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  1. Sex a no go after test

    The world hasn't gone mad, just idiots like you who have zero respect, Paul's faculties are unchanged from when he was a competitive bodybuilder, to state that just because he disagrees with your narrative of the situation is poor form at best and down right disgusting at worst, you've done nothing of note in the bodybuilding world yet you dare to attack a man that's achieved more in his life than most people have in theirs so do yourself a favour and either agree to disagree or do one.
  2. Sex a no go after test

    I'll inbox you mate.
  3. Sex a no go after test

    So your testosterone has gone up, your estrogen has gone up to a better range, your prolactin has come down, your androgen index has increased and your free test has increased. This is what @Harry24 has achevied after working with me for 8 weeks. @RoadToRecovery247 Another successful result. @BeTheBestYou Feeling much better since working with me. @CarrotTop so much for my useless supplements and methods not working for people, ask them how they feel having me helped them, these lads were before I charged a nominal fee to help people, I got that inundated with requests that due to my full time job and family life I was spending hours conversing with people out of the kindness of my heart because I wanted to, however the time came where I couldn't help 15+ people and invest all that time for nothing, so sue me if you think I'm an unhonourable scum bag.
  4. Got a bag of 500 Dianabol tablets by British dragon about 6 years back, sent them to wednos and came back as no active ingredient, emailed the website where I bought it from and got the standard bs "Bro you know your getting big on that stuff" "wednos is ran by criminals etc" I responded by telling the c**t that I'd bought over £500 worth of gear off him over the previous year and never had one issue so if he wanted to make out I was some chavy scumbag after a free bag of Dbol then he should do nothing and I'd source my gear elsewhere"
  5. Then if you have healthy testosterone use your own brain and don't bloody well use it.
  6. I'd recommend going back to speak to your urologist.
  7. Your wanting answers to questions we can't give you as you need bloods. Anhthing else is stabbing in the dark, don't be a pancake.
  8. Hold up so you went to your Gp and told him you were on Test cyp and he said that will hurt your kidneys so he prescribed testosterone that simply has a longer ester life molecularly attached to it. Cool story bro, you ain't ready for steroids do more research this book will help. https://www.powermyself.com/molecular-nutrition-william-llewellyn-s-anabolics-11th-edition-softcover.html
  9. Anavar

    ROHM for me.
  10. Without bloods mate confirming your picture of where your at, giving a general stance on whether something can or cannot be a affecting issue will send you in a direction away from where you need to be. Also don't use "Dopa" look at vitamin B6 P5p to lower prolactin AND THAT'S ONLY IF YOU GET BLOODS CONFORMING IT'S TOO HIGH IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  11. It does indeed buddy https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/tadalafil/ https://www.webmd.com/men/news/20111006/fda-approves-cialis-to-treat-enlarged-prostate#:~:text=6%2C 2011 -- Cialis has,benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  12. Advice for wife

    What steroids is he using and in what dosages? Also what is the name of the lab he is using out of curiosity could be SIS and he's suffering from low test.
  13. Getting bloods was the missing picture for me in regards to dialing myself in, turns out all my gyno and mood issues were prolactin related after thinking for years it was estrogen related, I highly recommend it. For prostate health i use 2.5mg of cialis daily and this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00020IE9M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0CyaFbP5P4M8Y
  14. Without a blood test its hard to say buddy but I find that itchy nipples are almost always prolactin related rather than estrogen related, both Supps won't harm taking for a while to help resolve. Ideally pulling bloods would be the best idea then you can move forwards with a clear picture.
  15. Pure-One UGL

    I'm that case buy as much as you can.