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  1. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Then they'd be Selfish pricks not 'serious about training'
  2. Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown

    Even worse Catch covid the first day and isolate for 14 days
  3. i want GYM

    Can I hire you as a personal trainer?
  4. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Your Mrs is racist OP buy a candle from OrganicfreerangeLGBTQX+BLMethnicfsirtradecrueltyfreecandles.co.uk
  5. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    I can't swim and scared of water and scared of heights
  6. Bum love n all that.

    I like grapes
  7. Strangeways Clothing warehouses

    I've been to the 1 that sells you the "badly priced stuff"
  8. Feel like watching a movie. Help

    Big titted nuns 4
  9. Happy International Mens Day

    I'm none binary when's my day!
  10. Water gain vs fat gain

    I don't see a problem with it make as much as ya can on less gear rather than jumping right up in doses
  11. Water gain vs fat gain

    I'd guess his test is 250mg/ml and deca 200mg/ml so he's just had a mil of each
  12. Mike tyson

    Tyson might look good but his clips are that sped up to make him look better makes me think he's s**t
  13. Have you ever seen the Queen eating 'human food?? Didn't think so
  14. Gotta wonder what goes through these people's minds
  15. Terry Holland's on the other hand is a moody c**t more worried about getting a fag in between events