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  1. Anxiety/ocd

    How do you feel they help mate? Are you still on them? I read the first month or so is pretty bad with sides?
  2. Tri teen test 400

    Using ml to state your doses leaves alot of guesswork. 0.5ml of test could be test p which is usually 100mg/ml or test e which could be 200mg/ml or 300mg/ml or anywhere inbetween
  3. I was thinking 150 - 200 per week. Very little out there in terms of studies though.
  4. Not for me mate. To many studies linking it with cancer albeit in animal studies....still enough to avoid for me.
  5. At 35 I've decided to start playing football again twice a week for a local team. Although I'm enjoying playing again after 15 years I'm suffering with my knees and ankles. What dose would I be looking at for joint health with nandrolone? I'm cruising at the moment and will be for the foreseeable so I don't want huge doses of nandrolone in the mix. Minimum dose for effect results on my joints until they get to a point where they are strong enough to repair quickly between games with no AAS To help them. Thanks in advance
  6. Neuro pharma or sphinx ??

    Cheapest mate. Both solid labs
  7. Is this serious? You jumped into gear to gain muscle and strength. You've gained muscle and strength. Yes it's working for you mate.
  8. Deca and penis sensitivity

    19nors can do this to you so I wouldn't rule that out. Deca for me keeps me rock hard for ages but I struggle to ejacaculate. My Mrs love me on it for obvious reasons but the frustration when you can't finish is something not to be messed with
  9. Trt dose libido problems

    Ah ok. Always a possibility but very doubtful. Tried and tested lab that's stood the test of time.
  10. Trt dose libido problems

    Half dosed or less?
  11. Trt dose libido problems

    Only one way to find out
  12. Trt dose libido problems

    How small a dose of mast on your cruise? Do you have any blood work to see how it's effecting your markers while cruising?
  13. Trt dose libido problems

    Much appreciated for the input. Everything came back in range as of my last bloods in September. Oestrogen was on the high side of normal but I feel a little better with higher oestrogen anyway. I'm thinking progesterone shouldn't be a problem as I haven't run a 19nor since the beginning of the year. So I'm looking at my head being the issue. Fantastic that is. Ok I guess I'll take up yoga or something
  14. Vitamin B6 and MK677 combined?

    So has cardarine been linked to cancer? I've been reading up on it in regards to its benefits with endurance sports but I've not seen any studies that show this in test with animals. By no means am I disputing this. I'm looking for more info on it though. If the risks do outweigh the benefits then it definately is not for me. What else is out there to improve endurance that isn't to detrimental to health?
  15. Trt dose libido problems

    I usually cruise with prop anyway mate.