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    Steroids are Bad for You
  1. Alot older woman

    Sounds very Rolf Harris'y
  2. Get a gaming chair for maximum comfort
  3. Cycling

    With the current situation and it not looking like we will have much of a a summer I am looking at buying a hybrid bike. Any one on here know much about cycling and can recommend a bike, budget £400 Thanks
  4. Resistance Bands

    Can anyone recommend a decent set that won't snap or cause injury Have given up on trying to find dumbbells for a reasonable price now. Does anyone else on here use them?
  5. The classic sus and yellow top decca. No but I wish I never messed up my hormone levels so young.
  6. 14, way to young. 36 now
  7. Trying for a baby

    We use an app, but it's not based on temp. Thanks for the advice though buddy, glad you have a success story
  8. I am currently trying for a baby and not had much luck yet, around 6 months. I had bloods done last year and test levels, FSH etc were all ok-ish. I did use steroids for around 10 years and have been off for about 3 years and seemed to have recovered, albeit at the low end of the range. Is there anything I can do to improve my sperm? Any tests that anyone would recommend? Vitamins, supplements and maybe a protocol such as HMG, Provision etc. I am going to book a Dr's appointment once the corona has died down, but if there are any reliable home testing kits then that may be worth it. Thanks
  9. BBQ'in

    Probably a lot cheaper buying your own coals, and get more choice of the coals you can use. I sound like I know what I am talking about, but I don't lol
  10. BBQ'in

    How many times you done that mate? As I thought you were meant to do another lot and pour it on when at optimal temp rather than hot and cold coals. BBQ'in is an art I am starting to learn, if you want to go beyond your burgers and sausages.
  11. BBQ'in

    Was Coronas and Bud today
  12. BBQ'in

    Mate I literally bought one today before making the post. Supposed to be a game changer isn't it
  13. BBQ'in

    As we are in the BBQ season and with plenty of time on our hands, share you BQQ tips recipes, marinades etc. If you are using gas, no need to comment. I have a standard cheap one at the moment but looking to upgrade to a Weber
  14. My Protein vitamins

    Does anyone know if MP vitamins are decent and legit. I understand they are a big company but I am skeptical of anyone outside of the major vitamin brands. I bought some Bulk powder Omega 3 which didnt seem to be good quality so got rid of them. I can't seem to get hold of any of the major brands for a multi vitamin, d3, ZMA and Omega 3 with high EPA and DHA at the moment, however MP have all in stock so thinking of taking a punt.