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  1. Onyxia Labs - 10 week review

    I’m not bodybuilding, I used to don’t get me wrong. But I’m now going into strongman. i have a bench video in the strength PB thread. I’ve added about 25kg bench from 165kg to 190kg (tried 200 afterwards and failed on the lockout) , I’m now squatting heavy again after rehabbing my knee at 222.5kg. Aiming for 260kg by new year and if I’m peaking right I should get there. Haven’t deadlifted for 8 months where I did 260kg for a single, 2 weeks into it I deadlifted 260kg for a treble last week. So i go off numbers really now, everything for me is positive and going well.
  2. Onyxia Labs - 10 week review

    Damn you caught me, I’ll see myself out and create a new account
  3. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Glad to have a catch up on your journal @Chelsea been a while but you just get bigger and stronger! Whats the goals now over the next 6 months?
  4. Onyxia Labs - 10 week review

    My personal results prove otherwise, enjoy your bitterness
  5. After a couple years bouncing from Renvex (my first course), to AP, to Alliance and some pharma Test250 and to SIS and Sphinx I’ve tried highly rated pharma a to UG Labs. My recent Labs I’ve been using for the past 10 weeks is Onyxia. A new lab to me at very good prices so thought why not give it a whirl. I wasn’t using Sphinx and SIS and come to the end of the gear. Sphinx Test300 hurts like a motherfka always giving pip, apparently just a bad batch but until proven otherwise I won’t go back as it was such an awkward jab. SIS Deca too was smooth and did the job but both Labs on the expensive side compared to Onyxia I was looking at. Been using their: Test E300 Deca400 Anadrol50 4 weeks Tren Ace100 10 weeks in and I’m glad i took the risk which I don’t usually do after reading some horror stories on crappy Labs on here. test e300 is smooth, leaving minimal pip and felt much better than on the Sphinx. Not just pip wise but hormone wise too, I think it was Sphinx TE300 that had the lab test coming back at 220 or something? Not sure... Deca400 got me nervous, jabbed 2ML most at a time and no pip at all, less than the Test E, I know it’s legit as my joints don’t ache now and my left knee has 0 pain now when squatting. Feeling full all time not going to say it’s worked wonders as all the gear ive used I can’t say what did what as I put size and strength on in abundance. Anadrol50 was great, used SIS before (I know they have bad oral rep but they still worked for me), back on the Onyxia Drol now after having 4 on 6 off. Definitely working, deadlift gone up 9 days in after stalling for a week and slight acid reflux if I don’t eat for a little longer than I should. Tren Ace was potent. Didn’t use it long enough to give you the full picture, but I definitely sweated a great deal and strength shot up about week 2. Appetite died a little bit which tren always does to me. Only had 1 vial which I got free and tren doesn’t fit into what I want at the moment but would certainly try it longer to get a better picture. attached a few photos as well if used Test E and Tren Ace and some untouched Deca. Packaging looks smooth and professional. Would like holograms or something on them though just for the added cool packaging factor. Cant see this being ‘faked’ anytime soon as it’s not a huge lab I don’t think, but thought it would be useful to post up here if anybody comes across the gear in the future.
  6. Post your best lifts

    Thanks man, only really trained below 6-8 reps for a couple weeks in the past, kind of regret that now! powerlifting seems to technical for me with the training style, think I'm more suited to the turn up, lift heavy and go home and strongman seems to fit the bill for that. I mean I might get injured a lot and then I'll reconsider but at my age, I want to try it early and see what I make of it! But yeah certainly do agree with the gyms, just have to make do with what I have. Need to borrow some bodies truck and their spare tyres... thanks!
  7. Post your best lifts

    Just to follow on from my previous post. i am going into strongman yes and I know bench is much a forgotten lift in strongman but I will never not bench. I aim to hit 300kg deadlift 260kg squat and 220kg bench by early next year and then compete in an amateur local powerlifting event for chits and giggles just to get used to a competitive scenario. After this I will make the transition into strongman and end up at strength asylum in Stoke for proper event training as my gym only provides a thick bar which will and has helped greatly for strengthening my grip of thicker and stiff bars, log press and circus sized dumbbell. Calories im sitting at around 5000 now after tapering up from the diet. Will be pushing up 500 cals when my body weight stalls. I don't want to eat 8-10k calories off the bat, I want my strength to go up as quick if not quicker than my body weight as I do not want to be that stupid huge fat guy to be successful in strongman, I'd rather be mobile and athletic like strongmen of old
  8. Post your best lifts

    After making the transition drastically to go into bodybuilding in July, i sat down with a coach and discussed possibilities. We come to an agreement that I am probably too tall for bodybuilding stage (6ft4) and would drown out on stage looking like chit. I've decided I want to go into strongman and see how long my joints last as I seem to hold strength well even when dieting and for my height/rep range I do believe I am fairly strong (after much convincing from others who argued with me for hours after me saying I don't feel strong at all). anyway enough rambling, this bench was just before I dieted for bodybuilding back in early September. since then I have dieted for 6 weeks and moved into strongman so have put more size on and then some. At this time I was off virtually all drugs, perhaps about 500mg max test in me after half life and minimal deca sub 100mg I believe. I went for a single and managed to get a double (yes I have since thrown the t shirt out as is it very small on me now...) 180kg x2 bench just yesterday 10 days back into strength training and back on the drugs, I pushed 170kg for an easy treble so my target for end of December is a 200kg single. I want 220kg before I am 23 in July, that is a main goal for me! IMG_6595.mp4
  9. Last chance for deca

    could just be a drug you dont get much from. Or youre expecting too much from it? There are many factors other than just the drug you use as to why you dont get the best out of it.
  10. Last chance for deca

    running test higher than deca, never run the other way around. Deca im running 900mg at the moment and had great results from it, I carry more body fat than most as im switching from powerlifting to bodybuilding, but soon to change when I cut in 2-3 weeks. Used test e, deca, oxys and I must say best cycle ive ran so far for strength and muscle gain too. Run for 14 weeks, control your estrogen and eat clean. Youll benefit the most from this.
  11. Is EQ Underrated

    Im cutting down until december in next 2-3 weeks then when I start back on a bulk, ill be looking at staying lean as possible so will be running sust, npp, eq and small amount of prop too every npp jab to fit in with the sust. 19nors are great of course, but the general sides that come with it are what bring it down. Back on tren ace 1ml eod for when I cut down to see how I get on with it, had a bad experience with tren the last time it was e though and never felt great on it.
  12. PCA Class Categories - which am I?

    looking at competing in a PCA event in Shrewsbury in about 2 years time. Im 6ft 4, can I have my own category for all the 5ft 11 and 6ft manlets??????
  13. Are human sources going out of fashion?

    i used to use online sources when i first started but that was lack of knowledge of people who sold. Also the fact I could order and bank transfer and that was that. Now, I use a person from the lab direct. And I know many people who prefer person to person contact rather than online and transferring money to people you dont know.
  14. Is EQ Underrated

    well yeah it is mild in the sense that the drug has a big ester weight therefore 1g means you only get 500mg as you say, so it is classed as mild as you need to use perhaps 1.5-2g to get a good dose inside you. Similar to primo, that means you would have to use a high dose to get any sort of great/quick results out of it and I refer back to my original post for what people think of that. I love EQ, only used it once at about 900mg and enjoyed it, but I can see why others would choose tren or deca or npp over EQ
  15. Is EQ Underrated

    wouldnt say underrated, i think its just because its a mild compound like primo is. People nowadays want huge size and quick gains with minimal patience so go for the likes of tren over EQ or primo (and the fact with primo, its very expensive too) for example.