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  1. Putting a bet on the fight

    £50 on @Slagfaces misses to have boots filled with man milk drippage at this festival
  2. Putting a bet on the fight

    £50 on Mcgregor to enter like Nazim
  3. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    just shot my load listening to your bird say "one more" changing that to my ring tone and getting your face on a stringer only use disabled toilets now to might also start letting my spotter lift my last 4 reps for me lol jokes looking BIG hun
  4. Estimated body fat

    good stuff mate but what can you decline? @Natty Steve'o is prob more ripped than you at 200kg body weight x
  5. Who's going reading festival

    pics mate get some fckin pics up x
  6. Would you re-rack your weights?

    won't take long to whip the 5s off mate
  7. Who's going reading festival

    I'd go jousting with @Slagface mate, double vag or double A is all part of the game
  8. Who kidnapped ghost.recon and ElChapo?

    I'm inside ghost recon
  9. Moving to Japan

    don't they already have rent boys in japan mate?
  10. Who's going reading festival

    go pro at the ready
  11. Who's going reading festival

    I'm going If you see me mate, feed me a burger, I'll be elbow deep the entire time so won't be able to feed myself
  12. When to lower weight of lifts on contest prep

    same weights, lose a rep here or there.
  13. TUDCA and Winstrol Question

    I ran a TUDCA only cycle, added 20lbs lean mass
  14. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    @Ross1991 good to see you've been let out your dungeon IN