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  1. I'd like to know how people dry out for their shows. 

    Do you go the average way of vitamin C? Water load? Any help with diuretics? 

    There is a guy called Scott Francis (francisdiet on social media if you want to see his clients) who does online coaching / diet. He manages to get his people crazy dry but have heard some really mixed reviews about him. Anyone had any dealings with him or know anyone that has?


  2. are you like a protein virgin or something lol I have about 30 of them, and that's just from the last 2 years, those are the ones I don't even use


    Thank you for your kind words. No, I am not a protein virgin as you refer to it. But if you care to read the post carefully you will not that it wasn't me personally who was missing the scoops it was a friend. (I'm not a fan of my protein as a supplement, personal preference)

    But keeping that amount of scoops seems excessive, especially when you say you don't even use them. But hey - each to their own.

    [MENTION=44137]tommygunz[/MENTION] thank you for offering to send them out but it is all sorted now.

  3. Honestly mate, they aren't in there. Whether the machine had a malfunction or something I do not know. You know sometimes they're at the bottom and you have to dig around a grab it out? Well this wasn't the case, there wasn't a scoop in two of the products ordered.

    [MENTION=98233]calves[/MENTION] they do include a scope in all products....

  4. Why on earth do you lot @MyProtein not include a scoop for the products? For a company with European stature you would think that by including that small device to help your customers dispense their product.

    I never use your products myself but I ordered from you for friends and they have asked me where the scoops are. I'm sure that every other supplement company supplies the scoop with the protein or whatever product it may be. I ended up giving one friend an old scoop of mine and the other friend just guesses the measurements with a tablespoon because of the inconvenience of not having the scoop.

    If you care to explain why you don't offer that I would be keen to know.

  5. Have you seen that Rich Piana vid with Mike? Very awkward at the end lol

    P.s. he definitely isn't natty... he dwarfed Rich who has juiced for years on end lol - no freak of nature can combat that

    Mike has that bloated look to his abdominal area which is generally consistent with usage. I'm not saying he is for sure but all roads do lead to him NOT being el naturell in my opinion. But that is just my opinion. Either way, he is strong as hell and looks well.

  6. Not really, think I've built up a tolerance over the years. Have had the usual racing heart rate. Did find caffeine can flare up my psoriasis as well.

    Did it really play a part in the condition of your psoriasis? With psoriasis and eczema being very closely linked and me having it I might give caffeine a miss for a few weeks to see if that affects my eczema. Dairy messes with my eczema and I avoid that where possible.

  7. I met Paul from Crayford at the British, very knowledgeable guy :thumb: Ive used Sean O'Reilly from Panthers Gym for my 3 shows this year, and cant complain with the improvements.

    There are too many people about these days that have been on stage once or twice, managed a trophy or good placing then set them selves up as prep coaches......wouldn't waste my time or money IMO, need to have someone who has been through the trenches so to speak, not just a one show wonder.


    Totally agree with the statement of those who step on stage for a couple of shows. This is why I ask the question. Knowledge is very hard to come by. Hopefully people can offer a few names.

  8. awesome gym, i was out with Paul the owner on Saturday night.....go and see Paul he will steer you right for a coach/PT

    That will explain why he wasn't in there on Saturday then!!

    His knowledge is second to none also. I'll see him tonight and discuss a few things.

    Thank you

  9. Hello all.

    I was curious to know what coaches you guys have used for leading in to competitions and prep.

    I am south London based and can reach Kent also. May I add I don't think that online coaching is for me. I believe you need to see you client in the flesh to see their progression or downfalls.


  10. It has been like this for months! 8-10 months maybe? I order mine the moment I walk out of having my injection and then either collect it or it's there waiting for me when I go to have my next injection.

    While we are on this subject does anyone fine that their injection wears off quite quickly? I am every 10 weeks and I feel that is far too far apart. By week 6 I am flagging. I've told them this and they just say - "10 weeks is the suggested treatment."

    It might well be the "suggested" treatment but we aren't all the same. Kind of feel I get fobbed off.

  11. Seeing as I get my chicken breast from my butcher, 5kg for £20 all bagged how many I eat a day. The only reason I used them is because people had praised them and my butcher was away. So no I wouldn't say it is a good deal. But it is just a matter of opinion.

    Steak is good value at Aldi may I add. So is their salmon.

    If you don't regard 5kg of chicken breast for £25 as a good deal, I would suggest you move to the states.

    I haven't really got a bad thing to say, recently ordered their cod loins to try, far cheaper than supermarket prices and just as tasty.

  12. I must say I wasn't overly impressed with their meat quality.

    The chicken I felt was quite watery, the pork steaks were fatty, the hauche steaks were a pleasant change and tasted good. The egg whites are the worst I have had by far (this was the fourth company I have used for egg whites) the bottle is so dated! Cardboard boxes for liquids, you tell me who uses that? They were also quite lumpy.

    Overall I don't I will be ordering again unless they have a deal worth ordering.

    I agree with Chris1234 in trying to find another supplier.

  13. Tried the cinnamon roll..................................

    (Feel like Paul Hollywood on the Great British bake off!!)

    Well played bespoke!!! It is the dogs doo dahs! :thumb:

    I highly recommend.

    I will be doing some cooking with it next week so will be back with a few recipes!!!!