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  1. Gyms Open - How was it?

    All good. Was actually quiet is aloud 180 people in and max i see on the app today wen i checked was like 35 people at any one time.
  2. Best orals for mass

    Which ever oral dont stop you eating. If they mess up your appetite ur making it hard work from the start.
  3. Hygetropin 200iu

    Anyone know if this are legit ? Not clued up on hyge at moment
  4. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Might be biased but muscleworks orpington ive trained at and trained at some of best bodybuilding gyms in country.
  5. As been said i think depends on few things ie lean bw, previous dosages.
  6. Sterile vials ?

    Ebay is best ive seen.
  7. No difference if both are dosed correctly in what you will gain but if had choice and was 100% pharma was real then would def go pharma. Problem if finding real pharma is not that simple.
  8. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    From what mine have said the one shutting up shop are the middlemen. Any factory with licence to produce will be business as usual.
  9. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    My raw sources are saying business as usual for them come january. One has been running for 20+years and other is direct from a licenced factory.
  10. Neuro or ROHM Anavar

    Prefered neuro pharma anavar myself.
  11. Homebrew ba/bb amounts

    Yer was most common ive seen.
  12. Anyone homebrewed found best amount of ba and bb for test e for least amount of pip?
  13. Anyone else not get nipples flare up even on low dose (200mg) think test was at 500mg. Was taking arimidex keep estro in check. Would caber be only option if was gonna try again?
  14. Ansomone 40iu & no bac water ??

    I last got some from nancy about 4 months ago and had sterile water as always. Best bet is to ask her if got her email.
  15. Favourite gym

    Yer is proper good gym recommend doing legs when you go and is £5 for day pass.