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  1. Impressive physique (WiP) but...

    Work in progress
  2. Leg training without machines

    Not all squats are equal. Yes, may be from the point of view of growth but you need to consider the fatigue aspect as well. But, there are many options to hit legs even without machines as suggested by @Bensif
  3. How to gain mass

    Aim at getting stronger , eating at surplus and sleep well.
  4. Questions regarding volume and hypertrophy...

    Yes. You can choose the exercises on the basis of what suits you. And, if there are many options available means there are many exercises that suits you, you can rotate them with every mesocycles or even more. I don;t think it would be wise to incorporate different exercises at once as it would be difficult to progress on each and even measuring the progress would be challenge. I stick with 3-4 exercises for each muscle group in one cycle and then rotate them if i get stuck at a number on bar for a long time.
  5. Recovery advice. Anabolic Window

    I would say, yes it exists. Though, you have to add some context here to get the right opinions or answers. For e.g. I would be worried about my anabolic window or optimum growth if I train first thing in the morning in a fasted state.
  6. What happened to Matt?

    Haha. Most easy muscle group for me to make some growth. Rest muscle groups are making on its behalf by not growing.
  7. Can I reach 9% bodyfat before gyms open?

    How much time you have got? How many calories you are at?. Deficit? What's your plan?
  8. What happened to Matt?

    Pretty big?. I dont think so bud
  9. What happened to Matt?

    Yup that's true. But guess what, I am back.
  10. LEGIT natties only

    Do you really think Jeff would be a good coach?. I have my doubts on him though. But, I understand the way he presents himself in videos, he sounds like one.
  11. LEGIT natties only

    I am not sure why would you compare two guys bud when it comes to result. That Athleanx guy physique can be built naturally provided one is equipped with right knowledge on every training related aspect and right genetics. Add the component of consistency of years to above and that physique is attainable.
  12. @ElChapo Would love to hear your views here.
  13. Hey Mate, What would you look for in an Iron supplement?. My ferritin levels are always on a lower side despite focusing on food rich in iron so thinking of adding an Iron supplement. Do you think it would be useful?. or iron is something not be messed up with until severe deficiencies?.
  14. How do you map phases?

    What is your goal?
  15. Questions regarding volume and hypertrophy...

    First you need to sort out your exercise selections and number of hard sets for each exercise. Then split them as you like. I do like this. I do 12 sets for Chest and my preferred exercises for Pecs are Flat Bench Press, DB floor press, Cable flys and Pec Dec On Chest A I do 3 sets of Flat Bench with 3 sets of Pec Dec On chest B workout I do 2 sets of Floor press and 4 sets of Cable flys Important things are Exercise selection and number of sets at respective rep ranges. Then distribute volume as you like.