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    Sustanation got a reaction from ThatsLife in Meal prep   
    I'd rather eat my own teeth than continue this conversation you don't know a wristlock from a wrist watch.
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    Sustanation got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Meal prep   
    Well at least you see the error of your ways.
    And while we are being pedantic....Thinking about crossing the road before you do is a sensible thing, looking left and right before you pull out of a junction is another sensible thing, asking about fu**ing plastic containers and what shapes and sizes is flat out retarded so don't apply one saying to overlook that your question was stupid.  
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    Sustanation got a reaction from ThatsLife in Meal prep   
    I'd rather eat my own teeth than continue this conversation you don't know a wristlock from a wrist watch.
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Lovelyjubly in Muscle Dynamics blue book   
    Anyone remember this old gem?
    I brought mine after seeing an article in the back of an FHM magazine when I was 16, sold my copy aged 30 and always regretted it as I got my best gains off it from aged 16-20 and also because the books long out of print.
    Randomly came across a guy selling 50 brand new copies in their original shipping box so I brought 10 copies lol.
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    Sustanation got a reaction from KETONES in Muscle Dynamics blue book   
    Look on Amazon how much they are going for mate about £130 and thats for used copies, if you wanted one PM me as I never really considered selling any just wanted them for reference and fond memories (give a copy to my son when he's 16 etc) I wont charge a stupid price.
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Thedynamitekid in What to expect from 500 test 200 tren?   
    Expect 700mg
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Frankie.88 in Rohm Test Undecanoate   
    Standard NHS protocol for nebido is 4ml every 12 weeks or so, so I could get away with 1ml  of this every 21 days, sounds good in my books much less jabbing. 
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Lonewolf333 in Pharmaqo labs super Sus 400   
    Very little info on them? 
    They are Isis/infiniti/SIS labs, anabolic labs has shown the test cyp is dosed well, they get slated a lot, if I didn't have access to my main go to then I'd consider them (Changed my mind compared to a few months back) but they wouldn't be my first choice that's for sure. 
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    Sustanation reacted to TERBO in Pharmaqo labs super Sus 400   
    I agree with you... if the other 12 most recommended labs all closed I'd consider them too 
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    Sustanation reacted to Clubber Lang in What Lab for Anavar ?   
    i do my best to get hold of Neuro Pharma 10 and 50mg Var for me and the missus.
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Bensif in Nexus or Rohm proviron   
    ROHM but would take pharma over both if the choice was there. 
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Stroudyo in I can’t inject myself   
    Way too low upper right quadrant is what you need..... And a shave. 
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    Sustanation reacted to MrBrightside in Triumph new look   
    I thought Pfizer got their GH off triumph? 
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    Sustanation reacted to TERBO in Rohm labs legit?   
    At bottom of reply box use the attachment option, click on Choose Files> find photo> once loaded click on Submit Reply>job done .
    This ↓
    Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
    Max total size 486.09MB
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    Sustanation reacted to swole troll in Inone pharma - in1 source   
    I've been calling it inone (eye-none)
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    Sustanation reacted to stuey99 in British dragon (New design) 1mil amps   
    Because a company that immediately wants to piggy back on someone else's name obviously can't be bothered to invest the time in "creating a brand"...this is a sign of laziness and a lack of commitment
    If ever there was a lab likely to knock out decent gear for a short amount of time and then rip everyone off with bunk gear and disappear...it's this one
    It's basic business mate...like BASIC business. A company that can't be bothered to invest in a proper set up, generally can't be trusted. In fact not only is it basic business, it's basic common sense 
    They know that anyone with any decent lab knowledge probably won't trust another cheap bd copy...so they're more than likely just in it to rip off newbies for as long as possible 
    This is basically the only reason SIS have stayed in business so long...the uneducated and inexperienced buying into flashy marketing and packaging
    It's really not rocket science
    Why would they jump out? To walk away with a lump of cash with ansolutely no risk. Surely that's pretty self explanatory?? A company that's taken no time to build up  brand is NOT in it for the long haul
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    Sustanation reacted to JusJamin in Why do we like bodybuilding?   
    I believe it all starts with wanting to look better in some way shape or form. Whether its via losing weight, being underweight, or perhaps you wanted to increase size/strength for a sport like rugby. It all starts somewhere pretty unrelated to bodybuilding in my opinion.
    When I started to go to the gym, I just wanted to be bigger like my friends. I was always skinny and weaker so I started working out. Then you start following other people on social media or in magazines for those of us who are older and you start to appreciate the time and effort that goes in to these massive physiques. Whilst you are working out, you start to analyse your body every day, at home, in the mirror, in the gym etc and you start to pick on points you want to improve on. Its a slow process but eventually, you become engulfed in the gym. Obviosly that doesn't mean we do nothing else, but what it does mean is we are always being over critical of ourselves and constantly trying to improve the little bits that no one else can see. 
    So, in conclusion, we do it for no one but ourselves in the end. We don't really care how others think we look, we do it to look better to ourselves as lets face it, who's wife, partner or girlfriend really gives a flying f**k how many sets of lateral raises we did or why we want thicker quads? 
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    Sustanation reacted to Gymrat12 in Why do we like bodybuilding?   
    Yesterday someone asked me why are you so strict with your gym? what is the real benefit from all of this and I really couldn't answer him: 
    Why do I like to build muscles? 
    because we will be healthier? that is true if you will stay natural, but if you will be on gear then absolutely you are not doing this to be healthier!!
    then for what? to look sexy for girls? a lot  of us are already married and if you ask their wives most of them they will not be pro steroids usage, and they don't really care about how muscular their husbands are.
    For making money? honestly it is a very bad investment since most of other businesses are more profitable and the odds of being able to find a well payed job as a bodybuilder are very slim?
    Is it just a hobby? obviously I am not doing this for having fun, a lot of times it becomes like a duty that I most finish, especially after a very busy day of working you just want to come back home and rest in peace in your bed, but instead of this you go to the gym and you do an exhausting job!!
    To be stronger? I am not going to engage in any fight.
    Can someone justify why am I doing this?  
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    Sustanation reacted to Seppuku71 in DO I NEED TRT   
    Gotta have a giggle! 
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Seppuku71 in DO I NEED TRT   
    Haha joker
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    Sustanation reacted to js77 in Santa Claus isn't real   
    Or the discharge from your mums bacterial vaginosis infection..... quite a distinctive and unforgettable taste 
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    Sustanation got a reaction from Spieren in Bloods at 780mg of test again   
    I first heard about it on the drugs and stuff podcast with Scott mcnally and dave Crosland although I've forgot which episode it was, Dave was talking how he gets his cliants to use DIM before using Ai's Scott then mentions he's got his guys on calcium D-glucurate and it went from there. 
    It's well known for reducing estrogen if you search on Google. 
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    Sustanation reacted to Seppuku71 in DO I NEED TRT   
    Or if not that one, try this one:
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    Sustanation reacted to Clubber Lang in Rohm labs legit?   
    i can take them with my phone but havent a clue how to load it up on to here lol.
    im a cabbage with it comes to stuff like that.
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    Sustanation reacted to norwegianhammer in I can’t inject myself   
    First time i injected i used 30 minutes to man up, when i managed to literally throw the needle into my quad my entire leg spazzed out and i almost vomited
    good times