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  1. They have four snap lines on the bars. Next time use a quarter tablet. They are defo strong as hell
  2. Coffee lovers

    I have an expresso machine. It's gets used every day. I buy coffee from different stores. Although, Lidl have some good tasting cheap specials coffee from different countries.
  3. Originally joined for info on TRT as well as diet and training advice. Had some right laughs reading gen con and still do.
  4. Getting a dog...

    If you equal your dogs age to that of a human then that's generally the kind of commitment, and attention a you will have to put in to looking after it Ie. 12 week old dog = 12 week old baby. 1 year old dog =1 year old Toddler etc, etc. My dogs 7 and at times it's like having a 7 year old child in the house. Put lots of effort into training it and it should be OK. I wouldn't be without my dog now. He's ace, gets me out in the hills on long walks.
  5. My last order came in three days. Paid last Sunday order arrived on Wednesday. No issues
  6. Needles

    I Draw with blue. Pin with orange. If I was to use the original blue it would be slightly blunt and wont go through the skin and muscle as easy as a new un-used pin.
  7. A good film you watched recently?

    A great film. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. This ^^^^ Been prescribed Nebido for over 3 years with no issues. No low testosterone symptoms when I'm getting close to injection time and no oestrogen sides following injection of 1000mg of Nebido.
  9. Run Tren with Masteron, as the Masteron will help with the mental sides of tren.
  10. Yes you only get one buster shot at week 6. Then you will have your next shot 10 weeks from this.
  11. High over range PSA can indicate inflammation and enlargement of the prostrate as well as indicating a possible higher chance of developing prostate cancer. Have a read of this: https://www.baus.org.uk/patients/conditions/10/raised_psa
  12. Lads holiday (cycle)

    Sounds doable.
  13. Sex music

    A bit of Tantric