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  1. Respect brother.... Keep doing ya thing
  2. Coach UK.

    I'm here lol
  3. State of him...... Div
  4. Bulk or cat

    You're welcome lol
  5. shoulder related question?

    Long story short....... Take Magnesium
  6. Bulk or cat

    You don't need to choose....... You can bulk and still have a cat. My mate Dave has a cat and he's fat as fvck
  7. Putting a bet on the fight

    The best chance he has will be in the first few rounds. Come at Mayweather hard and overwhelm him and go for the k.o Later rounds it's Mayweathers fight Be an interesting fight though
  8. Putting a bet on the fight

    It's not impossible
  9. Hardgainer

  10. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    I get on well with winny
  11. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Same lol can't bulk with no appetite and feeling sick, don't even feel like training today
  12. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Yeah mate
  13. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Gonna have to lower sdrol or drop it cos the last 2 days I've felt so sick from it and dizzy..... Feel fvcking terrible and no appetite. Barely eaten today