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  1. How Much you spend on food per month?

    Wtf are you eating?!
  2. Best movie you ever seen!

    Chixwithdix 7
  3. How Much you spend on food per month?

    So nearly a grand a month on food?! For 2 people?!?
  4. My dog tends to bring sticks or balls in to the gym and chew them leaving a mess then never cleans up
  5. Worst job you ever had?

    Should of just moved the pallet closer then all 3 of you could just push em off and then stack them Or asked forky nicely to lift it up and just push em on and he can lower it as it builds up Work smarter not harder
  6. Was wondering if anyone would come in and say he didn't f**k her she raped him.
  7. Business ideas

    They did a test at some point with a chimpanzee trading, he threw a dart at a list of the companies and they went eith whatever it hit, and he ended up doing better than about 80% of the professionals
  8. Are you talented?

    20x20 vision is just average means you can see at 20ft what they expect you to see at 20ft
  9. Are you talented?

    Yeah I can tell s**t threads a mile off
  10. Who the f**k pays 170 a month for a gym
  11. My Protein!???

    They said that was for me only The bastards I feel cheated
  12. 30k investment ideas

    Isn't gold at an all time high and can only really go down?
  13. Peanut butter cheaper but still healthy.

    I'll swap ya then my wife loves it And marmite Can't stand the smell of either of them never mind taste
  14. Peanut butter cheaper but still healthy.

    fu**ing horrible stuff
  15. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Difference is like night and day Its like a light went off above your head and everything came together......