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  1. Xbox series x/PS5

    Yes but I'm not into video games
  2. Why all the haters?!

    I've tried numerous times to get you banned. I just detest you mate, but don't take it personally.
  3. Daddy wants milk

    I don't drink milk because I'm vegan. If I ever catch you drinking milk again I'll bang you out fam
  4. Is Amsterdam a sh1t place to live? I guess because of all the drug tourists, but it is a nice looking place, lots of rivers and greenery. I've experienced Amsterdam at night and day (trip with Mrs and stag do) , and during the day it's got a whole different feel, in a good way. I always assumed the locals would avoid the tourists bits and it was probably a nice place to live.
  5. Butlins in Skegness, it was breathtaking.
  6. Laser eye surgery

    I can't remember which is which but there is lasik and lesek, I had the one which they slice open your eye. I think its lasek, most people are suited for the lesik though and it's relatively pain free from what I hear. Mine was very very painful for the two weeks after but very well worth it.
  7. Magic mushrooms

    They are dried my pedigree chum. As I understand it the reason they say chew them well is so they are easier to dizzolve in your stomach. So I guess it's not so much it makes them stronger but perhaps you come up quicker.
  8. Magic mushrooms

    There's lots of sites who are selling them and that's what it says there under consumption. They also say not to boil them when making tea as this apparently degrades them. I've got no idea about all this mate so my knowledge is all from reading right now
  9. Magic mushrooms

    I've heard peanut butter works well too. I'll tell you what mate if I can locate some then we can have sex.
  10. Seriously hench woman

    Does she even lift bro?
  11. Magic mushrooms

    What do you mean there? I heard the more you chew it the stronger it will be. Do you mean make it in a tea? Or stick it in a baguette with some sausage and ketchup?
  12. Magic mushrooms

    I was calling my self the t**t, but I would agree you are too
  13. Magic mushrooms

    I remember the video
  14. Magic mushrooms

    Well there's not much to cure here mate apart from being a bit of a t**t Lots of people saying they can be used for self development though, and they are life changing PM if you happen to remember where I can pick some
  15. Magic mushrooms

    Well apparently my mentally impaired friend, its impossible to get addicted as the more you do the less effect it has, so you need to wait a long time before it has an effect on you. Joe rogan did a podcast on it saying kickboxers were using it, and they could see their opponants next kick or punch before it happened.