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  1. Gentech

    Anyone used their dbol?
  2. Anyone used them recently??? I Can only get them for dbol and wanted to find out if they are good.
  3. Elixir pharma dbol any good !?

    Any updates on this or did you poison yourself ?
  4. Long blast and cruise short break

    That's pretty much what's going on in my head. Haha
  5. Hello guys.. . I was on a blast n cruise for a year and a half. Came off to have a baby. Mrs is pregnant after a week off the B&C. Been a month since PCT and I'm sad to say I'm becoming weak and chubby. I feel like I've gone from super man to Clark Kent. Thinking of jumping back on soon. Anyone have any experiences of this? Any advice is appreciated
  6. Any boxers on here?

    No I'm joking mate. You don't do sparring for a while from what I've been told. But looking forward to it. It will be a good outlet for work, maybe stop me from thinking about murdering my colleagues
  7. Which movie character are you most like?

    Frank the tank "Old school"
  8. Any boxers on here?

    Anyway I'm going tonight so I'll put anything relevant up for people who are thinking of starting. I'll probably let everyone know if I get beaten up as well.
  9. Any boxers on here?

    OK that's some good advice thanks very much
  10. Any boxers on here?

    Want to do something as well as the gym and try boxing. Have not done any boxing since I was a kid and that was fairly sporadic. Any advice on what I can expect? Going to a local one tomorrow.
  11. Quitting alcohol

    Well done mate. Have you gone out on any work nights or out with friends within this time. Going out next week. But have told people I'm not drinking already. Just wondering if maybe I should turn up late. Or just not bother as I'll be bored
  12. Quitting alcohol

    Can't find that sub forum bud. Maybe I'm being thick. Could you post a link
  13. Quitting alcohol

    In what way is it better? Do you find it had effected your social life?
  14. Quitting alcohol

    Yeah that's a big plus for me as well. I know I'll be better in the gym. And my food intake will be better as well. I just need to find other ways to wind down, and find other things to-do, other than go to the pub
  15. Quitting alcohol

    Any suggestions then mate. I'm thinking a whole life style change is a good idea. I get what you mean about using alcohol to unwind. Trouble is it's got the the point where I use it stop thinking now.