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  1. Is life too short....

    i often go out with mismatched socks - i guess im just a rebel *dont give a s**t about sock colour as long as my feet are warm , matching socks are for people that wear matching boxers and tshirts with their chinos
  2. 1 / how many competitions have you entered and placed in - in the last 6 months 2/ if non of the above why put your body under so much stress for an extended period? ..... theres a reason they are called 'cycles' -sooner or later you will have to stop , the longer it goes on the more chances of problems occurring (and remember some of them such as HCT rise are not visible) *the average gym rat does not need to go on permanent and/or use high doses to take advantage of what AAS use offers
  3. Low libido on TRT

    you are taking over what is considered a UK TRT dose and have not posted any bloods ( without bloods anyone will just be guessing -which is pointless) you are taking way more letrozole than anyone should be prescribing you should not need to ask on a forum about dosing if its being prescribed, you should be questioning the doctor that has prescribed it in the first place . i taking it this is private TRT as an NHS consultant would not prescribe those doses - what private company is treating you ?
  4. yup its definitely getting thinner (i'll give it another 18/24 months before im just using grade 1 on clippers ) - though whether this is down to the 8 yrs of TRT or natural aging is anyones guess - you do get other benefits from TRT thou - like not having to tuck your bawls in your socks .
  5. Low libido on TRT

    not sure if this is a joke post? prescibed TRT @300mg a week and enough letrozole to kill an elephant? ..... my suggestion would be to sue your doctor for negligence
  6. TRT being capped too low?

    more is not better with TRT , the idea of TRT is to get yourself functional - its not some cure all thats supposed to make you feel like superman 24/7. (if you want that you can switch to cocaine -though this comes with its own set of problems ) the amount you are using does not matter so much - the test scores matter and yours is on the high end . forget what the americans are doing , what they do is 'optimise' towards the highest end and end up taking more drugs to counter the effects from taking too much in the first place. (the american healthcare system is about money, the more crap they can sell to you the more they make , so its protocols are open to dispute ) , its one of the reasons they have a high opiate problem -they go to a doctors with a headache and come out with 8 months worth of oxycodone.
  7. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    if you want something cheap to tun /reliable and pretty quick just get a skoda vrs. *i would not buy an astra with zero miles on the clock, nevermind one thats done more miles than the starship enterprise
  8. What do you think of this car?

    nice car though pity its not a wide angle shot so you can see the petrol stations on the left and right - the pic has just caught the car between them
  9. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    ..... for those that dont know agenda 21 (2030 ) is a so called 'plan' to depopulate the world by 95% by 2030 , usually spouted by people like this a large proportion of people who post in these forums dont need TRT according to the medical information available (not the OP btw ) - the NHS is not there to provide treatment for those that 1/ dont need it 2/ dont need it but have self diagnosed themselves and think that they should be able to walk into a GP's and get anything they ask for
  10. Advice on the Journey Towards TRT

    as ive mentioned before, i took the BSSM guidleines in with me - i'd also asked to see one of the consultants that helped write them (so i was prepared to say 'well according to the guidelines you wrote ' (this was after being messed about for a few yrs by a GP ) . tbh if you get any problems with a reading of 5.5nmol something is seriously wrong and i'd ask to be refereed elsewhere (remember you can ask your GP to refer you to whatever consultant you want as long as you dont mind traveling )
  11. im 50 and have been on TRT for about 8 yrs , i do a full body workout 3 times a week (though i'll be honest and say i prob only do legs once a week and do either rowing or heavy bag work instead ) my sets consist of one 3/4 max warmup then 3x max , sets range from 8-12 depending on overload i.e when doing hammer curls set (atm ) would be 20kg x 12 30kg 3x12 exercises are rotated so i do a diff one each day i go in for each muscle grp training this way (1 set per grp 3x per week ) seems to suit me alot better these days rather than training one muscle grp with 3/4 exercises per week in one go. *whole thing take about an hr - could prob do 40mins if i didnt yap with ppl
  12. How are we here (srs)?

    take a read of 'the blind watchmaker' by richard dawkins
  13. Probiotics with antibiotics

    doesnt really matter , theres studys out there showing ppl using probotics while on antibiotics to stop diarrhea associated from taking the antibiotics .