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  1. Would you rather

    Go hardcore if your immortal Get a couple of kilos of tren in ya
  2. I used to work in a shop n the amount of staff that tried to save them to 1 side when we were literally opening bags full of them did my tits in Especially when trying to cash up at end of the night n there's 50ps hidden everywhere possible
  3. I've just been sacked

    Your trying so hard to be funny with all your 5 posts in this thread and failing you'll never be KETONES
  4. I've just been sacked

    A company that's gone from <1mil a year to over 1mil a month with covid and 90% of the staff are related
  5. I've just been sacked

    Previous manager was sacked because he asked the ceo for a pound to buy a paint brush to paint the work room Guy was sacked because he accidentally spat food at the ceo while talking Girl sacked because she was moving to the mother in laws department n she didn't like her I was sacked for saying in my opinion I should of got the promotion
  6. I've just been sacked

    I said it to my friend laughing who got the job Who agreed with me
  7. I've just been sacked

    Minus the in law bits
  8. I've just been sacked

    I had 3 month probation got made full time early because I was so good (passed 3 months anyway) Anyone got any jobs going? Lol
  9. I've just been sacked

    Exactly that I got a phone call at about 7pm after finishing at 5 half expecting it to be offering me a promotion and sacked, told no chance of warnings etc straight sacked No, full time permanent contract Logistics it's a Ltd company but 90% family ceo HR IT logistics manager customer care manager operations manager are all related This is what I was wondering I'm <6months in
  10. I've just been sacked

    Yep, finally got a good job with decent people and now during covid etc I've been sacked because someone said someone said I said I should of had a promotion not the person who did No warning no disaplinary straight sacking Doesn't sound legal to me especially seeing as others have had multiple warnings for threatening others leaving work half way thru the day with no contact drugs at work etc
  11. Best deals on protein powder atm?

    Surely anyone whose bought protein before gets 8 emails a day with different offers of 50+% off
  12. South England

    I'm frum up nurff
  13. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Work your way up in the warehouse can make 30k plus in a warehouse
  14. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    That's just a normal meal
  15. Dark Ghost covid vaccine

    They've got a covid & Tren mix aswell Blocks covid cough with tren cough