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  1. I've had this before not that long ago. Using a very respected lab. After talking to a respected vet/ex pro he told me to wait a week, go in with an empty pin and aspirate a few times to see if the puss is still there. It wasn't. Your body is well equipt to handle these things unless it is very severe. That being said...my advice for anyone else would be to go to the docs and get it checked out. This was the method I choose to use. I'm not advising you to do the same.
  2. Trest

    @GMO ran it I think. Sure he said it's not as good as it looks on paper.
  3. I pin quads all the time. From time to time I shoot blood sometimes after ive pulled out. No biggie there's a ton of capillaries in your quads. Just aspirate and pin. Delts or ventro glutes are safest spots if your worried about where to pin.
  4. Clomid is a pretty harsh drug. It can cause the sides you mentioned.
  5. Site injections

    Imo there is no such thing as localised growth. Maybe some temporary swelling from frequent injections in the same area.
  6. Sg mtren and pretty sure it was rx labs inject oxy.
  7. How the hell did you get it for free?
  8. Used inject .5 ml mtren and 50mg inject anadrol pre work out for leg days. Used this combo for a few weeks. One word...insane.
  9. The misses runs it a couple times a year at 125mg daily. Her diet is on point. Even more so then mine but the rate of fat loss doesn't touch mine. I think sone people react better then others based on that. It is defo a s**t hot compound non the less. Like i said a ton of research, respect for it and a sensible head and you'll be fine.
  10. Test e Mast e DHB

    I'm guessing yes as its a derivative of eq if I'm not mistaken. I've not tried it though so can't answer for sure. Also, it's a very individual side. You'd have to try yourself to know for sure.
  11. Test e Mast e DHB

    Replacing it with anything else mate?
  12. Test e Mast e DHB

    Not everyone suffers anxiety from eq.
  13. Crazy mate. For some reason the fat drips off me on dnp. On my last run I dropped dnp for 4 days to see the misses and go out on the lash. We're talking a heavy night out followed by a dirty takeaway. The next day we smashed Frankie and Bennys. I must have been in a surplus both those days and I still lost weight!
  14. Test e Mast e DHB

    I really can't see tbol making a big difference in this cycle. The other compounds will overpower it to really see what effect tbol is having. No offence to @sen hes an experienced lad so im sure he's got his reasons for adding it in there. Edit: I ran sphinx tbol for 10 weeks going upto 100mg a day towards the end. Only other compound was test so I'd have been able to see what the tbol brought to the table. Added strength yes but not much else at all.