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  1. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    Labour voters?
  2. Should i sneak out?....

    Yeah, just do what you like. You could even beat your wife when you get back, just for bants I mean
  3. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    I disagree it's mainly @drwae who's to blame. Then vegans, then millennials
  4. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    Melenial scum
  5. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    Is there a porn catogory for that?
  6. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    That narrator's voice is hard to endure though. Sounds like an English sounding Steven Hawkins. (I know Steven was English, even though he spoke with a robotic American accent God rest his soul)
  7. Any ideas on lunch meals for work? I've got in a bad habit of wenzel's everyday and pies. I work a dirty hands on job and its convenient to buy food on the go. Getting back to training now and need some good fuel. Cheers
  8. Other forums for men

    Gaybodybuilder. co. uk
  9. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Only if they have a sit down wee
  10. https://youtu.be/4LjHnWsa2aY
  11. That will make up for for slavery being abolished in 1807. Smelly casper bitches
  12. Spaghetti armed liar
  13. Once I ordered a whole load of poperdoms, ran away and looked back. I knew I'd made it in life that day. I even ordered mango chutney!
  14. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    His hair line looks like @Kazza61 after all my posts