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  1. Food you’ve sickened yourself with

    Cottage cheese. Used to eat a small tub every night before bed as its a "slow release" protein (lol). Can't stand the smell of it now, makes me gag
  2. Blood Results

    Indeed, but its very difficult to even get an NHS GP to listen to your concerns and symptoms with low test, which is why more often than not its worth just biting the bullet and paying a little extra to go private and get treated properly
  3. Blood Results

    Totally agree with this. Only thing is you won't get Clomid on the NHS. Best to go private. Dr Savage is a top bloke at The Leger Clinic http://www.legerclinic.co.uk/
  4. Instagram Gym Sponsers

    Hmm I wouldn't say so. You said the majority of your followers are local community, friends, gym friends etc... Do you think they'd be prepared to buy from an Australian company? Any discount they get from using your code will be pointless with the shipping charges. Unless of course they get bigger, start having a European distribution centre etc...
  5. Instagram Gym Sponsers

    You do realise they're an Australian company?
  6. Instagram Gym Sponsers

    @Essex666 which company was it out of interest?
  7. How long to look like gym you?

    Never, unless you're pumped and muscles full of blood 24/7