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  1. Heroes? 🤔

    I work in a shop and were all getting £100 + £50 gift card & and extra days holiday Not as good as danger pay but it's decent
  2. UK Muscle Ride Out!

  3. New bed?

    I have to do that if I stand still for too long
  4. New bed?

    Get a super king It's the minimum recommended for couples so you both get a proper spread and sleep
  5. The littlest things can make you happy

    What kind of jeans are you buying? Can get 7 pairs from George and money spare for that
  6. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    Made up numbers You go and catch it and let us know
  7. UK-M Coronavirus Experts

    A bit worse than the flu......
  8. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    First person to find something that doesn't have anything made in China wins the internet
  9. Corona virus news channels busted

    Stupid camera men and reporters should walk into a contagious ward to get 10 seconds of film Lazy lying pricks
  10. Eddie Hall Surfing

    The only bodybuilding going on on this site is the anus 5 gram of gear to eat cake and f**k hairy assholes no-one on here actually lifts
  11. Price gouging

    Link doesn't exist And there's 'premium branded paracetamol etc that's a similar price for 16 in shops
  12. Day 10

  13. Who's got a drone?

    I've got a military grade bone, it's highly erect but nobody knows I've stroked it Oh s**t! It's all fell out your ass
  14. Pics or no prepubescent girl