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  1. What Lab for Anavar ?

    Nuero are definitely good to go buddy.
  2. What Lab for Anavar ?

    I used the new batch 10mg And was comparable with Nuero pharma Anavar.
  3. What Lab for Anavar ?

    ROHM NUERO pharma Pharmacom CRS
  4. Pharmaqo labs super Sus 400

    Very little info on them? They are Isis/infiniti/SIS labs, anabolic labs has shown the test cyp is dosed well, they get slated a lot, if I didn't have access to my main go to then I'd consider them (Changed my mind compared to a few months back) but they wouldn't be my first choice that's for sure.
  5. Nexus or Rohm proviron

    ROHM but would take pharma over both if the choice was there.

    So that's what I get for helping you out when you started the thread, ya pancake, piss off next time you want help.
  7. Galenika batch 08717 expiry 05/2022

    I'm going to do 0.3ml (75mg) Twice a week (Tuesday, Friday) sub q and see how I get on. The plan with doing sub q is im just flat out fed up of doing IM and I'm looking to completely dial in and never cycle again. (Mid life crisis lol)

    You need this one for FULL hormone. https://medichecks.com/products/male-hormone-check-blood-test
  9. Blood work at GP

    Unlikely to affect anything with you being 5 days into a cycle, may affect RBC a tad but it all depends on the reason why your Dr's testing really.
  10. Rohm labs legit?

    You got pics of the new tubs mate?
  11. 300mg pharmacom sus blood work

    Well it's not going to be bunk ya bungle is it with a number like that. Flapjack City on this forum lately.
  12. WWF WWE

    Dynamite kid was the best pound for pound wrestler ever in my opinion.
  13. WWF WWE

    Grew up on wrestling, even tried to train as one before blowing my knee out on the first session and getting numerous concussions I had to face the hard reality it wasn't to be. The wrestling I see nowadays is so bad, especially wwe and AEW full of virtue signaling cu**s, case in point as soon as George floyd died they pushed all their black wrestlers and allowed the likes of naomi to bitch and moan because she wasn't being pushed as a star it's an embarrassing thing nowadays.
  14. Smelling your own farts!

    What the actual f**k hahahhahahahhahahahahhaa