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    I use most of my weightlifting social media to talk about my passions like competing and fitness and stuff.
    My more personal social medias are reserved for family and friends and other things, like hash tagging photos that may draw the attention of Billie Piper and stuff.

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  1. Create HTML documents without knowing HTML?

    You're doing this in Notepad, . . . . . riiight?
  2. Who's got the best glutes on UKM?

    Still killing it @Keeks
  3. Feel Betrayed....

    We got my son a truck one last year and I thought it was slow. We had to remove a safety screw on th eshifter that let it go all the forward. Then you had to jog to keep up with it.
  4. I have a friend taking 88mcg of Levothyroxine. He's cardio'n eod, shoulder issues so leg day focus twice per week. Light upper body, but limited. He's at 205lbs fairly lean, and seeking 185lbs. He's not yet ran a macros plan but cleaned up the diet. Is that a solid S dose? What would be a good tweek to that dose for a few weeks?
  5. The Earth is flat. I digress
  6. Have people been to the moon?

    The tech in those ships was about as advanced as a gameboy. But it to expensive to start back up? SpaceX can land a rocket and refire it multiple times. It bogus bro. 283,000 miles away? But you can zoom in on it with a Nikon. From 283,000 miles away.
  7. Have people been to the moon?

    Only make your decision based off of NASA's answers. Why don't we go back? -Because we destroyed that space age tech and its to expensive to recreate. *really* I am an American and I PROMISE YOU THIS: If we had been to the moon, we would have hotels and Mcd's and doctor's offices their. *think about it* How come sundials work?