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  1. Medichecks - TRT Check Plus - High Prolactin

    Hahaha - then I shall dance! I booked an appointment at the docs to discuss these results but I guess I can focus on the libido issue now instead.
  2. Medichecks - TRT Check Plus - High Prolactin

    That makes sense - thanks. I am surprised about my testosterone level to be honest. I really felt as though it was going to be low as I have very low sex drive and almost always relying on cialis to get me in a position to go!
  3. Medichecks - TRT Check Plus - High Prolactin

    I see. I wasn't aware of this, the test just seems to indicate they are at the bottom of the range. I am impressed with Medichecks service but I was hoping for a bit more from the Dr's comments. It has left me unaware of how to really interpret my results.
  4. Medichecks - TRT Check Plus - High Prolactin

    Is that the case? Both occurred so that would be reassuring if so. FSH and LH seem to be at the lower end too.
  5. Evening guys, Got the results of a Medichecks TRT Plus test today and wanted to share my results with you and get your opinions. I haven't cycled for a year but was planning to next month. Just wanted to make sure all was in order before I did. I have returned high prolactin, which is a concern. The advice was that this can be due to high stress or some medications, I don't have/take either of those. Any thoughts on this? I'm surprised by the testosterone level as to be honest I have zero libido and have been relying on cialis to get me going for some time. I am 31 years old for background.
  6. Test & EQ Cycle Planning Q&A

    My situation at the moment is that I have recently returned to the country, whilst away I have lost considerable mass and my lifts have suffered. Right now I am looking to get back to fuller composition, happy to carry extra bodyfat in the process. Would you recommend heading down a route of Test + EQ or Test + NPP? I have used a Test + EQ combo in the past to great results, albeit I was much leaner, circa 14%. I have never tried NPP. After reading on UKM in the past week, people hugely rate NPP but few seem to back EQ. I only have experience with EQ, be it a very good one. I really want to get the most out of this next cycle however, as my cycles are few and far between.
  7. Test & EQ Cycle Planning Q&A

    Great post thank you. I dip into forums on an annual basis and it's always interesting to see how times have changed opinions. The consensus a couple of years back that cycling when sitting at anything over 15% bodyfat was a no. Back to my quest though, I really don't care for being lean, I have dieted down in the past to around 10% an to be honest didn't feel all that great. I have put a good chunk of fat on recently and people have commented how good I look, granted they were not observing for bodybuilding aesthetics by any means. My question now after sticking around a couple of days is, should I proceed with a Test + EQ cycle or go down a Test + NPP route?
  8. Bloods...

    Where can I get an in depth analysis of my blood? I have had a test done at the Drs before but the analysis went as far as 'normal'.
  9. Test & EQ Cycle Planning Q&A

    I am sat at 22% yes according to a single site caliper test. I have always done this in the past and felt it was consistent, I am however surprised this time as I don't feel like I'm bordering on above average fat levels (according to accumeasure chart). Regardless though, I don't really care if I am carrying some extra fat as mass is purely my aim at the moment. I just don't want to waste a cycle if I am carrying 'too much' as I have read on here in the past that it can lead to oestrogen issues.
  10. Guys, Looking to get back on the gravy train and some input would be appreciated. Stats: 31 yo 184 cm / 6ft 85kg 22% bodyfat (accumeasure calipers - actually surprised by this) Goal: 95kg (long term) 16% bodyfat Cycle: Test - any long ester - suggestions? I was thinking either test E/test C in the region of 600mg per week. EQ - suggestions? It seems to come in 300mg multiples so either 600/900mg per week? I have a tub of anadrol from a previous cycle. They are 50mg tabs. So I could use these to preload. PCT - again suggestions please. It's been a couple of years since I last cycled. I have 28 1mg amistrazole tabs from a previous cycle to utilise. Diet: 3000 calories P/C/F 225g/300g/100g (30%/40%/30%)
  11. Hey guys, Looking to start a cycle in the coming months and looking for some recommendations. I've actually been away for a year and lost 10kg, gained some fat and lost a whole load of strength BUT I'm here to change that... In the past I have cycled test, eq and TTM with great results. Maybe my last cycle of test and eq was the best ever as I remained fairly lean throughout and saw some of my strongest lifts ever. Right now I am looking to stick with injectables only as I don't want the added liver stress and also I like a beer occasionally. My bodyfat is currently upper teens so I don't want to blow up too much if possible. Other than that I am 29 years old, 6 ft and 180lbs. So... What would be some recommendations for getting my physique back in line? 200lbs at 14-16% bf would be a dream right now.