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  1. Which Phone from better camera point of view?

    Is the statement would be still valid if you have the s7 and wife has iPhone 7? I think iphone6s and I phone 7 have same rear camera?
  2. Which Phone from better camera point of view?

    Yeah. Heard good things about pixel 2 camera but it costs two times S7.
  3. Hello Folks, What would be your choice for buying the phone from camera perspective? My current options are IPhone 6S Samsung Galaxy S7 LG G6 Your suggestions from above 3 or any other?
  4. Suggest name for supplement company !!

    Jat labs, cutting edge, Raw...*
  5. As title says, if you would be launching a bodybuilding supplement company, what all names look good to you?
  6. PCT... It's not that difficult

    HCG and serm's have different action altogther. HCG is just about firing your Testicles by mimicking LH and SERM'S are about moving LH and FSH. So, HCG would work in presence of serm but not the other way around.
  7. Which multi vitamins?

    I wouldn't take any. Most multivitamins have minerals in forms that are poorly absorbed by body. What i do, Take a bcomplex capsule with vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D and Magnesium separately.
  8. Serious mass

    Add burgers and fries
  9. Hey Fadi, What are your views on barefoot squats and leg Press?. Is it really harmful from health of foot arch?
  10. Interview with my Doctor friend on recovery of steroids

    No. You just need to use hcg till introduce SERM's
  11. Larry wheels :- 388kgs Deadlift

    Ahh. I forgot.
  12. Interview with my Doctor friend on recovery of steroids

    Thats the reason a serm use is always advocated with HCG blast.
  13. Larry wheels :- 388kgs Deadlift

    How people get so strong?. In DNA or Years of Practice?