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  1. Account deletion

    @vs-Admin i've used the 'contact us' link multiple times asking you to close /shut down this account and it also seems no one can pm your username - you seem to take as much notice of your contact us link as you do the forums so i thought maybe posting here (as other have had to) might do the trick.
  2. looking like a 'man' is mostly genetic theres a hell of a lot more to libido problems than just testosterone i keep telling you (and others) that you cant just guess things, you need bloods to check testosterone and estrogen and work from them -not guess or think that you can just change things by taking more drugs for no known reason - you are just going to damage yourself even more. my estrogen is over range for about 2 weeks after my shot (over 200 ) - this does not affect me in any way shape or form and i dont take any anti estrogens (you need estrogen ) this is my last post as you dont seem to comprehend the basic concept of what TRT is for and how to run it properly - i get the impression you are also trying to use it for the wrong reason (which is not going to work) good luck with trying to get things sorted, though i think you are looking in the wrong place.
  3. paypal me 50 quid and i'll tell you just about as much gullible crap i think you can handle in one go, alternativly for 100 quid i'll tell you what week you will win the lotto. *money not refundable if forcasts dont pan out as expected
  4. so....... not happy with getting 1 s**t tattoo you went back for more s**t tattoos
  5. Testosterone gel

    effectivity for bodybuilding = 0 you would need to take a bath in the stuff everyday to get anything from it
  6. if it prescribed why are your shot frequency's changing? , they should check your trough level then set a timescale based on that- i.e every 8 weeks, every 10 weeks, every 12 weeks , you should not be getting shots 'between 9-12 weeks' . once its been set they just need to check it once or twice a year and then change the frequency if it high or low. nebido shots overlap and build up very slowly , for instance for the first few shots i was sub 10nmol and the frequency was changed to 8 weeks (from 12) , after about 3 years @ 8 weeks my trough came back at around 30nmol and i changed the frequency to every 10 weeks (which keeps me in low 20's ). most bodybuilders dont/wont use nebido for bodybuilding purposes , it just too slow and as a very long ester any problems you encounter are going to be around a long time. stay on a proper protocol and dont mess with it yourself , if your test is in range then any problems you have are not down to low test , anyone taking TRT should not need to take anti estrogen medication (TRT is to mimic normal levels, normal people dont need to take anti estrogens ) TRT is not some magic cure all , 99% of peoples problems are not down to low testosterone (we dont have a low testosterone worldwide epidemic last time i looked )
  7. 1/ TRT is precribed for people with low testosterone (primary or secondary hypogoadism ) , its not prescribed to ' build muscle and lose fat ' 2/ yes A.I's will work if you know via bloods that you actually have high E2 3/ im 6'1 and 16 stone 8 (235ibs) and 50 yrs old (with a belly) - my body handles TRT fine if you dont have a true hypogonadism diagnosis you should not be on TRT - end of , its not some cure all you can play about with (which is what you are doing) -you will do more damage than good.
  8. vet always does good sales and is happy to trade for scrap metal (if anyone is hesitating pushing the button on one of these marvelous tablecloths ) , can only go up in value as a future collectable.
  9. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4160183/
  10. is this prescribed therapy? sounds to me like you are pissing about with self admin and have messed it up your shots should be spaced according to your levels at set weeks (not 9-11 weeks) you will be confusing your system by doing what you are doing (having shots whenever you feel like it rather than going on your trough numbers) without doing bloodwork all you are doing is messing about what you need to do is stop messing about and stay on the protocol that was prescribed by your endo - because you dont know what you are doing by yourself.
  11. it should be pretty obvious right now that any problems the op has are psychological .
  12. Dnp has killed ppl, I’m pretty sure that would affect your mood. * you should not be taking anything where you can’t find out the side effects yourself and are relying on an Internet forum to find out what a drug can do
  13. first thing you need to do is a fertility test to see where you stand , after 4 year on TRT i would not be surprised if you are azoospermic (no sperm at all ) , as has already been said above - sperm maturation time is around 3 months.
  14. Points based immigration system

    farmers are going to be moaning lie *uck when they realise that they are going to have to pay min wage to fruit pickers and wont be able to afford a new range rover every year. * what the hell is a skilled painter? , are you shitting me or are we talking fine art?
  15. Who thinks they are hard?

    good to see some gender equality -this is a womens game round my area.