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  1. I was using it before the lock down and it's decent stuff.
  2. Anyone MTB

    The bike I ride has 170 mm travel front and back and it climbs very well and can be used on red / blue routes if I chose to. However, nearly all of my riding is on natural rocky trails in the Lake District. With longer travel bikes you just wouldn't use all the travel on blue and red routes. Which could be seen as a waste of a long travel bike. Plus the longer travel will change the geometry of the bike a little bit. It's a lot of money to spend on a bike without actually testing it first. That's going to be difficult with the lock down at the moment. Things may change over the next few weeks. My advice would be try and test a few bikes before you spend a chunk of cash on it. Most bike shops have demo bikes and run demo days so you could test one or two of their bikes so you know what works or doesn't work for the riding you are going to do. Although, you can progress quickly if you are riding regularly, especially if you are riding with better riders than you. So try and look to buy a bike that you can ride blue and red routes, that you will also be able to ride red and black. Unless you are loaded and can afford to buy a new bike, when your riding improves and you think that riding blue routes is only for beginners and families.
  3. Anyone MTB

    If you go for the trek with 29 wheels and they don't suite your style / type of riding then the conversation to 27.5 could cost a few quid. You'll need new wheels, new tyres, different size discs for your brakes. New mount brackets for your wheels, new forks. I'd check out the cost of what you would need to buy before you handed over the cash.
  4. I use Masteron with all19 nors. Without it I have serious issues with paranoia
  5. What labs ?

    Nexus, inone, or SG
  6. 1000mg Nebido every 8 weeks. No Ai
  7. Anyone MTB

    It's a good bike for your first bike. Enjoy riding those trails in Northern Ireland.
  8. Anyone MTB

    Any chance you can borrow a bike for your first time out. You'll know pretty soon or at least by the end of the ride whether it's for you or not. Then you can go buy a decent spec bike. If you hate it you've lost nothing. And there's always second hand bikes to buy when you want to buy. Of the three bikes above, I'd go for the Whyte. Seller Sounds genuine. Plus it has high ish spec componants. Below is a link for a review of a 2013 G150 https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/bikes/mountain-bikes/whyte-g150-review/ Where's the GT? I can't see any pics
  9. Anyone MTB

    Go off the components of the bike. Check out which has the best forks, brakes etc.if there is a massive difference in quality then then pick the best one. If it's your first mtb bike and you really get into riding, then as your riding improves you'll probably going to want to either buy a better bike or look at changing up the components. So that's something to think about.
  10. Anyone MTB

    Depends on the bike. I normally ride a medium. My current bike I ride a large , due to the build of the frame. I think an XL bike is probably going to be to big for you. Although, If you are going to buy, then check out the sizes on the manufacturers website for sizing first.
  11. Anyone MTB

    5'10 and 190 lbs
  12. Anyone MTB

    Have a look on here https://m.pinkbike.com/buysell/ Put in your area and jobs a good en. I've bought and sold many bikes on here.
  13. Anyone MTB

    Depends what the trails are like you are going to ride. If they are hard packed single track, then either hardtail or full suspension. If they are technical and rocky then a full suspension will be best. If you get into it and wanna do more technical trails then I'd buy a full suspension first. Hard tails are fun bikes but very unforgiving when riding rocky trails. Buy the best bike you can afford, as there is a massive difference between an entry level bike and the bikes above. As lancs lad says a hard tail will help you to learn to ride properly, So something to think about. Depending on what kind of trails you are going to ride, then think about whether you need a 29 er or a 27.5 It can be a very expensive sport if you get into it . But it's the dogs bollox when you are out riding. And worth everything you've spent. I wish you well in your hunt for your bike
  14. Tyson Fury upper back workout

    you should see my glass cage In the cellar.