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  1. Ps work on strengthening your mind and self discipline. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076MVJLJ5/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_JnyHEbVTS2YX5
  2. If you get admitted to the hospital with coronavirus, then having a shot of testosterone is the LEAST of your worries, coronavirus is DEADLY having low testosterone is NOT at least not in the short term anyway. Use this isolation to really question your priorities in life.
  3. TRT dose...again

    Too many veriables to say whether that will be fine for you mate.
  4. Liver on orals

    Use strom supportmax, it contains Tudca and NAC which will do much more than herbal teas.
  5. Come off or cruise? Covid 19

    300mg is a cycle not a cruise, reguardless of how you dress it up.
  6. Do NOT increase the dose.
  7. Come off or cruise? Covid 19

    @Pscarb @swole troll what's your thoughts on testosterone (TRT of no more than 150mg every 7 days) for immune strengthening or does that reduce immune levels (note I'm not asking if testosterone would stop me getting covid 19 only if it would strengthen my immune system, i know there are so many variables but with the above quoted studies in interested in your thoughts)
  8. Good web site for gym equipment?

    Ironmaster uk is sold out, they make some really sturdy home equipment though.
  9. Clubbers Cycle....

    Just announced tonight any self employed people can immediately apply for universal credit mate, sorry to hear your out of work, keep us updated your a sound lad.
  10. Pharmacom test E 30010ml vial
  11. Elevated ALT liver enzymes

    4 capsules a day of strom support max and also reducing gear back to TRT levels will help greatly. Exercise can raise it if the workout was too close to being taken but i wouldn't risk it and would do the above.
  12. I'd say @Pscarb is the most knowlegible person on steroids on here. @swole troll knows his stuff aswell.
  13. Your just regurgitating what others have said in the past when in fact you are completely wrong. Atlas stated under oath in court when Bob Hoffman tried to sue him (hoffman lost for the record) that he used weights from time to time to test his strength but his main exercise was dynamic tension. For the 1918 worlds best built man contest organised by barnarr macfadden atlas solely used his course to get in to shape for the contest this was sold via magazines through the late 1910's and 20's to a poor reception until a magazine editor by the name of Dr Frederick Tilney spruced the course up and called it dynamic tension and the rest is history. I own an original copy of the program and it isn't just self resistance its calisthenics, isometrics and muscle control.
  14. Theres a modern day version that includes better techniques called transformetrics the two books are called pushing yourself to power and isometric power revolution. Highly recommended.
  15. Down the Rabbit hole.

    David icke just called me he said stop being a fu**ing bungle head.