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  1. Thanks @Fadi65 Really appreciate your input on the board and your readiness to offer up opinions and support to others. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I'm glad you share this. Motivation has been waning a bit for me last week or so but it's just temporary while I address this shoulder issue, then I can get back to setting and smashing goals
  2. Did some rehab work using a band and stretches yesterday and really helped my shoulder. Going to do more today but sticking to original plan of not training til it's sorted. Calling time on this journal now as I'm not going to risk pushing myself for the Brits and screwing myself longer term. If I was at the level where I'd be competitive I'd maybe have thought differently but end of the day I would just be making up the numbers this year. Will look ahead to 2018 now. Thinking I will do the GPC Scottish in April and get a couple of strongman comps in around summer time as really enjoyed last SM comp.
  3. Shoulder really bothering me again today. After giving it a lot of thought I have decided I need to take some time off gym until it's back to 100% otherwise I'll pay for it in the long run. Think this probably means no Brits for me either but we will see, depends how quickly the issue resolves.
  4. Went for a 9km walk earlier with the mrs, had a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine. Happy with tonights session. Was apprehensive but got in and got it done. Shoulder felt good after warm ups. Single arm DB incline press 20kg x 10 for 3 sets Bench - paused 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 90kg x 3 100kg x 3. Misloaded, meant to do 120 lol Working sets 137.5kg x 3 137.5kg x 3 137.5kg x 3 137.5kg x 3 CGBP Rest pause, 2 reps with 10 secs rest set 1 - 110kg x 10 set 2 - 110kg x 8 Seated DB shoulder press 17.5kg per side x 10 22.5kg per side x 10 27.5kg per side x 10 Facepulls 17.5kg x 10 for 4 sets Done
  5. They have served me well tbh. Also double up as elbow sleeves lol
  6. Squats tonight. Went well, feeling confident on these right now. Shoulder was mashed afterwards but will hopefully see physio before next bench session. Squats 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 90kg x 3 120kg x 3 140kg x 3 Working sets 175kg x 5 175kg x 5 Pretty sure these were some sort of PB Hamstring curls single leg 30 x 5 50 x 5 55 x 5 60 x 5 double leg 130 x 10 Leg ext single leg 30 x 5 50 x 5 55 x 5 60 x 5 65 x 5 double leg 140 x 12 (pb) Done
  7. Thanks once again. Truly grateful for all you're advice. I will use unilateral incline presses to warm up for next bench session and guage from there
  8. Thanks for this suggestions! With bench press being the main focus what I was thinking is I could apply this by doing single arm DB shoulder press prior to benching so as to activate the right shoulder and get the muscle firing. Then attempting bench press afterwards? Another option is I have dumbells at home, so I may just do some contralateral pressing work on a 4th day so as to stay 'fresher' for my bench press.
  9. Deadlifts this morning. Session went well from point of view of weights shifted but not so good since now have a niggle in right shoulder :sad: Deadlifts 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 100kg x 3 Working sets 192.5kg x 4 192.5kg x 4 192.5kg x 4 192.5kg x 4 220kg x 2 247.5kg x 2 192.5kg x 15. Said after last week I'd nail 15 so had to get it done. Seated rows 110 x 12 130 x 12 150 x 12 Had to leave it there as shoulder pain was getting pretty intense
  10. Hi Fadi, had a proper read through your post now. Regarding the first rep I am confident this was just because I messed up my line and brought the bar far higher on my pecs than intended. I said at the time to my training partners that I had messed the first rep up so I was quite conscious of it and rectified on all other sets. More interesting however is the shoulder issue. I hadn't noticed until you said that the right shoulder seems to sink as the bar descends as if it lacks stability maybe. I did deadlifts today and guess where I suffered a lot of pain and discomfort and now seem to have develop a slight injury... you guessed it right shoulder. I haven't had a shoulder injury other than a RC niggle over 10 years ago so unsure what the cause is. I do sleep on my stomach with my right arm under my pillow and I'm thinking this may play a part though? Something I need to address though and I'd never have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Thanks
  11. I finished my session and then walked home through town with the arse torn out them, had no other option hahaha
  12. Will take the time to read and reply properly shortly. But have to say I am pretty impressed you noticed the difference on 1st rep of set 1 lol, I actually lost my line a little and brought bar higher on chest by around 2 inches, so it loaded front delts more and tris came into press a touch later. Corrected this on rep 2-5 and subsequent sets.
  13. Week 1 on bench done and dusted. Felt far far stronger this week. Paused bench 60kg x 3 60kg x 3 80kg x 3 Working sets 120kg x 5 120kg x 5 120kg x 5 120kg x 5 120kg x 5 CGBP Amraps 105kg x 8 105kg x 8 DB side raises 10kg per side x 10 12.5kg per side x 10 15kg per side x 10 17.5kg per side x 10 Rear delt flyes (laying over bench) 5kg per side x 10 7.5kg per side x 10 10kg per side x 10 Done