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  1. You're a disgusting human being
  2. Another lockdown?

    What does lock down look like where you are mate, is it literally the same as before? gyms and Costa closed?
  3. Chicken chicken chicken

    I'm vegan bro
  4. Whatsapp ..... WTF ?

    You can do group chats on it and find out when people have seen your messages. You can also do video calls and group video calls. That's it really mate.
  5. How Much you spend on food per month?

    Ditch the "normal food", eat dog food instead, very high in protein and its gluten free. Not only will you be able to eat meals as a family with your dogs, you'll save lots of money. Just saved you $250 a week, you're welcome.
  6. Whisky/Whiskey

    You're not a real scotsman!
  7. Whisky/Whiskey

    Yamazaki 12 year is my favourite Talisker 10 2?d favorite
  8. Coronavirus Testing

    Tell us more...
  9. Coronavirus Testing

    Depends if work would pay me. If I got paid to be off then I'd carry out my civic duty and isolate with porn and whisky for 2 week
  10. I reported a misogynist

    @vetran some sort of reaction please
  11. Business ideas

    If you want to do it you can. If you have the money and have any particular interest in a trade though there are plenty of courses you can do, these are normally condensed and you'll by no means be a professional by the end of tr hen however you'll probably be paid a slightly better rate if you go and work for a firm and learn on the job.
  12. I reported a misogynist

    So as you all know me and Vet have got serious beef between us. I just can't stand the way he's always making sexist comments and not respecting women. He's a complete misogynist and quite possibly a Nazi. Anyway I reported him and he's got 3 warning points And the best of it is, he'll never know its me!
  13. Show me your best tattoo that you yourself designed

    I designed this myself