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  1. Lat pull down form

    Retract your scapula when your bring the bar down and protract it when you go above. When someone says they can't feel the lat pulldown, the major issue is they seem to hold their scapula in whole range of motion. Next important thing IME is the weight you are aiming to move. I have always feel that moderate weight where i can manage 12-15 reps is more suitable for lat pulldowns rather than weight where i can push between 8-12. Finally, tend to sit away from the bar, not under the bar. That would easily allow you to protract the scapula going above.
  2. Mr Olympia 2017

    99% of the things we don't know about pro bodybuilding, yet we discuss. Discussing leads to new learning mate.
  3. Steroids Labs in India

    On which date you are planning to visit Gurgaon?. Yes, it would be around 1.5 hours from the place you are staying.
  4. Steroids Labs in India

    https://www.grouptable.com/blog/best-beer-in-delhi-ncr The Best draught beers pubs in Delhi NCR. However, if you only talk about Guinness Draught, Vapour Pub and Brewery, Gurgaon (First one in the list), has it. Not sure about the rest. You can bookmark this link and give them a call and select the place.
  5. Guy wearing swastika knocked out

    There is hell lot of difference between swastika and Nazi symbol.
  6. Steroids Labs in India

    Ok. I hope you enjoy your stay mate. If ever feel the need of a help. Let me know. tc
  7. Steroids Labs in India

    It's Akshardham Temple on Noida Filmcity road. It's in Delhi opposite Noida. Where you would be staying in delhi?
  8. Steroids Labs in India

    Yup. I live in Gurgaon (Now Gurugram). It's near New Delhi. You are going to some nice places near south. Though, i don't know what you will be doing in Delhi and Noida. They are just cities with huge traffic. Some monuments, if you love history. Most of your trip is planned in South, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It's good from safety point of view and have good places to visit as well. On Agra , there is Taj mahal, Foreigners love it and it's in the seven wonder of the world, i don't understand why..lol. In Vrindhvan, you would have lot of temples , it's a religious place. Don't take and eat anything from strangers (Piece of advice). I wish we had a talk earlier and i could have really gave you the idea about the places that i guarantee you won't see anywhere else.
  9. Steroids Labs in India

    Alpha is manufactured in India and even then it's the most faked one in the market. Eminence is s**t.
  10. Steroids Labs in India

    Hmmm. Things are little different over here (India). Pharmacy shops can not keep UGL's things. They are bound to keep only the products of the companies that are ISO certified (Quality standard certification given by Govt. associations). Personally, except for Test, deca, HCG, AI, Oral Winny and SERMS, i would not purchase anything from India. Too much fakes around. You need to have a good source that can make arrangements for gear purchase. I hope you have planned to go to places in and near Himachal. Those places are where one should go rather than main stream places like Goa, Delhi, Mumbai.
  11. Steroids Labs in India

    Test prop and Tren ace , you have to depend on UGL's. Do you have any contact their? How you have thought of purchasing gear? 28 locations with in India?
  12. Steroids Labs in India

    It would be difficult for you to get the legit sources for Tren, Anadrol, Anavar. Almost everyone depends on UGL's for these products. If you have some local source at the area you would be staying, can help you out. Otherwise, for a foreign national, it's almost impossible. Below things can be directly brought from Chemist :- For Test, ask from chemist to give you Intas Testosterone Enanthate 250 Mg For HCG, Lupin is good and cheap SERM's are more or less same in quality. There are many pharma grade SERMS available in chemist shop. For Deca, ask from chemist to give you Intas Deca durabolin . Where you would be staying in India?.
  13. Steroids Labs in India

    Which AAS you are looking for? Test, Deca,Winny, HCG, HMG, AI, SERM's can be purchased over the counter
  14. Mr Olympia 2017

    Yes. It should i guess. As i said, most wise says, it's the ridiculous amount of food that is causing this issues. (Drugs would obviously play their role as well). Difference on calories is a lot generally between Physique athletes and BBers. Difference of 2500-3000 calories should make a lot of difference to our gut.
  15. 90 heart rate -never did cardio- What to do ?

    Obviously mate, it would. Healthy heart and controlled BP ensures other body parts are healthy too. You don't need to spend hours on treadmill for cardiovascular health. 15 mins Medium intensity steady cardio after the workout is perfect i believe.