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  1. Back to Strength

    Thank you. I shall see what I can achieve in competition in February
  2. Back to Strength

    Thank you for your input @Fadi it is very much appreciated. I think I should have given more detail on the assistance work I do so here it is: Front Squat 4x6 OHP 4x8 BB Row 4x8 Arm Superset of: skull crushers x10 hammer curls x10 Repeat for 4 sets. I selected these exercises with the thought that I could be covering every area and to not leave anything out. Specifically I chose to front squat as I have read the benefits of this exercise a lot but never but them into practice so I thought now is the time. All of these assistance exercises above I aim to complete twice per week in addition to my 3 main compound sessions. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what I am doing and why and I welcome your further input. Thank you.
  3. Back to Strength

    @Fadi @Ultrasonic can I ask what you think of my routine please? Any feedback or constructive criticism is very welcome ?
  4. I totally agree along with your advice @Fadi this forum is brilliant for help.
  5. Back to Strength

    Just for the record and because I’m bored here’s my program: Monday: Squat and Bench 3x3 Wednesday : Dead Lift 3x3 Friday: Squat and Bench 3x3 At the moment as I’m returning back to training I’m going linear by just trying to beat whatever I did the previous session for that lift. I know I’ll stall at some point so then I’ll take a more detailed and structured approach. Also on other days of the week if I can around childcare and work I will do a full body assistance day. All high reps.
  6. Back to Strength

    Well I didn’t compete in November but I am in February.
  7. Looks like what is called a power building routine these days. There’s nothing wrong with that by the way. As said above by more competent members it depends on your goal. I prefer to spend my time and effort on my main goal, strength. I’m in the gym approximately 1 hour per session and all my work is intense. I’ve never been a fan of doing a ton of high rep assistance exercises after my main compound work. I do my assistance on seperate days. I have 3 x main compound days per week and 2 x assistance days per week.
  8. KK

    RIP X
  9. UKM Lifting League v2

    Quality lifts them!
  10. UKM Lifting League v2

    Thanks. They were all 2nd lifts, I failed 210kg on squat, 110kg on bench and 220kg on DL. Bench is something I’ve always struggled with. But determined this time around to improve it massively this time around.
  11. UKM Lifting League v2

    This was the last time I maxed out back in 2015. 100kg BW Unassisted Raw with knee wraps 190/100/200 - 490kg total
  12. UKM Lifting League v2

    Starting from scratch on Monday with a few blocks of 531 then will peak just before Xmas.
  13. UKM Lifting League Table

    Yeah I’m game