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  1. Looking for Help

    That's a good rate of progression
  2. Calories needed are individual to everyone mate. Some people need a lot some don't. If you're always worried about losing ab definition etc you'll struggle getting bigger because as soon as you see a bit of fat you'll lower calories etc. I was like this when I first started.... Bulk for a short time.... See fat coming..... Cut lol I went round in circles for ages until I accepted that to get bigger some fat is gonna come with it..... Deal with it and just know that after a decent amount of bulking building muscle you're gonna get the fat off.
  3. If he's hit his natural limit then upping food will just make him fat. Steroids will obviously put size on with the extra calories
  4. Insulin syringes

    Gonna start filling them with pigs blood, hiding in bushes and throwing them at vegans
  5. Insulin syringes

    Primary school playground
  6. Small shoulders

    Same with everything..... If you want to improve at or on something do it more often and for longer
  7. Small shoulders

    As many sets and reps as it takes to not be able to do any more reps. I am but the principal is the same. My arms are sh1t so I'm doing a few sets on them after every workout. When I wanted to bring my back up I started training back 3 x week
  8. Small shoulders

    Set after set of lateral raises, drop sets, super sets,paused reps etc My shoulders are decent and i don't do any shoulder pressing
  9. FelonE- Eat, Sh1t,Tren,Repeat Log

    Legs done. Bb stiff legged deadlift Single leg ham curls Ham curls Wide leg press in to narrow low leg press Single leg extensions Leg extensions Calf raises Food has been 50 g oats 2 scoops of whey pre workout Same post workout (with water) No bloating so far since I dropped the yoghurt
  10. Had been up a few nights on pills. Mrs was asleep and she had this big fvxking teddy (the poof) Anyway I was sat on the sofa about 3 in the morning by myself and i look at this fvxking teddy and his head turned and looked at me..... His mouth starts moving and i end up having a fullblown conversation with the cvnt Mrs came in and and said Paul ffs go to sleep ya tw4t haha
  11. Couple of car loads of us went to a free party in the middle of nowhere in Devon. Was a good party.... Loads of people smashed, good vibes etc We were sat in my mate Craigs Calibra and he pulled out some ketamine and started racking up little lines. I'd never done ketamine before but was used to doing fat lines of coke so when he offered me this little line of ketamine i said that's tiny bruv. I made a line that was the length of the cd case amd snorted it..... And so it begun lol Not long after i was trying to roll a spliff but couldn't judge the distance between my hand and the cd case lol I got out the car for some fresh air and suddenly realised i couldn't walk very well haha. Anyway long story short i ended up lying on my back on hill for about 6 hours paralysed but chatting away some bollox to my mate. Eventually we left and my mate stacked the calibra in a hedge and we drove home with half a hedge hanging out the bonnet True story
  12. Me and a mate got invited to a house party by some people he knew. Took a couple grams of speed and was drinking cans all night.... Not knowing he was putting more speed in my cans. Was sat in the front room....looked at the carpet and it started moving like there was millions of ants crawling on it...... And so it begun lol Went bathroom to splash some water on my face and have a word with myself..... Looked in the mirror and could see little white worms crawling out my nose and corners of my eyes. Looked at my arms and could see my skin moving like i had big worms under my skin. Got my mate and said Wayne there's fvxking worms crawling under my skin.... He was like what the fvxk are you talking about lol I got a knife from the kitchen and scraped my arms trying to get these worms out..... Started proper freaking out and said I'm gonna fvxking stab myself if these worms don't fvxk off. Wayne too me to the hospital with blood all down my arms Was sat in the waiting room like a fvcking nutcase haha Got called to a bed and the nurse asked if I'd taken anything...... With pupils the size of Jupiter and my arms doing their own thing due to the worms i said no. For some reason she didn't believe me so I confessed I'd had about an ounce and a half of speed and currently am being internally invaded by worms I ended up with an anti-psychosis jab in my ass cheek and some valium to calm me down Not long after got diagnosed with an anti-social paranoid personality disorder True story