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  1. Dunnings DHB

    I'm getting no pip aswel which makes me suspicious
  2. Dunnings DHB

    To be fair I waited weeks for delivery but I put that down to covid so maybe they just always take that long?
  3. Dunnings DHB

    It's not exactly crashed properly but it's got a few crystals in the vial.. how did you get on with it pal?
  4. Dunnings DHB

    Appreciate the info mate I'll look into that
  5. Dunnings DHB

    Hows dunnings labs doing these days? Just picked up this DHB and also the test enanthate is from hilma biocare
  6. what's the crack with these British dispensary yellow 10mg dbol? Has anyone used them because theres alot of mixed reviews some saying there fake and others saying there spot on
  7. Halo

    Thank you mate that would be a big help
  8. Halo

    Phenom Pharma halo any experience lads? I’m praying this is legit halo!
  9. Help please?

    Thanks for the info mate sounds promising
  10. Help please?

    Seems tobe a different tub to the one I’ve got maybe mines the new packaging?
  11. Help please?

    I need help with this one lads I’ve just picked up these March pharmaceutical dbol but I know there’s alot of fakes going around so any help to identify if there real would be appreciated thanks
  12. Sphinx halo

    our lass likes a thumb up the bum can’t be helped ??‍♂️
  13. Sphinx halo

    What do you reckon lads? Anyone rate the sphinx orals? looks legit and there's a strong chemical smell which I hope means somthing good lol
  14. Sphere generics oxys

    Thanks for the advise mate appreciate it
  15. Sphere generics oxys

    I've bought online a few times pal but also been ripped off a few times aswel so I try stick to my trusted source now because it's always good gear but these are new to him and to me so thought I'd give them a test drive lol