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  1. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    " Calm with Horses" was recommended a few pages ago. Another good watch
  2. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Just watched it. Very good.
  3. The classic No Audi thread. Top Ballarki
  4. best British movie

    Most of the ones already mentioned: Plus Quadrophenia
  5. Yes it is . But when a patient is brought to the place of safety by the police the nurse in charge will inform the patient of thier rights under the MHA
  6. insane transformation on reddit

    I didn't see this when it was originally posted. I'm crying with laughter reading it
  7. He got pinged in 1998 for Ephedrine and blamed it on a Ginseng tea drink. In 1999 he got pinged for Nadrolone and was banned for two years.
  8. No, unfortunately, nothing much helps with my sleep issues from tren.
  9. Great for helping to reduce the mental / psychological sides from 19 nors. So I always run it with Nadrolone / tren.
  10. Best Childhood Console Game

    As already stated: Oddworld Metal Gear Solid ( Snake, Snake, Snake) Golden eye Zelda 64 All great games. Further back in time: ZX Spectrum: Manic Miner ZX Spectrum: Jet Set Willy.
  11. Superdrol sides

    I must be lucky, as I don't experience any negative sides from SD.
  12. It'll be the gear!

    Pretty similar to Sasnak, soon as I feel shitty I blame it on test flu. A few days later I'm good and I'm like, what was I thinking.
  13. question for electricians of ukm

    My bad. No neutral, then no socket.
  14. question for electricians of ukm

    The cable size that the lights are wired in will be 1.5mm and on a 6 amp circuit breaker. If you change the light for a socket you effectively could plug in a appliance that's rated at 13 amps. Resulting in either the 6 amp breaker tripping out all the time. And the 1.5 mm cable over heating
  15. This^^^^^ I went to the Leger Clinic ( as I wasn't prepared to wait for an NHS endo appointment) My bloods were well below 8 nmol. Dr Savage had my blood tested and prescribed Nebido. After a couple of letters to my GP they took over the prescription and monitoring of my bloods, twice a year. This was 6 years ago and I have had no issues from my GP since.