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  1. Everything you mentioned above are secondary. Explain more about your whole program to really see what's happening.
  2. Joint support supps (namely supportmax joint)

    Bosewellia Serrata and Fish oil are the two which are staple and they make the difference in my experience.
  3. Workout recommendations

    I would do these exercises and exactly in the same order and leave two to three reps in tank till the time you are properly recovered Hamstring Curls 12-15 rep range Leg extension 12-15 rep range Goblet squats 8-10 reps (Use blood restriction method) Reverse lunges with hams and glutes focus 8-12 rep range Add RDL's when you feel comfortable 6-8 reps. Wouldn't suggest to do any unilateral movement like lunges or splits squats as they put a considerable amount of stress on knees.
  4. Arnold talking bollox 1985

    He ain't stupid.
  5. Vit D3 Dosage

    I don't live in UK mate. I get tax benefit on medical test in my country so it's a win win situation to get blood test regularly. When it comes to Fat soluable vitamins, i would suggest to keep them tested regularly. Some vitamins and minerals toxicity can lead to serious issues like D3 can wreck kidney functions if overboard
  6. Vit D3 Dosage

    8000IU keeps me at good D3 levels. I go for blood test every 4 months and adjust dosage.
  7. Training with flu

    Take Rest.
  8. Which protein after gym

    Isolate gets digested in 2 hours doesn't mean amino acids will not be remain elevated. They reach at peak but stays in stream. Moreover, add any fat source to normal whey and it will slow up the absorption instead of buying isolate or any other form which would add to your budget.
  9. Training twice a day

    Tell us more about split you are thinking of doing. twice a day for how many days per week or twice a day each day?.
  10. muscle loose during and after pct?

    Training 6 days a week is not insanity, in most cases its stupidity. What are your lifts on Big 3 if you do them?
  11. 531 pr sets or 5's pro

    Original 531 Just works fine.
  12. muscle loose during and after pct?

    Because you didn't eat and train hard enough on cycle
  13. Order of exercises on a Push day

    Facepulls Cable Flys Flat Bench Incline DB press Lateral raises And on another Push day, I would swipe Flat Bench with OHP and Incline DB press with light flat Bench press.
  14. EAAs worth using?