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  1. Why do we like bodybuilding?

    Training makes me happy and all other benefits are just by product of it. And, then there are tools to achieve your goals which are different for everyone depending upon what they are looking for.
  2. You might look just same.
  3. Ashwaganda

    That's how literature suggests mate to take during day in multiple dosages. I prefer the same.
  4. Ashwaganda

    Ok. If it works for you this way, who I am to argue
  5. Ashwaganda

    That's not how it works. Ashwagandha doesnt help to put you in sleep like other sleep aid such as melatonin but it enhances your total sleep and alertness after you wake up . All the blind folded studies( IIRC 3 studies) done on Ashwagandha , participants were taking it during the day with breakfast and lunch. Infact, if my memory serves me right, Ashwagandha at a recommended dosage messes up with your sleep quality when taken around bed and it leads to brain fog and lethargy on the next day. Not very significantly but it does to an extent which can be noticable. There are not many legit studies done on Ashwagandha as far as sleep quality is concerned but there are few who tells you not to take it around bed time.
  6. Ashwaganda

    I take it one after a morning workout ~ 600mg. IIRC, it shouldnt be taken before bed. It mess up with the deep sleep.
  7. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    Sony XB series is a good one and you can look into Sennheiser. If you have got a bit more budget, looks into RHAs
  8. Curcumin, is it worth it?

    Thanks for the read but this looks more like an article rather than actual studies here. But, still looks like there is more to learn here. Thanks again.
  9. Curcumin, is it worth it?

    Not all Curcumins are equal. There are many supplement companies selling Turmeric powders in name of curcumin. If you really want to invest in one, make sure it is BCM-95. All other curcumin supplements are wastage of money as they arent absorbed.
  10. Gross veins

    Gross?. Ask people who don't have it. They ask for them in prayers
  11. Melatonin

    Have been using it from the time lockdown has happened. Works great for me. I just take it half n hr before bed and don't bother with any gadget afterwards. Start low on dosages. 3 mg is a good dose to start with.
  12. Lack of motivation ?

    Same here. Dont have enough equipments to do the routine. I just do cycling daily to stay active. Setting up a home gym now and would be again back to routine. You are not alone who has lost the motivation to do exercises in lockdown. But, some activity would definitely help with the overall mood.
  13. Arm day

    It really depends on your goals and structure. Someone with shorter limbs could get away with less frequent arms training and just doing some arm work with big lift days. However, if you are someone who have long limbs to fill in, I would advice to have an extra arm day if they are lagging. What I would suggest provided you want to really focus on them. Do biceps with a push routine and triceps work with back routine and add on top a separate arms day. Wont comment on how many sets and which exercises as it again depends on individual goals.
  14. Name suggestion for equipment brand

    Not at the moment. Currently focusing on power racks/cages, Monolift, Benches and plate loaded series for different muscle groups.
  15. Hi Folks, I am getting into manufacturing the gym related equipments. Can you please throw some ideas on the name for the brand. Equipment niche would be only limited to strength equipments and no aerobic stuff Thanks