed labels???
  3. Hi all, just recently got got some Neuro pharma stock. Just wanted to know if some one knows is they have changed there labels. the old ones I’ve had, had a glossy label and new ones I’ve got more of a Matte label. also got some anavar 50mg and the tabs are plain circular tabs is this correct ?
  4. Anadrol vs dbol

    Thanks guys Gonna try anadrol see how that goes for 3 weeks !
  5. Hi all, just wanted your input on what people prefer to run anadrol vs dbol effects, sides etc thinking about anadrol preworkout @50mg training days only or 40mg dbol preworkout ?
  6. Neuro pharma

    Thanks lads !!
  7. Is anyone had or having any good experiences with neuro pharma stuff ??
  8. Freckles and mt2

    Anyone used mt2 with freckles and what’s your experience I’ve got some on my upper arms that I hate, has anyone tried and has it blended them in with the colour of the tan from mt2??
  9. Knee pain

    Nothing at all mate - says nothing he can do apart from Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy is rubbish wanted to see if I can get a scan but don’t think that will happen unless I go private.
  10. Knee pain

    Hi Guys, been suffering with pain knee pain for at least 2 years now, I’ve tried everything and am running out of options, been to physio this year and last year and still nothing. anyone had a similar problem can’t squat hack squat , lunge as the pain ruins me and leg training goes out the window. any help advise will be appreciated!!!