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  1. I tend to do shorter rides 20-35 miles but alternate from hilly and flat rides, always flat out though 170 average heart rate kind of rides.
  2. My cycling has improved a lot on 300mm Sust a week and 50mg Winny per day. Recovery from a hard ride was two days before and now i feel better after one
  3. Soaked in sweat while zzzz:ing

    I dont know the reason but i feel your pain, i have been like that for about 15 years.
  4. KODI - please explain

    I think they are just crap, i have nothing but problems with mine.
  5. How would you invest £100k cash

    Buy shares in Sirious Minerals
  6. Kris Gethin Man of Iron

    He is training to do an ironman, he has gained muscle despite running up to 10 miles several times a week, swimming a few miles several times a week as well as 70 mile plus bike rides.
  7. Kris Gethin Man of Iron

    Not sure, this is the first thing i have seen him in and he hasn't mentioned it, natty lifters are like vegans cant stop going on about it usually.
  8. Will this sort of programme trim fat AND tone??

    You need to start using something like myfitnesspal to log your calories. Scales with bodyfat estimates on them are pretty much useless.
  9. Will this sort of programme trim fat AND tone??

    Depends how much you are eating. Also how do scales know your bodyfat %?
  10. Kris Gethin Man of Iron

    Anyone watching this, pretty inspiring, would be interested to know how much he is eating and pinning?
  11. Reportage house to release some cash?

    I might have to move i only have a 2 bed detached at 500k, could live mortgage free in a mansion, commute may be a bit much though.
  12. Reportage house to release some cash?

    Where do you live to have a house worth 130k?
  13. Newbie Girl

    Welcome, please post pics, preferably of the dog.
  14. Switching labs few options

    SG is good using the deca/test blend now with good results and at a much lower dose than usual.
  15. Countdown to the biggest 10 beasts on ukm

    5,10 average but the looks of it. I think to be a big beast you need to at least be fully grown height wise.