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  1. Plugging cocaine on the plane to Spain

    Just do it innit fam
  2. No body part is a struggle. Trump card has to be glutes Stay positive SC
  3. What you wear on your legs in the gym??

    Either tight speedo or arseless chaps
  4. The ghayness is strong in this thread. Do it OP simple as k den Stay positive! ! SCNT
  5. North Korea.

    Bring on the nuclear war and subsequent zombie apocalypse. My ultimate ambition is to become the real life Negan smashing skulls with a baseball bat called Lucille and ruling an army of minions Stay positive! ! SC
  6. Girlfriend getting groped

    Get her a chastity belt op
  7. Beards ..

    Ukm is becoming mums net evidently. .. Stay positive! ! SickC approved post
  8. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    Rock the fcukn dole innit fam Better than working for minimum wage for greedy capitalist pigs Stay positive SickC approved post
  9. Lee Priest hospitalized.

    Subs and benzos much?
  10. Only watched the first few minutes and I then deduced that its easy to know when this hoe is lying. ..........her lips move innit fam
  11. Sad news, rich piana dead

    Death is the firdt enemy and the last and the enemy always wins but we must fight it. . .
  12. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Smash some brazzers then innit fam
  13. Kidney damage

  14. Wishing you a speedy recovery Paul