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  1. That’s weird regarding everyone’s appetites on var. never ever had that and it sounds like you haven’t either, pretty sure var is known to blunt people’s appetites normally aswell?
  2. Anavar cramps

    Yep I get the same mate, 75mg of decent var is all I can handle without cramps all over day and night, it’s a right pain in the arse! Taurine doesn’t seem to do much to help it for me.
  3. More Black top hyge blood work

    Good work mate, thanks
  4. Intexpharma

    The test e did it’s job and a little bit pippy but not the worst
  5. UFC 253 - anyone else notice?

    Yeah he does look jacked but in an almost natty way though if you know what I mean? If you get anywhere close the that body fat level and size on a decent amount of gear (where you’re not afraid of testing) guarantee you’re gonna be vascular as f**k 24/7 yet he and Romero are not. Look at vitor belfort years back before usada got proper on top of testing and “ trt”was allowed and he had veins on top of veins like hosepipes all over. My point is, I’d wager they are using something but it’s mostly down to amazing genetics the reason they look like that and it’s very minimal. yeah not a fan of izzys in terms of his personality for sure, needs humbling. reyes was just getting into his stride when jan won, feel bad he got robbed in the Jones fight, deffo won 3 of the 5, to have done that and not get the prestige of officially beating the light heavyweight GOAT on his record must absolutely eat away at him.
  6. Good card, particularly last three fights, awesome performances by blachowich and israel but did anyone else notice that Izzy has grown a serious case of gyno on his right side?
  7. ROHM labs Test-E

    Thought rohm did test heptylate instead of enanthate?
  8. SG TTM

    Am I unusual in that I never get pip from an oil whilst injecting. My pip always comes at the earliest about 6 hours later and that’s if it’s gonna be really severe. Often it doesn’t appear until the day after or the day after that?
  9. Dimensions yohimbine

    @knuckleheed2Haha yeah, remember the donal McIntyre one aswell. Can’t remember which one it was but I remember one of them had Paul boresson on it. our paths sound amazingly similar, freakishly so! I started training 26yrs ago when I was 15 and properly skinnyfat and did my first cycle (primo from OL Skouvara) when I was 19 after adding about 3.5 stone naturally. I remember an order from p and b once took 3 months to arrive! Lol i too apologise for derailing the thread to the OP as really it was me that did so! Haha
  10. Dimensions yohimbine

    Omg yeah that’ll be the same place! Haha did the exact same thing, good old musclemedia lmao trying to think of the name of the place, it’ll come to me. I got hooked up with a Greek pharmacy called OL Skouvara off that mag aswell. Could get testoviron, Norma deca, nolva and clomid by sending a postal order haha i also got the address of p and b labs in India off the front door of the undercover investigative tv programme “the Cooke report” about the dangers of mail order steroids. Sent a letter to them and got a list back with test/deca and pronabol 5’s (dbol) you could buy straight from the manufacturer. Yep I agree, they don’t know how easy they have it these days. I didn’t have the balls to ask about gear in the gym all those years back and there was no internet back then. Well not where you could order gear from anyway!
  11. Dimensions yohimbine

    OMG I remember those tiny blue yohimbine balls! They were pharma grade IIRC but can’t remember which company it was. Good stuff. First time I used yohimbine I used was another pharmacy grade, think they were Greek? They were a combo of yohimbine and methyltest. Probably not ideal for fat loss at methyltest aromatazes heavily but great pre workout and a great libido enhancer. used dims, rx and Sphinx since then, rx and Sphinx were decent but not like the others I just mentioned. Dims was shite
  12. New sust lab needed

    Dragon or rohm
  13. Clen- pretty sure I fooked up something in my muscles from running it quite a bit years back, went up to silly doses of pharma stuff and never really saw THAT much in terms of fat loss. Shaking like a shitting dog all day and night, cramping up all the time and I think it’s whats caused my tremors, when lifting stuff I shake even if it’s not heavy, calms down a lot after a while once my muscles get warm but still always there. eq- tried it loads over the years and never got much out of it even up towards 2g/wk
  14. Also how long after shooting did you do the test?
  15. Pretty sure stuff like green tea and NAC remove heavy metals from your system. Might be making up the NAC but I’m 99% sure green tea does it.