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  1. Product check real or fake Pfizer cabergoline

    My phone won’t focus close enough. It it’s got a 7 on one half 01 on the other.
  2. Product check real or fake Pfizer cabergoline

    I had read that the only difference in the tablets real & fake, is the thickness. That’s no real benefit to me as I only have a single tub.
  3. For reassurance as Ive not used this brand before.
  4. What’s your new routine look like? I’m scanning YT for body weight workouts at home. But looks like I at least need a pull-up bar.
  5. Has anyone noticed if drinking tea (ideally green) or fresh coffee regular has increased liver wellbeing while on orals? As we typically ‘feel’ if our liver is under stress by feeling low in energy & appetite etc. This link doesn’t mention aas but the liver benefits sound interesting. And I wonder if they will be a benefit on aas. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-foods-for-your-liver#section2
  6. Road cycling

    Which lights are best for night road cycling.
  7. Tendinitis peptides

    I’ve started injecting top of the extensor digitorum area at the elbow but it would be great if it wasn’t localised as my Achilles’ tendons could do with this aswell. mine guy told me 2 weeks was all he needed of bpc to cute his tendinitis. Is that a common time scale or?
  8. Tendinitis peptides

    Yeah I’ve literally done no training since this started.
  9. Tendinitis peptides

    No not carpel. GP has diagnosed tennis elbow but I knew that prior to going.
  10. Tendinitis peptides

    I was on hgh 4iu for 8 month when this happened I took it for an extra 4weeks then stopped, stopping seemed to ease the pain even though I was told hgh should help it??? Maybe a coincidence.
  11. Tendinitis peptides

    I’m getting plenty rest lol that’s the issue, I can’t really do anything. Lifting a 330ml can of Coke up causes pain but repetition as in sets of 10 eases it but it’s back the next day no better.
  12. Tendinitis peptides

    What doses do you suggest? Looking at the cost of tb500 for 2mg bottle, a website suggests 4-10mg a week that’s a crazy price. I assume the dose recommendation is wrong? Bpc157 is much cheaper
  13. BPC-157 or TB500 or both? I can’t find any info that indicates one to be better than the other for this type of injury. Looking for advice from users or anyone who knows. I’m ready to order on a site, making one last thread for info or I will have to take the gamble and pick myself.
  14. Tennis elbow

    I’ve been doing some exercises which have improved my rom and muscle pain but no change in the elbow around the tendons. GP just says keep taking naproxen... ‘natural healing’ isn’t good enough 2month plus atleast that to come is too slow. I work in construction but am off atm, if I was in work I’d be screwed with this.