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  1. Does or has anyone shopped at the clothing warehouses, that sell you the "great priced stuff?"
  2. Anyone had this? Was it a success?
  3. Clen Brands

    Dimensions clen and t3 was always bang on for me, not sure who's about now.
  4. I didn't untill i had no way around it. They just give you a lecture. If you're taking aas you know the score, dont need to be told off about it.
  5. Night sweats

    I get night sweats on tren, dnp, and nightmares.
  6. T3 - Recovering after use

    I've always gained some fat back after a t3 cycle whether I taper or crash it. Its best imo to think of it a different way, say you going to run a 6 week t3 cycle. Thats really a 10 week fat loss cycle because you need to continue the clean diet a few weeks after you stop all t3 because unless you get bloods you will have no clue when your natty t3 will be back on form. 2 Weeks doesn't feel long enough to me, 4 weeks sounds more realistic. More time improves your chances of not gaining fat from low natty t3. Jmo
  7. DNP

    Steroids can make men infertile. How many take aas they days, probably 80% of every gym lol
  8. Ready made meals

    Looking on the website it doesn't let you see what macros each pot has? Edit found the info. Looks good ill gibe them ago thanks
  9. Ready made meals

    Is Iceland not high salt? Seems limited in choice lol. I want pre made for my complete whole food diet. MusckeFoods f**ked my order so cancelled it and looking for someone else same price now
  10. Who's best and good value to order pre-made meals from for fat loss purposes. Theres so many online now.
  11. Product check real or fake Pfizer cabergoline

    My phone won’t focus close enough. It it’s got a 7 on one half 01 on the other.
  12. Product check real or fake Pfizer cabergoline

    I had read that the only difference in the tablets real & fake, is the thickness. That’s no real benefit to me as I only have a single tub.
  13. For reassurance as Ive not used this brand before.
  14. What’s your new routine look like? I’m scanning YT for body weight workouts at home. But looks like I at least need a pull-up bar.
  15. Has anyone noticed if drinking tea (ideally green) or fresh coffee regular has increased liver wellbeing while on orals? As we typically ‘feel’ if our liver is under stress by feeling low in energy & appetite etc. This link doesn’t mention aas but the liver benefits sound interesting. And I wonder if they will be a benefit on aas. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-foods-for-your-liver#section2