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  1. Last chance for deca

    could just be a drug you dont get much from. Or youre expecting too much from it? There are many factors other than just the drug you use as to why you dont get the best out of it.
  2. Last chance for deca

    running test higher than deca, never run the other way around. Deca im running 900mg at the moment and had great results from it, I carry more body fat than most as im switching from powerlifting to bodybuilding, but soon to change when I cut in 2-3 weeks. Used test e, deca, oxys and I must say best cycle ive ran so far for strength and muscle gain too. Run for 14 weeks, control your estrogen and eat clean. Youll benefit the most from this.
  3. Is EQ Underrated

    Im cutting down until december in next 2-3 weeks then when I start back on a bulk, ill be looking at staying lean as possible so will be running sust, npp, eq and small amount of prop too every npp jab to fit in with the sust. 19nors are great of course, but the general sides that come with it are what bring it down. Back on tren ace 1ml eod for when I cut down to see how I get on with it, had a bad experience with tren the last time it was e though and never felt great on it.
  4. PCA Class Categories - which am I?

    looking at competing in a PCA event in Shrewsbury in about 2 years time. Im 6ft 4, can I have my own category for all the 5ft 11 and 6ft manlets??????
  5. Are human sources going out of fashion?

    i used to use online sources when i first started but that was lack of knowledge of people who sold. Also the fact I could order and bank transfer and that was that. Now, I use a person from the lab direct. And I know many people who prefer person to person contact rather than online and transferring money to people you dont know.
  6. Is EQ Underrated

    well yeah it is mild in the sense that the drug has a big ester weight therefore 1g means you only get 500mg as you say, so it is classed as mild as you need to use perhaps 1.5-2g to get a good dose inside you. Similar to primo, that means you would have to use a high dose to get any sort of great/quick results out of it and I refer back to my original post for what people think of that. I love EQ, only used it once at about 900mg and enjoyed it, but I can see why others would choose tren or deca or npp over EQ
  7. Is EQ Underrated

    wouldnt say underrated, i think its just because its a mild compound like primo is. People nowadays want huge size and quick gains with minimal patience so go for the likes of tren over EQ or primo (and the fact with primo, its very expensive too) for example.
  8. overdrawn thanks to steroids lol. whether they received orders or not youd be still overdrawn, i think your finances need to be in order first... never ordered with TM, just lolled at that statement though
  9. Welfare: A good or bad idea?

    I believe welfare should come with a job. Unless its legitimate sickness; whether thats through injury and inability to work. unfortunately many people claim sick injured welfare and probably 95% of them are able to work, just cant be arsed. If they put those on welfare into job sectors that are struggling, like a sort of agency work, it would be much more beneficial. To claim welfare, you had to do 'x' amount of hours a week doing community work or something local to the person so if they cant drive, commute etc, theres no excuses as to why they cant work. Pretty much, people on standard welfare should be forced to work for their money rather than earn it from f all other than visit the job centre once every so often. Jobs that benefit others in the local community, easy to commute to, minimal hassle and no excuses. No work no pay like the rest of the working class. Too many people today claim to be sick, depression and anxiety being the worst of them all. Im not saying there isnt cases of crippling anxiety or depression that can cause people not to be able to work and function like a regular human being with day to day contact with another person, but its very over exaggerated, its almost become a social craze and a trend to claim you have depression. And this is coming from somebody who had bad depression with prescribed meds for over 3 years in my late teens. Guess what ended up contributing to getting me out of the state I was in? Work. Working and socialising with other humans who made me realise my life was not so bad and helped get me out of the mess I was in.
  10. Girlfriend getting groped

    lmao go and find the biggest bouncer there is and let them sort it. If theyre anything like me, i cant stand it lol and will chuck the c*nt out by the scruff of the neck without being asked twice and we get away with it too. Im not one for 'she shouldnt be wearing slutty clothes' because they can wear what they want. I speak to a lot of girls who wear f all on a night out and they actually are nice girls and half the sluts are the ones dressed in jeans. But if it seems to keep happening to her then surely something is up lol. I know my missus would slap the cnut if he grabbed her ass or wouldnt leave her alone.
  11. IGF-1 legit and worth it?

    IGF1 available on peptides sites is IGF1 LR3, its not actual IGF1. Im sure the only place to get real IGF1 is probably in asia isnt it? and its going to be f******ckin expensive. Not sure what any peptides are like for the pump for a show but I know for muscle building they dont really offer much or any benefit at all.
  12. start him at 16, get him loaded up with test, get him in whatever the main revenue stream will be by that time (talking at least 20 years for me year), make me money winner winner. Worse comes to worst I have somebody to train with for a fair few years
  13. id just slipped out the womb and p*ssed on the nurse because she moved me from my comfy spot. It was at that point everybody knew I was hard as fk
  14. Start on 300mg if its your first cycle, see how you react with regards to side effects with estrogen, blood pressure etc. Then you can always up your dose later on during the cycle or your second one. If you dont want children and dont really care about your balls, HCG isnt necessary at all. PCT I cannot be sure with AI as I dont PCT myself, however I would go with you dont need the AI during PCT? Drinking do as you wish many drink on and off cycle and dont care, just probably will hinder what youve worked hard for especially post cycle. Just jab the needle in the rubber bung, makes no difference where really. And no it wont leak
  15. Onyxia Labs

    lmao yes im sure I dont mean Onyx.