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  1. Help with employment law

    Being a complete and being inept at payroll are different things. Speak to ACAS as you may have a case for constructive dismissal. BUT you still have a right to be paid, so ask them to pay you the amount owed. If they don’t, small claims court?
  2. Kids YouTube vids

    He has his own toy range now as well! It’s nuts, but our little chaps lap it up!
  3. Protein bars ?

    Home bargains, whatever is in stock.
  4. Any Close Protection Officers

    Someone had been playing Fortnite or Call of Duty too much!
  5. Punching above your weight

    Lifting above your weight class?
  6. RIP - to a grumpy but great fella

    Thought @vetran had finally come to an end under a pile of bricks he’d been curling.
  7. Arnold attacked in south Africa

    Apparently the blokes known to police and has done this before to other celebs. Idiot. Security did a s**t job! I wouldn’t be paying them.
  8. 5k run where to start ?

    Start with 1min run and 2-3min walk. Repeat until distance is complete. Then adjust the variables. So increase speed but keep the same times. or keep the same speed and increase run time OR decrease rest. Eventually you’ll be jogging 5km and then you just up the speed.
  9. Where To Buy Yohimbine In The UK?

  10. Ostarine questions

    Not noticed any side effects like I have with Epistane. Filling t-shirts in the arms and chest more but not noticed any major strength gains. Last Epistane cycle saw me increase bench by 10kg with very little focused training on it. Again, not sure what it’s supposed to do really do can’t determine whether the stuff is legit
  11. Youtube in pub for champions league final

    Pay the money and charge £0.50 on each pint
  12. People who give health advice?

    No, it’s people who give advice to people who they don’t like because they give advice.
  13. Bodypower Expo 2019

    Big Z...
  14. Ross Edgley - The Worlds Fittest Book
  15. Bodybuilders Unfiltered

    On a machine?.. The weight doesn’t need to match!