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  1. Crypto currency

    So I want to buy something online but they only accept crypto currency. i only want 25-50 pounds worth to start off with to see what the score is. Can I do this, how easy is it and how do I do it? cheers
  2. Having this done next Friday, due to reoccurring dislocations. Anyone had this done? What was recovery, pain and life in a sling for a while like. How long until you were back to normal?
  3. Stocks and shares tips

    Thats interesting, do you know what they invested ? Not sure on Interserve, I bought into carillon at 51p, went up to 70p after HS2 announcement and now back down to 40's. should have pulled out. Constructions firms are a gamble, especially atm
  4. rio ferdinand to become a boxer

    Obviously he has money, he was arguably an ex united legend. His Mrs is top draw too, Katy Wright. Think Bet Fred or someone approached him to do it. Might be fighting May weather next
  5. Jokes aside. Cocaine. With 2k, if your trying to build it up slowly, could sell it in 0.5 tickets and make a tidy profit . fort 1200-1400 you could get a ounce of ver good gear and sell from then on. Don't sell larger bits just 0.,5's and watch the money build up.
  6. Fav Reccy's - 2

    Go for ket
  7. Fav Reccy's - 2

    Red Skull pills ans Ketamine today. Done them at SW4 were banging. Going to some quirky little venue in East London today, no residents around so sound system should be booming!
  8. Girlfriend getting groped

    Its pretty obvious the OP's Mrs is a slag, regularly cheats and loves the attention. He should dump her, get tested and move on. Or cheat himself
  9. Girlfriend getting groped

    Sounds like to me she dresses like a slag and will no doubt always get the wrong attention. And it sounds like she likes the attention, hence why she dresses like a slag.
  10. Fav Reccy's - 2

    It is the way forward
  11. Beef in tomato sauce

    That looks good. I am a novice in the kitchen, so how much of the herbs do you put in? And I have never heard of grating tomatoes ? how many per kg of beef?
  12. Ordered some decent steaks this week. Whats everyones best method of cooking? Also whats your best cut? Do you have sauce ? I normally go for peppercorn.
  13. Relationship Perspective

    I let my Mrs pick all the stuff for the flat because I couldn't give a s**t for 1 and she always makes it look nice. I pick all technological stuff, like TV, broadband, music systems etc etc.
  14. Fav Reccy's - 2

    If I had that rock and my Mrs was away I think I would be locked away in my flat until it was gone lol
  15. Fav Reccy's - 2

    What a fitting name for the scales, henry lol Drool worthy picture though