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  1. Sprained ankle jogging - how long to heal?

    Back in my day we had to walk 15 miles barefoot over razor blades in the snow up hill with 2 broken ankles 3 broken knees carrying 300kg in each hand 9 days a week
  2. Obese people may have to self isolate

    Ha fatfuck I'm only overweight slightly Also your a midget.
  3. Yeah I did it quid my job Paid a guy a few hundred Spent 10 minutes watching a video Paid them another few hundred Watched 2 more videos Paid them a few thousand Got access to all the secrets Now I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage or any of my bills I love a completely different life without any of the usual money worries Because I'm now homeless and broke
  4. Was expecting a pic of your birds ass as the moon Disappointed
  5. Tour du mount blanc

    Wouldn't fancy going hiking in a random foreign country if you get stuck or in any bother your f**ked
  6. Good documentaries lads?

    Man to woman the transsexual journey
  7. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    Just play music out of your phone like you do on the back of the bus
  8. Any chubby chasers?

    I'm 8% body fat now Lockdown has been tough on the diet
  9. Anyone know wtf this is?

  10. Just got some squats stands for free.

    I feel like I'm missing something?
  11. Holiday, Covid & Insurance?

    If they cancel it you'll get your money back or rebook no worries
  12. It's people who have put a stone on over lockdown so there only dropping down to their normal weight when I imagine they'd go back to normal post lockdown life/diet etc and carry on as they were
  13. Scaffolding Power Rack

    If you wanna be quick cheap and easy do 90% of it from scaffold Make a rack, will easily hold up for weight etc, add on some dip handles and good to go Can even use a 7ft strip as an axel style barbell, perfect size for olympic plates Just keep the bench and dumbbells safe in the shed wheel them out when you train
  14. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Is everyone asking wtf your doing taking photos of your arm at a party
  15. Your on drugs if you think people can do 165kg from 0 within a year natural
  16. She'dbe great at bench bar would only move a centimetre before it touches her nips
  17. Yeah it'll probably take a while for wives/girlfriends to nag enough about "all that weight junk you never use being in the way get rid of it" Bet some people have made a killing in past few months tho flogging gym gear I sold 40kg in plates for 25% of what I paid for 150 kg + bar bench rack etc and my area prices/demand was low!
  18. Need a few months of being open and back to normal first so everyone sells their brand new gym kit off cheap
  19. Black paramilitary groups

    Judging by America they'd get supported and called great people by the president (Guys storming the governors house with AKs etc over masks)
  20. Black paramilitary groups

    What do you want them to do? What crime do you think has been committed?
  21. Medichecks

    Just a quick heads up to anyone wanting to do tests Medichecks are doing 25% off everything ending today I think Just ordered a basic testosterone test for 25 quid
  22. Name suggestion for equipment brand

    What gym equipment? Can we have some? The gym equipment group Gym equip Strength equip Something like that basic terms that people would look for
  23. Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?

    Orgasm Looks like my breakfast at an all inclusive every day
  24. Sage advise Gyms close again

    That woman's mask is on incorrect