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  1. I don’t fancy putting the gel on my balls 2 times a every day to be honest . Not really practical for work ! I might tell them I dont want treatment at this time and just pin Normal sust .
  2. Thanks gents , got my second set of results today (medichecks) 4.47 , so a sold f**k all happening there .... I have bloods with my gp tomorrow so maybe next week before we have any kind of conversation. I doubt il go with the nhs treatment I’m also diabetic and they are appalling with helping me with that to . Il post when I know more .
  3. I’ve been off for a year , as you would expect i am producing nothing naturally . I’ve done a medichecks I’m booked in for a test with the gp practice and I’ve ordered another medichecks .. I'm really low 4.87nmol/l it’s worse than I expected if I’m honest , but you know what your potentially doing when start big stacks and long cruises . So I accept it . but , from what I read the nhs sound shocking quality of care , and there seem to be lots of private clinics offering trt so I was wondering if you guys had insight you would share .
  4. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    I was getting bullied so had a break ! your looking well .
  5. I rate nexus most highly , but I would probably run any labs tests e .
  6. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    I can almost taste your farter in this pic .
  7. Im inviting you to my home to talk to me face to face little man .il do that publicly if you like , you keep avoiding it so just look like a massive vagina with a bit of discharge. Anyone reading I don’t know this clown. never interacted with him at all , he just started s**t ? i have no idea why . But seems like the adult thing to do meet up sort it out , non of us like the internet hero’s that don’t do anything in real life . Ive extended the invetation , he can shut up and move on or pop on over for a cup of tea , tell me all about his problem with me . i will even pay his petrol bill so his mums not out of pocket .
  8. Blasts are great , cruise are gay , but better than pct .
  9. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Smaller hands and shollower cervix to
  10. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    I don’t want to molest him though .....
  11. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Yeah, your a miniature , that’s even hotter ...,
  12. How do people afford to live

    Here is a clue anyone that’s making enough money won’t tell you how they do it , they tend to only talk about that stuff with other people making money , and then they all lie about it . I’ been poor then wealthy and poor all over again in 10 years . The reality is over drafts and credit cards . Make extra money where you can , second job , or get a job that pays overtime . my being a father days are behind me thank f**k , I look back and panic thinking about it . As you get older people separate into two groups those with investments those without , the without group tend to live wage cheque to wage cheque . Investments group manage to underspend monthly on average . Good news is , most the people I know with a bit of money aren’t university types , mostly skilled labour types (plumbers , heating engineers, builders ) with get up and go . But my advice would be look A way from “what mates are doing “ start thinking long term . If your mrs don’t like work your probably f**ked anyway (been there) if your young be prepared for the hardest years of your life , but make them worth it , get the ability to earn prioritised , focus and graft like f**k !
  13. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Are you only 5.4 . Thats added a dimension to this purving I like . You look very talm in photos, it’s those long legs !
  14. HUMULIN M3

    Wonder why it’s free (dead people everywhere with mercenary wife’s who want the space in the cupboard for chocolate ) I dont even understand the blood glucose numbers yet . I’ve got two machines here , just never used one . Have you got a better muscle pump or anything ? Muscle bursting ready to train ?