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  1. Benching without gloves

    Get some wrist wraps and chalk also try adjusting your grip.
  2. Home Gym Buildout Recommendations

    Mirafit have a lot of good stuff on there site, kitted out my garage with the majority of there stuff.
  3. Strongest Natural

    Im really counting on this lol 34 this year got to have a little strength left in me
  4. For f**k sake I’ve finally started to lose weight
  5. 5-day Routine for Strength and Hypertrophy?

    Thought these might be of use to you if not someone else might like them.
  6. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    And why no one else mentioned it
  7. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Watched - Don’t f*#k with cats, catching an internet killer. Was definitely f**ked up.
  8. What is your training split ?

    I aim for 4 sessions a week but usually hit 1 or 2 but hoping to improve that in the new year.
  9. Not sure what I am doing wrong...

    Also what is your current routine and how often do you train each lift each week. Are you trying to improve your 1 rep max or just get stronger within the rep ranges you have posted
  10. World's Strongest Man

    I think Tom definitely has the potential there's also Luke Richardson who is up and coming and crossing over from powerlifting I think hes only 22-23. https://www.instagram.com/lukeerichardson/ Mark Felix is just awesome
  11. Old Dog - New Tricks

    So sorry to hear mate wishing you all the best
  12. Novice Strong(ish)man

    Training and comps are looking good mate enjoying your journal gives me that strongman buzz again lol
  13. Novice Strong(ish)man

    Excellent journal mate your racking up the comps in a short space of time
  14. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Training is looking good mate, what made you decide to do spoto press ?
  15. Twilight of the Thunder God

    So sorry to hear of your loss mate