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  1. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    BLM described in a nutshell, apart from the marxist and racism stuff
  2. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    It's clear what they are trying to do but I don't know why, divide and conquer maybe? What's more unbelievable is how people still eat up the s**t put out in the news
  3. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    Agreed. BLM and a lot of mainstream media have been calling it a racist murder and trying to incite more "largely peaceful) protests.
  4. Mayor of London

    Who else is running. I've moved up in the world so I'm no longer a London boy
  5. Mayor of London

    This man is the worst thing in the world, including aids
  6. Gym showers

    Showers are closed. 50 minute pre book sessions at my gym, at about the 45 minute mark they come round and chase you out. Gyms are dead now. Home gyms are the way forward
  7. Dark Ghost covid vaccine

    OK mate, then a real shower after yeah?
  8. Dark Ghost covid vaccine

    You're out of order, I was going to start this post.
  9. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    I'd never argue for excessive force. People abuse power as soon as its given to them, so we should hold the police to very high standards. I just almost disbelieve everything the main stream media report, they are pushing a narrative and its a very deliberate narrative. What's your thoughts on the tennage girl shot by police in ohio?
  10. The posts have become boring again on general chat

    You cheeky sausage you. I do have a deep sense of self loathing though.
  11. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    I can't imagine it would. We are back to this argument again though. So here's my recommendation... If a police officer approaches you to arrest you, how about not fighting back? If you're tazered, maybe just stay on the floor and then sue the police if it was not lawful. If you try to fight the police, guess what they are going to fight you, and they have weapons The police sadly have some undesirable people working for them but part of their job is to arrest people and use force if the assailant doesn't want to be arrested.
  12. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    It does say in the link you posted that he had serious health conditions. "ubiquitously", good word smarty pants
  13. I'm considering trolling again as a woke cuck. Any other ideas on how to spice things up?
  14. derek chauvin Is going...

    Agreed to a certain extent. I've never lived in America or visited so I don't know. I do know that the media have no love for the police and its an easy story. My main worry though is police will and should quit on mass in America, and then what are you left with? Chaz is a good example.