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  1. In my opinion, there need not to be any change in the calories for training and rest days in terms of fat loss. What is your rationale behind doing it?. Do you feel your appetite take the hit on rest days and you want to milk the rest days for creating a sustainable deficit or something else?
  2. Why is white bread so popular

    Do you really believe brown bread is different from white bread?
  3. This too. 531 is a good program that takes care of linear and DUP progression so you get to work in all rep ranges while getting stronger. I just modify my intensities in 531 and don't go near 95% of the TM's.
  4. How is my bench form

    I just fear your right pec will grow more than the left. Rest all looks neat.
  5. Preferred Set/Rep Range

    For compounds, I go as low as 3 reps till 8 reps. All these ranges are spread thru 5 weeks span so basically a kind of linear progression For Isolations, it goes from 8 to 15 reps. Sets are between 8 to 12 for each muscle group.
  6. Correct bracing technique

    Yes. But, if someone would be using a narrower stand than they should, only bracing wouldn;t help them to move properly. My input was on top of bracing not saying it would help in my bracing.
  7. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Yes. Squats for more than 5 reps twice a week
  8. Correct bracing technique

    Bracing is not about keeping the back straight, it;s actually the byproduct of bracing. Brace with an aim to stack your rib cage on your pelvis and back would take care of it's own. Just to add here, your right stance would impact a lot on you back/spine. The right stance with correct bracing wouldn't your allow your back go into much hyper extension.
  9. Elbow sleeves?

    Anything neoprene with around 4mm thickness is a good to go. SBD is so expensive imo.
  10. Why do we like bodybuilding?

    Training makes me happy and all other benefits are just by product of it. And, then there are tools to achieve your goals which are different for everyone depending upon what they are looking for.
  11. Ashwaganda

    That's how literature suggests mate to take during day in multiple dosages. I prefer the same.
  12. Ashwaganda

    Ok. If it works for you this way, who I am to argue
  13. Ashwaganda

    That's not how it works. Ashwagandha doesnt help to put you in sleep like other sleep aid such as melatonin but it enhances your total sleep and alertness after you wake up . All the blind folded studies( IIRC 3 studies) done on Ashwagandha , participants were taking it during the day with breakfast and lunch. Infact, if my memory serves me right, Ashwagandha at a recommended dosage messes up with your sleep quality when taken around bed and it leads to brain fog and lethargy on the next day. Not very significantly but it does to an extent which can be noticable. There are not many legit studies done on Ashwagandha as far as sleep quality is concerned but there are few who tells you not to take it around bed time.
  14. Ashwaganda

    I take it one after a morning workout ~ 600mg. IIRC, it shouldnt be taken before bed. It mess up with the deep sleep.
  15. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    Sony XB series is a good one and you can look into Sennheiser. If you have got a bit more budget, looks into RHAs